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Today’s article was about data driven match making: AI婚活は”ちょっと気の利いた占い?” テクノロジーは近所のお節介焼きになれるのか、開発者に聞いた. Much less interesting than it sounded, I should know better by now about these types of articles.
I did learn two useful words - if you tack 焼き onto the words お節介 and 世話 you get busybody (お節介焼き) and helpful person (世話焼き). Had no idea. Wonder if I can add it to other words. :thinking:


Updating for yesterday.

I tried reading ヴァイオレット・エヴァ−ガ−デン out of curiousity as to how difficult it would be…and ended up taking almost an hour and looking up 25 words just on the first page :sweat_smile: That said, I feel like 1 page of this is probably more like 2 or more pages of something like 魔女の宅急便 because the font is tiny (some comparison pics below)! I still really enjoyed the bit that I read but I think I will leave reading it properly until I’m done with 鏡の孤城 and perhaps might also read the Free!! LN first as well as it definitely seems a bit easier. I’m impatient but also it’s nice to have a goal to work towards! :muscle:

Also read some more 鏡の孤城 for just half an hour of so to finish up the 八月 chapter. Continue to love this one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Teeny fonts are teeny/comparisons


魔女の宅急便 for reference

order of font teenynees top to bottom 魔女の宅急便ー>ハイースピードー>ヴァイオレット・エヴァ−ガ−デン

I did the thing again where I get curious and go on a whole tangent lmao

Basically from what I could find it seems like both of those are coming from same kind of base concept/saying.

For 世話焼(せわや)き: 世話を焼く〔世話が焼ける〕 | ルーツでなるほど慣用句辞典 | 情報・知識&オピニオン imidas - イミダス so basically someone who 世話(せわ)を焼(や)くs is a 世話焼(せわや)き, which makes sense.

お節介焼(せっかいや)き isn’t as clear-cut, but it seems like it’s just an extension of the same concept using a different word that already has the implication of butting in where you’re not wanted. I read a bit about it here: 「お節介を焼く」とは?意味【使い方や例文】 | Meaning-Book

So from that I don’t think it’s a productive suffix like that (at least not yet)? I couldn’t find anything like that expect for food :joy: I think it’s more just phrases getting shoved together into a single word.


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Tanuki Scroll LIV: 血まみれの女の生首 :raccoon:

Read today’s Hyakumonogatari, about a severed head that keeps tormenting some samurai, turns out it’s a tanuki with a pumpkin :raccoon:

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

血まみれ「ちまみれ」ー Bloodstained; Bloody
生首「なまくび」ー A freshly severed head
雲ひとつない「くもひとつない」「also: 雲一つない」ー Without a cloud (in the sky); Cloudless sky
築山「つきやま」ー Artificial hill (in a garden)
年寄り「としより」ー Elderly Person
しつこい「執拗い」ー Persistent; Insistent; Tenacious
腕前「うでまえ」ー Ability; Skill
百発百中「ひゃっぱつひゃくちゅう」ー Always hitting the target; Always getting bullseye; Infallible
一同「いちどう」ー All present; Everyone involved; All of us


Update post for 23/1 - 23/2 | Home post here!

Checking in after a whole month away!
I’ve managed to keep up with reading every day despite work/other study taking up a lot more of my time, at the expense of general internet usage and other things hence no updates. Happy to see everyone still updating regularly though and keeping up with the challenge.

I finished the first volume of カードキャプターさくらクリアカード編. Did order vol.2-4 but they’re currently being held hostage in an order with a book that is on backorder with the supplier and expected to ship at the end of March. :sweat_smile:

So! Started re-reading ハイキュー!! vol.1 instead, and I’m currently on chapter 2; taking this one a little slower because there’s a lot more unfamiliar vocab in parts that I didn’t SRS the first time I read through. Jumped back in to Tobira too to resume grammar study, and scattered in some online articles across the month. I’ve also kept up with Animal Crossing every day.


