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January 16th:
Tried reading some random stuff while I was online today.
キャラデザ Character Design.


Thank you, I needed this cuteness today. :relieved:


January 16 :snowflake: Home Post

Well I went feral today and read almost 11 pages of 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ :flushed: Honestly don’t know how I pulled that off, but man am I more invested than ever. I did run into a few more complex sentences that I was able to just read without looking up anything, so that felt really good! I can definitely tell that reading this is drilling a lot of vocab into my brain, so that’s also great! That’s what I’m looking for :grin:

But plot-wise the mushroom and panda boys finally met!! It was even more chaotic than I could’ve anticipated :joy: Best of luck to them haha. There was also a scene with ミロ’s sister that was very reminiscent of the scene with ジャビ talking about like who will protect ビスコ when he dies and I have a lot of feelings, those parallels hurt me man

Anyway very productive reading day out of nowhere! Really just had to force myself to stop because I have work in the morning, I wanted to keep going :eyes:

Some cool words

反逆罪(はんぎゃくざい) - treason
違和感(いわかん) - uncomfortable feeling, unease
尊大(そんだい) - haughtiness, pomposity
(おど)す - to threaten (ビスコ showing up like “you can make medicine right? I threatened three people and they all told me to come here” lmao)
(はち)() - beehive, something full of holes (metaphorically like saying something’s swiss cheese)
(くび)をかしげる - to tilt one’s head to the side (I just think of puppies like ??? precious :pleading_face:)


Summary Post

Day 16: Today I read 4 pages of よつば&!


Today I read thirteen pages of Death note. (It was mostly looking up vocabulary, but I’m starting recognize and remember more). I also read one page of a ぴこぷり magazine, and I thought I’d share a cute manga panel on かき氷 (level 4 Wanikani :wink:).


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Day 10: I read three more pages of よつばと today, and struggled a bit with the explanation of how to use a swing:p



Day 17! Today I read pages 182–184 of Kiki. Even though I spent most of the day at home today, there were a lot of other tasks I needed to prioritise, so here I am reading past midnight again :joy:
Too tired now to read more. I’ll aim for at least five pages tomorrow.


So was telling my spouse about this chapter and he said there’s a similar thing in Ireland called Little Christmas, where women have their own Christmas after Epiphany because they’ve been too busy during actual Christmas to celebrate!

I’ve been out and about a bit for the last few days so picked up a Doraemon manga to read on the train. I got it as part of a job-lot on eBay last year - it’s volume 2 but I know enough about Doraemon to know what’s going on. Doraemon had a really bad singing voice but made everyone listen to him regardless, and it turned out that he’d got an insect caught in his wiring that had made him go wrong.

I’m working through the Minna No Nihongo Intermediate books at the moment and it’s so much easy to absorb the grammar because it’s everywhere! I had a class this morning and then used a japanese cookery book this afternoon to make a cake and it used the same grammar I’d studied in class.

That is an EXCELLENT picture. I’m a way off from monolingual cards yet but I’ve been trying to learn animal names through playing a mobile game that gives you pictures of animals and you have to enter the name in katakana (it’s called 動物クイズ - I’m on android).


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New week, felt it was a good time to come with an update today. I read Look Back over the weekend. Took me like 2 hours including a tea break. It was just as good as last time I read it. In some ways even better as I figured out the main characters names are taken from the author. They’re very much a literal part of the artist. Yeah, it is very different from chainsawman, but also similar. Notably the eyes that feel like they went through things. Look Back feels like a window into Fujimoto’s life. Two constrasting parts that meet and grow of each other. Then there is also the emotional response from past events. It makes for quite a compelling read.

Difficulty wise, it wasn’t that bad. There was only furigana available for names, making it good practice to read some kanji in the wild without much help. Of course I still had to look up some words here and there. Length wise, it’s around a regular volume size with 144 pages. Not all of the pages had dialogue, some were just panels of art to convey visual information. Grammar and vocabulary was around my level. So it went better than expected.

Then I had to figure out what to read next… and I picked a cute :black_cat: manga I have on my kindle app. I have so many piled up and I haven’t read any yet, but this looks like a keeper. There’s also a few volumes out in English, for your friends to read maybe.

It’s about an office lady that has a big grumpy cat at home, that actually takes care of the household for her. Read two chapters and it’s pretty good so far. The office sections take me several passes to parse it well.


Oh my gosh I am absolutely adding this to my to read list, looks like it has the potential to be amazing! :joy:


Today’s reading was a blog post titled 深刻さと無償

Some words I looked up

肥満 - obesity
くす - to do all you can
拷問 - torture (This is already in my anki cards, I just haven’t reached it yet)
痩身 - slim figure. used as part of ‘weight loss surgery’
基礎疾患 - underlying disease
糖尿 - urinary glucose
摘出 - surgical removal
大ジョッキ - large beer
炭酸 - carbonation
委ねる - to entrust

It was a woman musing about a documentary on obesity that she watched with her daughter.


:tiger2: :books: Homepost - Tigerdate: 20220117 :books: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XVII: 千匹オオカミ :wolf:

Read today’s 百物語, from Yamanashi Prefecture!

About a merchant who encounters some wolves on his travels and escapes by hiding in a tree. The wolves speak (they can speak human and wolf… and cat it seems) and say that they’ll go get a big old cat (called 孫太郎ばあさん) to fetch the merchant down for them. The cat says it can’t climb the tree because it doesn’t have hands (but 孫太郎ばあさん… you have claws) so the wolves stack themselves on top of each other to make steps :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

The merchant scrambles further up the tree but there’s a nest in the way so he stabs it with his short sword. But that’s no nest! It’s a big bear butt (!!) The bear rolls down the tree and the wolves attack it thinking it’s the merchant then run away in fear at the merchant’s apparent inhuman strength.

Gaming in Japanese

I played Nioh 2 last night for about an hour or so in Japanese.

Conclusion: I was not ready for this level of kanji :scream:

The game is basically a retelling of the three unifiers of Japan (mid-1500s to early 1600s) but including demons, magic, spirit animals and all that awesome fun stuff. There’s a load of historic figures and places and armour sets and weapons… so I knew it was most likely going to be hard going Japanese-wise, but even in the regular text parts there was very little hiragana (basically the only hiragana was grammar particles most of the time). All kanji, kanji everywhere, no furigana (though I did see some hiragana next to some of the more obscure names). I’ve played this game a lot but even then I got pretty confused.

It was hard not to get a little disheartened, knowing that even after all this time studying Japanese I’ve still got an insane high mountain to climb. I did manage to recognise quite a lot of the demon names, even if all the rest was highly confusing. But! Butttt, I did learn one fun thing from all this: すねこすり!

Cute little demon cats that like to rub against people’s legs and trip them up. The game just calls them “scampuss” in the English put I really like the Japanese word:

脛「すね - shin」+ 擦り 「こすり - rubbing」, and there’s a little ねこ hiding in the middle.

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

ブスリ ー Onomatopoeia for the sound of something soft being stabbed

甲斐の国「かいのくに」ー Kai Province, an old area of Japan that used to occupy the Yamanashi area (also just: 甲斐国)
静岡「しずおか」ー Shizuoka

Forgotten Meanings

このまま ー (Like this; as it is) [Rare kanji usage: この儘 / 此の儘]

The cuteness is too strong tanuki-friend! I cannot…

oh no

We’re surrounded!


1月17日 ~ Day 17 / Back to Home

It feels good to be able to post completed readings back to back (technically a little later by 2 hours but fell asleep before I got to type up the summary, haha). But no one would know if I didn’t say anything right? This chapter is a few pages shorter than the others, but fast-paced thanks to the action. It looks like I’m already halfway done but I’m not quite ready to let it end. I should have a week left of content if I keep up at this pace though. Then I can decide if I want to look for the other volumes in the series.

Pocket Monsters Special Volume 1 - page 103 of 200 (13 pages total - chapter 7)

We finally get to see Team Rocket in action in this chapter, and if I didn’t already know from the fandom, it would’ve been a surprise to see Koga (still unnamed in this chapter) as a member of the organization. Then again, considering what potential skills he has being a poison-type handling ninja, it does make sense that Team Rocket would want to recruit him.

What I didn’t quite catch the last chapter but got clarified for me in this one is Kasumi’s Gyarados was originally a Koiking (the pre-evolved form), and it was through the medicine injected by Team Rocket that forced evolve it (didn’t catch originally) and rampage (did catch originally). We see the same thing happen with Koga’s Saihorn force evolved into Saidon with the medicine Koga injects it. Not only does its skills power up, but it appears immune to its normal type weaknesses.

I enjoyed seeing Kasumi and Red work together in this chapter. I wish they would stop needlessly injuring Kasumi, but they gotta paint Red as the hero so I guess that’s what the author had to do to give the protagonist the spotlight.

