📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Starting today, fashionably late.

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Day 10 :slight_smile:

I read Chapter 8 of レンタルおにいちゃん, which means I got to meet the dog that Chamellow mentioned last week. He’s so cute! :heart_eyes:
Thanks for giving me the little push I needed to start reading this volume, @chamellow! I’m really enjoying it.

(Home Post)


I also see this is the first time you’ve posted in the community, so WELCOME! :smiley:



Summary Post

Day 10: Still having head troubles today, so only 3 pages of よつば&!



That’s what I got from reading the title. Is that correct?

Yes, that’s where I get my digital Japanese books and I am using their app to read manga for this reading challenge. What I like is that occasionally there are free books, usually volumes 1-3 in manga so now I have a long list of manga to read. I mostly focus on manga that I’ve already read or heard about in English because I am not fluent in Japanese at all and wouldn’t be able to work up the motivation to try something unknown.

How do you read the kanji for The Pillars of the Earth?

I found this thread that lists when books on Bookwalker become free. I posted a link if anyone’s interested.


Summary post

Day 10: January 10th

Time spent: 20 min
Today’s color: 浅縹 (あさはなだ) - a super pretty pale blue, like the transparent water at the surface of a lake

So pretty~ Apparently in the Heian period, this was a color for low-ranking nobles to wear to court? …Idk what the colors for high-ranking nobles were, but if I were them, I’m pretty sure I’d be jealous of the fact that the low-ranking ones got to wear this pretty color :eyes: People in the Heian period were really into color-coding - that’s the vibe I’m getting so far lol

Some words I learned
  • 延喜式 (えんぎしき) - Engi-Shiki (set of ancient Japanese governmental regulations)​
  • 朝服 (ちょうふく) - clothes worn by the nobility when attending Court
  • 神秘的 (しんぴてき) - mysterious; mystical
  • 初々しい (ういういしい) - innocent; naive; artless; unsophisticated; pure; fresh

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 13 min

Today is 十日戎 (とおかえびす) - a festival honoring Ebisu (恵比寿), the god of fishing and commerce. In Kansai-ben, he’s apparently called えべっさん, which I think sounds cute xD In this festival, people ask Ebisu for 商売繁盛 (しょうばいはんじょう) - thriving (prosperous) business.

What else did I read?
囀る鳥は羽ばたかない Vol 1
Amount read: 8 pages
Time spent: 32 min

Just a tiny read from this today - TIL that おメガネ does not equal メガネ, respectful ver. xD お眼鏡 = (your) judgment; discernment​. Like…the person is judging you, with their メガネ :laughing:

:o fighting off the urge to post the spiderman meme a third time :joy:
I think…you were the one who posted about it in the fall challenge, right? I definitely bought it after you mentioned it there haha. I’m hoping to continue reading the daily entries from it (and the color book) daily for the whole year as well ^^ I’m trying to read other stuff on top of those for the challenge but that…hasn’t exactly been working out the way I’d hoped :sweat_smile: That book is pretty quick reading though, it’s more the color book that’s the problem xD I feel like trying to read two entry-a-day books at once was probably bad judgment on my part…but now that I’ve started I don’t want to stop lol


かがみの孤城 arrived! I read about 4 pages so far … I’m excited!

I’m starting to get overwhelmed by my “currently reading” pile. :see_no_evil: I just don’t have enough reading time if I want to also do things like my laundry …


January 10 :snowflake: Home Post

I’ve read almost four pages of 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ so far today! At this rate I’ll finish the first chapter tomorrow :eyes:

It was a good mix of action and description today. The worldbuilding in 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ continues to be WILD: because of the rust wind destroying machinery, people have started making tanks and planes and such out of living things?? don’t quite know the mechanics of that yet but it explains the hippos, and now there’s a snail plane, it’s just a lot so it’s been really interesting figuring all that out! I’m very intrigued to see where it goes :blush: (also very concerned for their safety but you know)

Fun words

()()ます - to sharpen, to hone
一際(ひときわ) - conspicuously, noticeably
無尽蔵(むじんぞう) - inexhaustible supply
(むく)いる - to reward, to retaliate
激痛(げきつう) - sharp pain
間一髪(かんいっぱつ) - hair’s breadth


Main Post

January 10
Read pages 16 - 17 of Naruto.
Learned あっち means “over there”. Also was able to understand that サンキュー is “thank you.”