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Day 47:

I read a couple pages of よつばと! today :four_leaf_clover::upside_down_face::four_leaf_clover:

Feeling a little overwhelmed by uni rn😅


Summary post

February 23 update:
Read another page of きまぐれロボット today. Somehow this story feels harder that the others, and since I’ve only been managing to find time for it at night these past few days, I again ended up reading just a single page :weary: Thankfully, there are only a couple pages left. I hope the next story will be more like the ones before.


Like always I was lazy today and just read 80 pages of The Town Where You Live volume 2. I looked up and it seems the manga has 27 volumes how does the author manage to continue a love manga that long?

There is a 40% coin back sale on bookwalker I should probably buy some new books.


I finished しあわせのパン on Sunday, just as I had expected. I also finished this week’s reading of 笑わない数学者. It’s getting ever better with each chapter! Now we only have two chapters left, and I’m sooo looking forward to the big reveal :smiley:
I picked up ifの悲劇 again and continued where I left off. Right now it’s direct speech most of the time, which makes it somehow more difficult and strenuous for me. Let’s hope it will turn back into descriptive passages at some point.

Plans for the next few days:

  • My 大聖堂 friend caught up, so we’ll continue with the last (sub?)section of 第一部一章.
  • On Saturday, the penultimate chapter of 笑わない数学者 is due
  • I will fill the rest of the time with ifの悲劇

Summary post :bookmark:

February 23

Progress: 72% → 74%

Woah, I can skim Japanese text 0: Even if it was just dialogue, I read 1% in 8 min? It felt fast, at least, since I didn’t subvocalize. Could be I’m just tired tho :zzz: :caught_durtling:


Day 54!

Chapters 18 and 19 of Yotsuba today. Of all of the things I was expecting Yotsuba to do at the zoo, punching a goat was not one of them :rofl:
There was some especially lovely art in chapter 19. I love the contrast of some of the art being very simple with nice clean lines, but other bits being really beautifully detailed.

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Summary post

Well… all things considered, I’ve done a great amount. I had a bit of a hellish night / day due to ongoing health problems which, if you want to subject yourself to, I ranted about in a more appropriate thread but all the same, after getting up well past 2pm, I dragged through my reviews and even read about ~1900 characters (was planning to do less today but I was trying to finish a scene). Gonna mostly rest for a day cause I need it, so no nice detailed post, but I very much did not miss a day even when things went badly, so that’s nice.


Home post

Day 53:

日本語: I read a fair amount of ミステリークロック.


中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学, and a bit of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.


It’s been nearly two weeks, but I finally have some time and energy to update what I’ve been reading for the last 11 days. I’ve been switching between 3-4 different texts, reading a chapter a day for the easier texts and a page or so a day for the more difficult texts.

I started volume 2 of Pocket Monsters Special and 恐怖授業転生. The former doesn’t disappoint but the latter is unfortunately not as interesting as its volume 1 version was. Then again, the stories are getting a bit predictable because they all follow the same pattern. It might be fun to read a story every once in a while, but I think it loses its charm if you read binge read it or read the series too often.

My copy of 獣の奏者1was also ready at the library, so I checked it out last week. It’s my second book I’ve tackled, and the difference between it and 夜カフェ are like night and day. 夜カフェ was fairly easy to get through, and I could easily understand everything even if I chose not to look up every single word. On the other hand, just looking up a page of words in 獣の奏者 takes over an hour, and the sentences can get a little more complex, and therefore take a little more time to decipher. Unlike the former, I feel like I have to translate the latter sometimes and it kind of ruins the experience.

It’s not like I’m going into the series blind either - I’ve seen the anime twice (rewatched about this time last year), and I got the Aoitori Bunko edition as well, so all the furigana are included. I couldn’t imagine having to read this book without the furigana. It gave me a dose of reality of how much more I need to develop my reading skills and not just improve my kanji recognition.

I also bought the full set of Buddha by Osamu Tezuka. Actually, my husband recommended the original anime to me many moons ago, but I could never find it, so I looked up the manga on Mercari recently and got it for a steal. The seller was also very kind and really treasured the series and wanted to pass it on to someone who could appreciate it, so I enjoyed a nice exchange with them letting them know why I bought it. Right now I pick it up when I want a little challenge - it’s the only text I have that has no furigana whatsoever, so I’ve decided to read and try to understand based on the kanji I know and can decipher from the radicals as well as hints from the pictures. But since I’m mostly scanning more than reading right now, I’m not really going to mark it as reading until later.

2月13日~23日 ~ Days 44~54 / Back to Home

Pokemon Special 2 (page 63 of 207 - chapters 15-18)

I was pleasantly surprised to see that volume 2 started off with as much excitement as volume 1 ended on. We’re introduced to a new main character, Blue, and we learn she’s a thief and a con artist but she’s very cute so how can we hate her?? She reminds me a lot of Domino from the Mewtwo Returns movie (technically, I think the Japanese version was just a special) who plays the role of an innocent and weak girl to hide her true badass abilities and the fact that she’s a top spy for Team Rocket. I wonder if Domino was inspired by Blue’s characterization in the manga?

In chapter 15, we find Blue observing Red whose Fushigidane evolves into Fushigisou (I love the puns in Bulbasaur’s evolution line). She soon approaches Red to awe and praise him on his Pokemon’s new evolution and sets right out to con him into buying fake Pokemon support items. After realizing very quickly that he had been tricked, he contacts Okido-hakase and learns that the Zenigame he was raising had been stolen.

Red finds Blue trying to trick other people and chases after her. She escapes on Kameil but not before Red’s Kabigon stops them. Blue changes tactics and tries to apologize lying that she didn’t realize the items were fake. When he lets down his guard, she immediately begins attacking him but he doesn’t fall for the same trick twice. He wins and recovers his money while she’s unconscious (isn’t this what happens when trainers win Pokemon battles anyway?). When he identifies his Pokemon, he also considers the fact that she may have been the one to steal Okido-hakase’s Zenigame but doesn’t press the matter. When Red returns to his hotel, he realizes his badges were snagged by Blue while she was seemingly unconscious. She’s got some sticky fingers! Maybe that’s why she wears gloves…

In chapter 16, Red decides that the only way for him to get his badges back is to join Team Rocket’s ranks and find Blue and catch her off guard. He steals an outfit from an unsuspecting Grunt and joins the meeting. He also finds an incomplete Mewtwo chained in a tank and learns that a sample from Mew is needed to create it. But in order to find Mew, they must get back the floppy disc that Blue stole!

They find Blue and the Team Rocket members surround her. Surprisingly, she’s able to hold her weight by manipulating them - using Kameil to hold the floppy disc so they can’t go all out in fear of destroying the data they need. Unfortunately, one of the Grunt’s Kentauros is powerful and can command the other Pokemon with a click of its tail. They double team Kameil and recover the data putting Blue in a tight position. She calls out Metamon and before Kentauros drives them off the cliff, Red pushes her out of the way. When Kentauros comes back up from falling off the cliff, the Grunt’s think they have the upperhand but it’s really Metamon who commands the others to attack Team Rocket. Blue also reveals Red’s identity, and they escape on Purin. Team Rocket thinks they recovered the data…

In chapter 17, we find out Blue had hidden the real data and gave Team Rocket a fake copy (how like her). She has Metamon transform into Mew to keep Team Rocket busy while they go after the real Mew. Using special goggles, Blue finds Mew via wavelengths and they team up to attack. Blue is also doing this purely for monetary reasons because Mew is so rare, so she isn’t much better than Team Rocket, lol.

They capture Mew but just before they get attacked by Team Rocket’s Rougela. Red encourages Blue to escape with Mew and tries to defend them, but fails. Mew helps out and stops Rougela before disappearing. Blue also manages to snap a photo of Mew beforehand, so she’ll get paid, therefore mission accomplished. She also returns to the badges to Red before escaping on Purin.

In chapter 18, we find Green at a pachinko parlor, erm, the Game Corner gambling for some good Pokemon. He exchanges his coins for Porygon who isn’t tamed at all, and he runs into some problems trying to control it. He finally manages to recover Porygon just as Red walks up to pick up his failed Monster Balls and walks off. A stampede of Pokemon chase a couple of girls and Red steps in to protect them but instead of his Pokemon, out pops Blue’s Pokemon instead. Him not being their trainer is unable to command them, and he fails, getting trampled in the process.

Meanwhile, Green reveals that he had their Pokemon switched on purpose so he could enter some new data. He also forces Red’s Pokemon into some heavy training because they’re lightweights and need a boost. Red takes a more personal approach having fun with Green’s Pokemon and teaching them to lighten up. In the middle of the night, a Kyukon approaches that Green is having Pikachu battle. He also learns a new non-electric move to give it some diversity. Kyukon escapes and runs into Red and Goriki. Nearly getting beaten, Goriki evolves into Kairiki at the last second and Green claims the Kyukon as his (his reasoning being that it was his Kairiki that defeated it). They switch back Pokemon and Green’s Pokemon are strangely more friendly towards him while Red’s Pokemon look serious or like they’re seriously ready to beat him up.

New Vocab & Kanji

行き止まり いきどまり dead end
不良品 ふりょうひん inferior goods; defective product; defective goods
身の程 みのほど one’s social position; one’s place; one’s standing
大金 たいきん large amount of money; great cost

しらみつぶし very thorough search (for contraband, escaped convict, etc.); fine-tooth-comb search; exhaustive search; scouring
無用 むよう unnecessary; needless
見失う みうしなう to lose sight of; to miss
忍び込む しのびこむ to creep in; to steal in; to sneak in
手がかり てがかり clue; lead; key; trail; scent; track
捜査 そうさ search (esp. in criminal investigations); investigation; inquiry; enquiry
情報分析 じょうほうぶんせき information analysis
以前採取 いぜんさいしゅ previously collected
細胞 さいぼう cell
遺伝子組み換え いでんしくみかえ genetically modified; GM
わずかながら only slightly; small amount
基盤 きばん foundation; basis; base; footing; infrastructure
再度 さいど a second time; again; once more; twice
捕獲 ほかく capture; seizure
手立て てだて means; method
総員 そういん the entire strength; all hands; all the members
集合 しゅうごう meeting up; gathering; assembly
随分 ずいぶん very; extremely; surprisingly; considerably; awfully; terribly
手加減 てかげん adapting to the situation (one’s strength, strictness, etc.); making allowances; using discretion; going easy (on someone)
指揮 しき command; direction; supervision
複数 ふくすう plural; multiple; several
群れ むれ herd
長 おさ head; chief; leader
踏み潰す ふみつぶす to trample; to crush underfoot
段差 だんさ difference in level (e.g. road, footpath); ramp; steps; bump (in road)
観念 かんねん resignation (to one’s fate); acceptance; preparedness
自由自在 じゆうじさい free; unrestricted; (with) complete mastery; completely in control​
小癪 こしゃく impudent; cheeky​

アジト hideout; secret base of operations; safe house​
区別 くべつ distinction; differentiation; classification
兼指令室 けんしれいしつ combined command room
緊急 きんきゅう urgency; emergency
指令 しれい orders; instructions; directive; command
実行 じっこう execution (e.g. of a plan); carrying out; practice; action; implementation; fulfillment; realization
外見 がいけん outward appearance
念力 ねんりき telekinesis; psychokinesis
独特 どくとく peculiarity; uniqueness; characteristic
波長 はちょう wavelength
居場所 いばしょ whereabouts; place; location
凶悪 きょうあく atrocious; fiendish; brutal; villainous
現在 げんざい the present; present time; now
乱れ みだれ disorder; disturbance; unrest
位置 いち place; position; location
軌道 きどう orbit; trajectory
食い止める くいとめる to check; to hold back; to keep at bay; to stop; to prevent; to stem; to curb; to halt
怪物 かいぶつ monster
消滅 しょうめつ extinction; extinguishment; disappearance; vanishing; termination; lapse
増し まし better; preferable; less objectionable; least-wors
撮影 さつえい photography (still or motion); photographing; filming; shooting; (video) recording
上空 じょうくう sky; the skies; high-altitude sky; upper air
買い手 かいて buyer

