📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Thanks @Redglare and @windupbird for sharing your experience! You convinced me to try doing daily updates (or at least as regular as I have time/energy for). I’ll try to keep them concise, at least until I figure out what format I enjoy the most. I just realized that I spent about 30 minutes writing this post :expressionless:

Summary post

January 1 update:
Today was a bit hectic, so I only managed to read half of chapter 4 of よつばと! I must say, Jumbo is using quite some dense vocab when he gets emotional. One of his speech bubbles was 9 straight kanji with no okurigana or whatever grammar points – I didn’t even realize such phrases are possible :joy:

BTW, @chamellow, I think it’s quite likely that I continue with よつばと! after vol.1, so looking forward to reading along with you!

And thanks @vonnutje for your advice, it applies to me perfectly :sweat_smile: I’ve been SRSing a lot of words I was finding while reading, which made the process extra tedious as well as possibly inefficient (since I’m likely running into the same words repeatedly). So I’ve been leaning towards the approach you described, and now I decided that I’ll give it a try. I’ll read for maybe a week or so without SRSing any new words, but still saving the words I look up (that I would otherwise SRS), and then will see how many of them I still remember. If I end up with a reasonable amount, I guess I’ll continue like this. Thanks again for helping flesh out my vague intention!