I think it’s awesome too how OP Pikachu is in the manga. In the anime, they tone Satoshi’s Pikachu’s ability for plot convenience and have it overcome unbelievable wins (vs Katsura’s Saidon) for the same reason, but their relationship improved significantly by the end of the first episode, so it’s harder to grow from there. At least in the manga, Red’s Pikachu seems to be annoyed to be in its current position, but it won’t ignore Red completely… less out of respect for Red and more for pride in its own power it feels like. I’m sure they’re destined to be the best of friends later, but I for now, I enjoy their relationship. How does Pikachu keep taking down all these rock/ground type Pokemon though?

I forgot to mention in the last chapter, but it’s interesting to see that Okido-hakase talks with a Kansai dialect. I forget the timing of the manga compared to the games and anime, (if I remember correctly, the games came first), but it makes me wonder if a neighboring region had already been established when the original games came out since the Kanto region is based on Japan’s eastern Kanto region, and someone like Okido-hakase (and also Masaki later on) has a dialect from the western region.

Vocab for Reference - New words are bolded

伏せる・ふせる・to lie flat (on the ground)
うじゃうじゃ・in swarms
引き下がる・ひきさがる・to back down; to give up
思いっきり・おもいきり・to the best of one’s ability
機嫌・きげん・temper; mood; spirits
歯向かう・はむかう・to oppose; to defy​
捻り潰す・ひねりつぶす・to pinch and crush; to pinch out
一々・いちいち・every single; each and every
悪党・あくとう・scoundrel; rascal; villain
偉そう・えらそう・pompous; proud; conceited
堪る・たまる・to bear; to endure
泥だらけ・どろだらけ・covered in mud; mud-caked
触る・さわる・to touch; to feel
活躍・かつやく・great efforts
惜しい・おしい・regrettable; disappointing; unfortunate
崩れる・くずれる・to collapse; to crumble
偶然・ぐうぜん・by chance; unexpectedly; accidentally


100% and it always help solidify it way more than just doing some JLPT exercises! What kind of cake did you make btw?


Main Post
January 17th:
Read chapter 4 of それでも歩は寄せてくる.
The moment near the end when Ayumu almost says 大好き but stops himself and only says “大好-” actually caught me off guard and I had a good laugh about that. Also, realized that I could recognize the complete word even though it was cut off and I haven’t learned the second kanji. I guess I have anime to thank for that.
I think I’m further than I got on the English version of this right now. So, the rest will be new to me. Looking forward to it.

Vocab Learned

用事 (ようじErrand
夕飯 (ゆうはん) Dinner



Here's my Yotsuba attempt for today! Pg. 22, 23, 24!

Page 22 - 1/17/22


Waah!! (I couldn’t figure out the きた)


Hey! (getting the girl’s attention)


Do you see that over there?




That over there…


What’s the matter with that swing?

Page 23 - 1/17/22


“Screech / squeal / squeak”


Like this.


It works like this.


to enjoy it.



I see!!


I want it!


Yotsuba wants to have it!!



おして おして!!

I can push I can push!!


Yes Yes

Page 24 - 1/17/22


Oh! / Ah!


Screech / Squeal / Squeak


Push by yourself to keep the swing moving (?)




Well see you later.


It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Very nicely done! Developing that sort of contextual knowledge is a great step.

Occasionally I’m playing the original Paper Mario “extensively” on the side (not looking up almost any words and just reading what I can manage), and last night I came across a new character who is meant to speak like a baby, and that featured a lot of sound shifts that I’ve never come across, but being able to frequently work out not just what the text said but what the words were meant to be, was immensely gratifying. (I’m leaving out the many times certain characters’ speech left me dumbfounded, haha)


Hi all! I didn’t know this was a thing so I’m belatedly joining late…

I’m planning to read:

  • レベル別日本語多読ライブラリー:
  • このドア開けてくれよ:A short horror story my friend wants to read.
  • ときメモGS4:Planning to make my way through Honda’s route!
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Day 1/2: Read 女の子, started このドア開けてくれよ.
Day 3/4: Read ハチの話, another bit of このドア開けてくれよ. Started ときメモGS4.


I’m gonna give it a try. I started reading on the 14th and so far have been reading every night since. (I can’t really say every day because sometimes I only read after midnight… but I’ll count that for the previous day)

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Currently reading:


  • 時をかける少女

Excited to see someone else paying GS4! I have done very badly on my dates with Honda (but I’m trying to do Daichi’s route so that’s okay haha)