Side Note:
I looked up the book I’m reading over at Natively and it’s actually level 24 at JLPT N3. No wonder I’m struggling with it lol. I’m very thankful for the furigana at least. I’m going to check out the lower-level material on there. I think I remember seeing some free ones.


I started playing FFXIV in japanese. I honestly count this as reading a book.


I just learned 火花(ひばな)()らす from reading one of the DDT recaps a few days ago! I almost added it to Anki, but then realized I only knew two of the kanji, haha, so I decided to wait on that one. But I had the same thought you did when I saw 火花!


Felt the same way when I missed a day. For me, I just try to remember that I’ve still done more than last year.


Ah, sorry, the reading is だいせいどう.

Just wait until you learn 花火 (はなび) - fireworks - as well :joy_cat:


Tonight I read ten pages from ちゃお, and seven pages from Death Note. Death Note was quite difficult to read, both because of the level, and because the print size was soooooo small. My up-close eyesight is very good, and I even used a magnifying glass. I think the ink was just blurred in the printing. I am enjoying the story, though.

死神------しにがみ------god of death

人間界------にんげんかい------human realm

髑髏------どくろ------skull (esp. weatherbeaten, used as symbol of death)


That one I know! Very good call; I love it too. Actually even knew it before I started Japanese because of Takeshi Kitano’s excellent film. Although my brain didn’t piece together that they were the same kanji reversed until you pointed it out now.


Yeah I also learned 花火 first and I was sooo confused when I encountered 火花 for the first time :rofl:
(BTW 火花 is also the title of a book - it“s sitting on my shelf, and one day I will manage to read it :crossed_fingers:)


I absolutely love that film. We watched loads of Takeshi Kitano films in 2020 as the British Film Institute had a Japan season planned to coincide with the Olympics, and luckily for us they went ahead with the online streaming version regardless. I’d kind of always thought they’d just be mindless violence but I was blown away by how beautiful they were.
The soundtrack is on my list of ‘things I want to rummage for in second hand record shops when we’re next in Tokyo’.We’ve got tickets to see Joe Hisaishi conducting music from Studio Ghibli films in London (been postponed twice already but hopefully we’ll finally get to go this August) and I wish he’d do a dj of his Takeshi Kitano soundtracks as an afterparty :laughing:

This is the book that made me want to learn Japanese! Netflix made a series of it that I loved and, while telling everyone outloud that I just wanted to learn a few phrases of japanese to go on holiday, I secretly wondered if I could learn enough to be able to read the book as it didn’t seem like the kind of thing that would ever be translated into English…An English translation came out last year :see_no_evil: but I’m stubbornly refusing to buy it, both because it now seems acheivable to one day read it in Japanese and because it’s got a really really ugly cover.


Lol completely forgot that I’d mentioned it there. I’m enjoying it and my flashcards and filling up with lots of festival-related vocabulary.

A tea house that I follow in Kyoto did a thread about the Ebisu festival by the way https://twitter.com/camelliakyoto/status/1478879392277622786?s=20


That’s really cool! I got the book as a gift from my host family in Fukuoka after mentioning that we had talked about the author in class (he was a comedian and later became author, I think this book is his first one or something, and it won the Akutagawa Prize straight away).

:+1: You can do it!



Day 11. I read pages 149-159 of Kiki — the most I’ve ever read in a day, I think! Even though basically all those pages were dialogue, and also easier to understand. In the span of those pages I finished Chapter 6 and began Chapter 7.

I’m sort of curious whether I could read one chapter per day for the last two or three chapters