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Summary post

January 19 update:
Read 5 pages of 時をかける少女 today. Apparently I misinterpreted how things are supposed to work in this story, or perhaps they were a bit misleading in the beginning, whether intentionally or not.


So this chapter I read today started with a time leap, as was expected from how the previous chapter ended, but the mechanics of it were different. Kazuko ended up in the same place she was before the leap, and it surely wasn’t the same place she was supposed to be at in her past where she “landed.” She even thought that there is indeed a second Kazuko sleeping in her bed, and went on to check – only to find that there’s none (well, actually, this was in the second line of the next chapter, which I didn’t intend to read, but I couldn’t resist peeking, :sweat_smile: even though this was kind of expected from other circumstances, such as her having her schoolbag with her).

So this looks like a weird hybrid between the two options I described above: the consciousness stays in the same body, just at an earlier time; …and the body teleports? Sounds weird to me, but let’s see how they explain this – if there’s any explanation at all. Or maybe my interpretation is wrong again :upside_down_face: