📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary Post

January 11
君の名は , 7 pages.

Random words
  • すくむ = to freeze, to be unable to move (due to fear or nervousness).
  • 台座 = だいざ a pedestal where you put an object.
  • 人家 = じんか a house (duh).
  • 狼煙 = のろし smoke signals.
  • 日没 = にちぼつ sunset (love this word).
  • å°¾ = お tail (of an animal, but they use it for the tail of the comet; for the animal one probably 尻尾 is preferred, idk).
  • 無音 = むおん soundless.
  • 心音 = しんおん (audible) heartbeat.
  • 交代 = こうたい substitution, alternation, change of places (was happy to get this one today since I learned 入れ替わる the other day, and the definition for 交代 is → その位置や役目などが入れ替わること。

I read later today for reasons but I’m happy to say that reading for one hour is not a big deal anymore :tada: .