📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

January 18 :snowflake: Home Post

Achievement get: I read a whole chapter of 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ in one sitting! I’m almost a fourth of the way through now which is absolutely wild; at this rate I might actually finish it by the end of the challenge :flushed: I’m definitely noticing an increase in my reading stamina which helps a lot. I’m :sparkles:learning :sparkles:

I’m curious how other books will feel after this - maybe (かぜ)(つよ)()いている won’t feel so unattainable :eyes: It doesn’t have furigana though so kanji lookups would still be more of a barrier, but :eyes: we shall see

Also chapter 4 was iconic, ビスコ and パウー are both just so powerful, that fight scene?? Absolutely wild, ビスコ really picked up her motorcycle like a baseball bat :joy:

Cool words!

()(たぎ)る - to boil
寝覚(ねざ)めが(わる)い - to have an uneasy conscience
(けむ)()く - to confuse someone, to throw up a smokescreen
かち()る - to hit and break open (it was talking about cracking someone’s head open like a watermelon (it didn’t actually happen though) lmao rough)
(しの)びない - cannot bring oneself (to do)

I ran into a couple phrases that took some digging, particularly this: 「白く飛んでゆく」. It was in the context of someone passing out from like blinding pain, and I think it’s derived from/inspired by/whatever from 白飛(しろと)び. From what I understood, it’s when you’re taking a picture and it’s super bright so part of the photo just gets blown out with white light, which makes total sense as a description in that context! These are the sort of puzzles I end up with in 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ :sweat_smile: That’s part of the fun though!