📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

I just went to go dig it up :sweat_smile: It was Belthazar. Whoops!


Summary post

Day 11: January 11th

Time spent: 30 min
Today’s color: 天藍 (てんらん) - a deep azure blue

This is officially my favorite color. It reminds me of Lake Tazawa, my absolute favorite place on Earth. The little opening descriptor sentence reminds me of it, too: 蒼天の静寂に内なる心の声を聴く :blue_heart:

To illustrate this color, I have some photos of my own today xD Here is Lake Tazawa~

And here’s a photo I took flying from Hokkaido to Narita (it’s the ocean and the sky, but they look pretty much one and the same)

Now I will stop sharing my old vacation photos and post some words I learned
  • 蒼天 (そうてん) - blue sky; azure sky
  • 内なる (うちなる) - inner (self, voice, man, etc.); internal (conflict, tension, competition, etc.); interior
  • 天藍石 (てんらんせき) - lazulite
  • きらびやか - gorgeous; gaudy; dazzling; gay; resplendent​ (I really love this word)
  • 勝るとも劣らぬ (まさるともおとらぬ) - not at all inferior to; compare favorably (with); being even better than; rivalling; surpassing

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 11 min

Today is 鏡開き (かがみびらき) - the day when you cut and eat the 鏡餅 (かがみもち), which is a New Year offering of two mochi sitting on top of each other topped with a bitter orange. Apparently you don’t actually cut it though, you just smash it with a wooden mallet until it breaks into pieces.

@Zakarius :eyes: haha

What else did I read?
囀る鳥は羽ばたかない Vol 1
Amount read: 9 pages
Time spent: 25 min


I’m not sure listening counts for a reading challenge, but everything else absolutely does.

I look up almost everything, even if I know it, just to ensure I’m not wrong.

Over time, knocking out a page has gotten a lot faster, but my escalation sequence is jisho.org, ichi.moe, my stack of grammar books and textbooks, followed by DeepL. I will occasionally ask a question in the よつばと! reading club to which I’m always amazed at the graciousness expressed there.

My perspective is looking up vocab and seeking out learning resources is expected. Don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s all part of the process.


January 11 :snowflake: Home Post

Oh man today was a day :joy: I got my booster shot yesterday and it knocked me out for a good part of the day, so I really wasn’t sure how much reading I’d be able to do. But then I picked up 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ, remembered how close to the end of a chapter I was, started reading and man it got serious fast. I didn’t realize I’d left off at such a crucial moment… I was not emotionally prepared :sweat_smile: Like I had a feeling that ジャビ was probably not long for this world but that’s different than him taking bullets for ビスコ!! Wow I was not ready, I have a lot of feelings

Some of the descriptions in this section were just brutal, beautifully written but god, deconstructing stuff like is really powerful. I’m really glad I’ve stuck with it so far! I’m so invested at this point, I HAVE to know what happens to them (and probably be sad about it)

Cool words

(はじ)ける - to burst open, to split open
(すく)む - to freeze (from fear), to cower
(きわ)まりない - extremely, boundless
()りっ(たけ) - all that one has
無理矢理(むりやり) - forcibly, against one’s will
()(いし) - stepping stone, stone skipping (this was used to describe a crashing plane like skipping across the desert which is just great imagery)
総毛(そうけ)()つ - to get goosebumps, to have one’s hair stand on end
愛弟子(まなでし) - favorite pupil
瀕死(ひんし) - dying, (on the) verge of death


Tonight I read ten pages from the magazine ちゃお, and two pages of an Animal Crossing (mini) manga from the magazine キャラぱふぇ. There were lots of fun creature names from the Animal Crossing manga.

宿借り------やどかり------hermit crab

馬大頭------おにやんま------Siebold’s dragonfly; jumbo dragonfly​

鱰------しいら------mahi-mahi; common dolphinfish


Main post

January 11:
Read first chapter of それでも歩は寄せてくる(pages 1 - 14). This one is definitely a lot less complicated than Naruto. I still need to put things through a translator, but I can at least understand some things. It probably also helps that I’ve already read some of this in English already.

Doing this reading challenge is really making me want to work on my grammar. May need to look into doing Bunpro or something.


Home post

Day 10:

日本語: I read a lot of 伯爵と妖精 30.


中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean and one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学.


Summary Post

Day 11: Today I read 5 pages of The Way of the Househusband. CAT :smiley:


Spiderman keeps multiplying! :laughing:

That is a real nice shade of blue! I love the photos, the blue gradient of the sea becoming sky from the plane is just so tranquil.

