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March 13 :snowflake: Home Post

Ohhhh boy, I went absolutely wild today and finished up my second playthrough of 999 and… whew, that was a lot :sweat_smile:

Many 999 feelings

For a while I was just having a good time, lots of cool puzzles and character interactions, ie. 淳平(じゅんぺい) making dumb jokes to make fun of 一宮(いちみや)'s tendency to do so:

And then I was getting close to the end and pushing through to see what happened, and WOW I was not prepared :joy: uhhhh I super don’t think 四葉(よつば) is working with ゼロ anymore for REASONS, my god. Like not that I wasn’t expecting people to die in a bad end, but this one was just so much more brutal

But yeah idk what to think anymore, that really threw out most of my theories, soooo… Idk I still think there’s something going on with 四葉(よつば) and ニルス, there’s a lot that’s weird with them, but maybe only ニルス is working with ゼロ? I’m still not entirely convinced his death isn’t faked, but I’m not sure what to make of that if 四葉(よつば) isn’t involved.

I am realizing that the branch I was talking about yesterday is actually probably the good ending since it would probably prevent the whole ニルス thing from happening, but it’s gonna hurt on the way there :sob: like yeah I know they’re not actually leaving anyone behind, but they don’t yet!!

But yeah my devastation aside, 999 is going great! I’m genuinely getting close to finishing the whole game which is really exciting :grin: I did get to skip a good amount for this playthrough, but I still went WAY faster than I did the first time around; my first playthrough took a bit over a month, and this one (which I’d estimate was around half the content maybe?) took five days, most of which I was like “ugh I didn’t read much today” :joy: so that’s some real progress for sure!

I did also read a little bit of 錆喰(さびく)いビスコ for the first time in ages, I missed them! It definitely still has a lot more words I don’t know than 999 does, but I can feel a difference for sure. It’s still far from what I’d call an easy read, but I’m definitely improving! :blush:

(Anyway since I went feral on 999 it’s late so I’m not dealing with vocab right now, good night :joy:)

Vocab update!

ボケなす - halfwit; faded, dull-colored eggplant (love the energy of calling someone a gross eggplant as an insult :joy:)
ほうほうの(てい) - scuttling (to escape in a panic), scrambling
いかさま() - cheat, swindler
しどろもどろ - confused, disordered
ふて(くさ)れる - to become sulky
(くち)()らない - fast-talking, always having an argument ready, never at a loss for words (this and the sulky one were both about ミロ lmao I love him)
(こころ)ここにあらず - there in body but not in spirit
一縷(いちる)(のぞ)み - sliver of hope
うわ(ごと) - talking in delirium, incoherent muttering