📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

仕方がない(probably incorrectly) keeps coming to mind.

993 messages in the volume 1 thread. I figure, finish the volume once on easy, tread through the thread, re-read on hard mode.

Took a quick ~3 page look at Tagaki. Is that also Urushi? Author has their type I suppose.


Home post

Day 5:

日本語: I read a lot of 伯爵と妖精 29.
Read-aloud: We read three (!) chapters of 7SEEDS.


中国語: I read a beginner entry on Mandarin Bean and one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学.


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January 6th:
Read pages 12 to 13 of Naruto.
Learned ポテチ (potato chip)
It’s interesting that the character’s first names are in katakana, but their last names are in kanji or hiragana. Almost didn’t recognize Uchiha うちは because I was expecting it to be in kanji. Also, I had a laugh over realizing a character is named Salad (サラダ).


great idea about reading out loud, I’m going to try tonight. Thank you for the idea.


Summary Post

Day 6: Today I read 4 pages of 極主夫道. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Jan 6 update :snowflake: summary post

This morning I read Akiko’s American Foreign Exchange, and I met my goal I mentioned yesterday!

I’m thinking I’m going to read the rest this weekend so I can be completely caught up


I just claimed the 4 volumes and took the briefest glance to get a peek at the writing and yeah, you’re right. I’ve heard the whole style of the story is not too different either – the author definitely knows what they want to do, heh. I’ve been eying the anime so that might come first for me though. I assume it’ll be relatively easy listening practice, and that’s what I really need.

Ooh, I did Satori Reader as well, and I think it helped a lot for me to transition into a visual novel and book like I’m doing now. That’s one of the few series I skipped over though, since it was so long. Anyway, good work!


No pooh-poohing 5000 pages! That’s fantastic! :metal:


I had no idea that store was in Chicago! Last time I was there my wife and I ate at a fantastic Ramen restaurant right across the street from the Market. Looks like I now have an excuse to go back… :smiley:


I agree! Satori’s been super helpful for transitioning from graded readers to actual books!

I almost skipped it too for the same reason, but I’m so glad I decided to read it because it’s got some really good moments (I actually teared up when reading it today). It definitely has taken me a long time to get through though, I started it back in August (read it off and on)


I read another four pages of ちゃお, which completed a second story. Then, I read two pages of an Animal Crossing manga from a magazine called ぴこぷり.

無人島-----むじんとう-----uninhabited island; desert island

メーデー ------Mayday (call for help)------(quoting Gulliver)


Today’s article was 霧が晴れるのが怖い. It’s a blog I found and have been meaning to read. I needed something short today as I have less time than usual this morning.

Some words I looked up

古き良き時代 - the good ol’ days
文壇 - literary world
克明 - diligent; detailed
スラヴ - Slavic
秘訣 - secret (to success); key (to something)
反体制派 - rebels; dissidents

The tl;dr is it’s about famous authors and Russian thoughts/perspectives on death.


6th and 7th January

Continued reading かげきしょうじょ!!because I’m obsessed. One of my favourite characters just met a tragedy and I’m now drowning in feels.

This is a really good manga. Like all good literatures, we can make character analysis, identify the foreshadowing and the significance of particular scenes, etc. I think it might be a good material for the book club. Would be fun to discuss it with other people.

Some words I remember today:
I just learned it in WK, 由緒正しい : venerable / good lineage.
The context is that one of the new students is the daughter of a great family, Iga group.


Another one is あみだくじ, which is the ladder lottery you often see used by the Japanese.



Day 7 today! I’m tired so I only read two pages of 銭天堂。Took me around five minutes.
I’m spending the whole day at home tomorrow so I’ll see if I can read at least five pages of Kiki then.


Day 7: January 7

  • 君の名は。page 33-45
  • からかい上手の高木さん page 25-49

Summary Post

January 7
君の名は , 7 pages.

Random words
  • 促す = うながす to urge, to press.
  • 要塞 = ようさい fort, stronghold.
  • 舌打ち = したうち clicking one’s tongue.
  • 右往左往 = うおうさおう move about in confusion.
  • チンピラ = delinquent, punk.
  • 爪楊枝 = つまようじ toothpick.
  • 見本 = みほん sample, example, specimen.

I swear と-adverbs are the bane of my existence. They are a legion, and way too many are so similar D: help.

Ahhh the magic of the daily updates! :tada: - I love the frequent activity of this thread, it feels so alive. It’s nice seeing so many others working on their own goals while you do as well. I like to see this challenge as a shared study log, it gives me a similar feeling. It’s silly how it motivates many of us, but it definitely does.


Ok, I only heard about this thread today so I’ll be joining from tomorrow:) I’ll be reading よつばと!

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Tanuki Scroll VII: 七草がゆ :herb:

Today is 七草の節句「ななくさのせっく」!!
A festival in which the porridge “七草がゆ” is traditionally eaten on the 7th day of the new year. Because there’s little greenery in January it contains the seven plants of spring to help with your health.

ー 七草がゆ!! ー
一草! ・ 芹「セリ」ー Java waterdropwort / Japanese parsley
It has a lot of iron so it’s good for your blood and circulation.

二草!・薺「ナズナ」ー Shepherd’s Purse
It’s supposed to help with lowering fevers.

三草!・御形「ゴギョウ」ー Jersey Cudweed
Helps with coughs and stuffyness.

四草!・繁縷「ハコベラ」ー Chickweed
It’s rather high in protein and other minerals and nutrients.

伍草!・仏の座「ホトケノザ」ー Henbit / Nipplewort
Generally good for you.

六草!・菘「スズナ」ー Turnip (Might just be me but I find スズナ to be a cute name for a vegetable)
Improves digestion / helps with indigestion.

七草!・蘿蔔「スズシロ」ー A kind of raddish / daikon.
Helps with digestion.

☆ Learnings ☆

All the plant names were new but here's the extra stuff

お粥「かゆ」ー Rice porridge.
母子草「ははこぐさ」ー This seems to be another way of writing Jersey Cudweed 「御形 - ゴギョウ」
田平子「たびらこ」ー Another way of writing Nipplewort 「仏の座 - ホトケノザ」


Thanks, yeah my body was telling me to rest. I did get some side effects from the previous shots, but that was a bit of soreness or a minor headache that went away after a day or two. Now I felt like I witnessed multipe stages of being sick and every day was something different. Today was the first day I didn’t feel meh. Guessing my immune system was weakened due to the season, so if I got covid it could have been much worse even. :sweat:

It wasn’t even that bad, as I was able to do my reviews and reading, but yeah makes you feel more vulnerable and useless.

It being cute and a Jump+ series can definitely throw people off that is on the easier side. These challenges last a while, so you can always try again later when you’re more up for it.

Back to reading, I’ll post the next regular update on sunday I think.


Well I’m quite proud of myself! I went over the first 17 pages of よつばと! and put all the vocab into a flash card system! It took forever, and I would say it counts for my reading for the day :slight_smile: However, because I just connected with someone today who is going to be my Yotsubato reading pal, I am putting it on pause so they can catch up to me! In the meantime I have example sentences galore in my particles and verb books, and I got Minna no Nihongo today - although the English study guide has been delayed for over 2 more weeks for some reason! Either way I can use these resources to keep up my Japanese reading!