📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary post

January 3 update:
Read chapter 5 of よつばと! 1. Some slang was a bit hard to figure out, but otherwise it went pretty smoothly, and was super fun. There were hints to this before, but now it’s obvious that よつば clearly took after her father :joy:

Thanks for the pointer! Too bad I saw this after ordering a different one :sweat_smile: I was actually considering it (as I have another book in Tsubasa Bunko edition), but in the end I went with the 新海誠ライブラリー edition, which seemed to be nicer and more durable than the bunko ones. Now I’m wondering if this was the right choice, because I imagine my lookup time will increase dramatically without having furigana…

On the other hand, my experience with having furigana for every kanji is ambivalent: my eyes tend to automatically look at it even before seeing the kanji because it’s much easier, and then I only look at kanji to confirm or disambiguate the meaning. I’m a bit worried that this hinders my progress with internalizing kanji vocab by not getting me to apply the effort to actually recognize the kanji/words first. I do try to consciously stop myself from doing that, but that doesn’t always work, and it takes away some focus from what I’m reading.