I did a quick look up of Lake Tazawa, and wow that place is seriously beautiful! I noticed there was a folk legend about it too, I’ll make a note for later reading. :books:


This is a great perspective! I’m sure some days will be easier than others, of course. And yes, the more I “learn” the more I will probably look up too just to make sure I’m right. :laughing:


Today’s article was 気持ちが滅入る…パート先で嫌われ「ぼっち」な私。まだ働き続けたいけど、どうしたらいい?【お悩み相談】 which was about a housewife who took a part time job to support the financial needs of her family once her kid was old enough and is experiencing bullying/people talking behind her back at work because she’s inexperienced with jobs and slower to learn. It’s an advice column, might read more of these, kind of interesting.

I have to start work early this morning so no time to compile a vocab list :grimacing:



Day 12. I only read page 160 of Kiki to keep the streak and tick off the checkbox, but I’m just really tired lol. Running on 5 hours of sleep and it’s currently 15 minutes to midnight… I’ll catch up on sleep tonight and reading tomorrow since I don’t have a shift starting at 6am, and will be spending the whole day at home :slightly_smiling_face:


I was to lazy to read… It’s hard to be interested in a book where you have to search up a bit but idm I just need to find a way to be more into the book. I loveeeeeeeee the book but it takes me so much effort to read . I don’t want to go to a child’s book though as I want to read what natives my age are reading so I’ll be ready when I go to high school in japan!!!


:tiger2: :books: Homepost - Tigerdate: 20220112 :books: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll XII: クッカルとカラス :bird:

Don’t have a lot of time today so just a short story, a folktale from Kagoshima Prefecture!
I really like that prefecture emblem, will have to remember to read about Kagoshima some time

The story’s about why crows have black feathers. Crows used to have beautiful coats of many colours but kingfisher tricked the crow into going to a hot spring and stole the crow’s coat. This is also said to be why crows chase kingfishers.

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

青緑「あおみどり」ー Blue-Green; Turquoise
クッカルー Ruddy Kingfisher. Though クッカル seems to be a nickname for them. Their proper name is:

赤翡翠あかしょうびん」and they’re these cute little guys:


「くちばし」ー Beak; Bill
ザブーンー Splash!
(I think, there doesn’t seem to be much on it, but it’s heavily implied that it’s onomatopoeia of jumping into water; also seems to be a make of washing machine :rofl:)

ありゃー ー Oh ; ah
(not really a new word as it’s just a noise but I just loved one of the Jisho meanings: “I’ll be darned”)

ぶつぶつー A mumble/grumble

Forgotten Readings

騙すだます」(To deceive)
(I encountered this word the other day but forgot how to read it, at least I remembered what it meant)


Summary Post

January 12
君の名は , 7 pages.

Random words
  • 発生 = はっせい ocurrence, generation, birth (of a phenomenon, etc).
  • 配置 = はいち arrangement, distribution, disposition, configuration.
  • 屈託 = くったく worry, concern.
  • 郷愁 = きょうしゅう nostalgia, homesickness.
  • 既視感 = きしかん deja vu.
  • 懐中電灯 = かいちゅうでんとう electronic torch, flashlight.

I’m so sleepy today. Quick update.

Also today makes 20% of the challenge! 頑張って :muscle: .


Kagoshima’s emblem is especially cool since it symbolizes the prefecture’s incredibly distinctive geography of two peninsulas cradling an active volcano in the bay, 桜島:

Don’t mean to butt in, I just also think it’s neat :grin:


Summary post

January 12 update:
Read 3 more pages of 時をかける少女. I noticed there’s actually a limit of how much I can read, even with few to no lookups, before mental fatigue (of a very specialized sort – it doesn’t translate to other activities) starts to set in, but hopefully this interval will grow with practice. In any case, I really like how this is going so far. The most important part is that I’m enjoying the book and looking forward to reading rather than being stressed about it.

Oh, I relate to this so much!


In my experience it does. Right now your brain is doing a lot of processing for each sentence I bet. When I started out just reading Harry Potter was a total mental drain and now light fiction is easy to go and go but classic lit or topics with vocab outside my wheelhouse tire me out.

I’ve noticed that this exists in English, too, though. I read English all day (work remotely) and don’t feel taxed by it, and enjoy reading English books as well. Everyday stuff I can read for hours, no issue, but I decided to ‘treat’ myself to Pale Fire by Nabokov when I reached my page goal last year and tapped out from mental exhaustion after 45 minutes. In my native language!


Summary post :bookmark:

January 12
・かがみの孤城. I finished week 12. Four weeks left to go. As long as I don’t randomly stop and read something else (Honzuki :eyes: ), I might complete it during the weekend.

Progress: (67% → 72%)

Was a busy day, but finished before 9 pm c:


Day 12: January 12

  • 君の名は。page 60-64 (25% done!)

Unfortunately, the booster vaccination has not been kind to me at all, with light side effects on Friday until Monday and after finally feeling better, the fever and fatigue began on Tuesday… :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

I was still able to read all days, maybe even more today and yesterday because I was not capable to work these days xD Hoping to continue reading more and more until the end of this challenge and beyond ^^