📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary post

January 5 update:
Finished reading よつばと! 1. In the last two chapters they finally started revealing some of Yotsuba’s and her father’s background, but when the father finally got to speak about it, I think I lost my ability to comprehend Japanese :joy: Apparently his explanation was intentionally hard to make sense of, because Fuuka also didn’t quite get it. Still, I think I’ll take a look at the book club’s thread now – perhaps they discussed this. (I specifically avoided reading the book club’s discussion so far – to give myself a chance to figure out things that were unclear initially from the context that’s introduced later.)
The ending was cute! :durtle_love:

Interesting! Have you established some sort of routine around reading? I mostly find myself postponing my daily reading to almost bedtime, even if I have some free time earlier in the day. Not sure why, too, as I tend to enjoy it, and with よつばと! it wasn’t tedious at all.