景品交換所 けいひんこうかんじょ pachinko prize exchange shop; shop where pachinko prizes are exchanged for money​
景品 けいひん prize (lottery drawing, pachinko, etc.)
手なづける てなづける to tame
郊外 こうがい suburb; residential area on the outskirt of a city; commuter belt
物騒な ぶっそうな dangerous; unsettled; troubled; disturbed; insecure
突っ込む つっこむ to thrust (something) into (something); to cram; to stuff; to shove
余裕 よゆう composure; placidity; complacency; calm
自主 じしゅ independence; autonomy; self-reliance
しつけ discipline; training; teaching manners
実戦 じっせん combat; battle; action; active service; actual fighting
一方 いっぼう whereas; although; but at the same time; meanwhile; in turn
慣らす ならす to tame; to domesticate; to train (an animal)​
救い すくい salvation; solace; (source of) comfort; saving grace
手放す てばなす to let go of; to release; to drop
詰まり つまり in short; in brief; to sum up; ultimately; in the end; in the long run; when all is said and done; what it all comes down to; when you get right down to it; basically
認識 にんしき recognition; awareness; perception; understanding; knowledge; cognition; cognizance
鍛える きたえる to drill; to train; to discipline
まし better; preferable; less objectionable; least-worst​
対決 たいけつ confrontation; showdown
どくどく gushingly; copiously; profusely; in a steady stream
芸がない げいがない lacking skill; uninspiring; unexciting; dull; unrefined; boring (from being too plain)​
目つき めつき look (in someone’s eyes); expression (of the eyes); eyes

恐怖授業転生2 (page 73 of 200 - chapters 5-6)

I’m less invested in this manga, so I’m just going to type up my impressions of the two chapters. First off, the title of chapter 5 gives away the twist, to be honest. It’s an interesting story, but the twist didn’t feel as surprising as some of the others. Then again, I think it’s just easy to know what to expect from the pattern.

Chapter 6 was a little challenging to read because of the characters’ dialogue. They’re young high school(?) girls and they talk like… kind of like the equivalent of valley girl dialect in the U.S. but not exactly. It’s just definitely noticeable and not the simplest to decipher. The story too was a little bit on the boring side. I’m guessing if the next chapter fails to entertain me, it’s probably because the story’s patterns are too easy to recognize unfortunately.

New Vocab & Kanji

気強い きづよい reassuring; stouthearted
群れる むれる to crowd; to flock; to swarm
もたつく to be slow; to not make progress; to be inefficient​
浮く うく to feel out of it; to be cut off (e.g. from those around you); to feel out of place​
納得 なっとく understanding; satisfaction (e.g. with an explanation); being convinced
伺う うかがう to ask; to inquire; to hear; to be told
格好 かつこう suitable; fit; reasonable
文句 もんく complaint
居心地いい いごこちいい comfortable (to live in); snug; cozy; cosy
気の合う きのあう to get along
家来 けらい retainer; retinue; servant
相当 そうとう considerably; rather; quite; fairly; pretty
幻聴 げんちょう auditory hallucination
包帯 ほうたい bandage; dressing
処 どころ specialist​

超 ちょう extremely; really; totally; absolutely
盛り もり prime (of one’s life); (one’s) best days; bloom
恋バナ こいばな talking about one’s love interests; girls’ talk; gossiping
むしむし hot and humid
損 そん disadvantage; handicap; drawback; unfavorable
写メ しゃめ photo taken with a mobile phone; taking a photo with a mobile phone​
肌 はだ skin
がらがら empty; bare; uninhabited; vacant; unoccupied
閉園 へいえん closing of a park (e.g. theme park, botanical garden, etc.)
直前 ちょくぜん just before
浮かぶ うかぶ to float; to be suspended
夢中 むちゅう absorbed in; immersed in; crazy about; obsessed with; devoted to

獣の奏者1(pages 6-7)

I only read the first couple pages (really 3 pages, but I didn’t have time to record the vocab for page 8). The prologue introduces a little bit about Erin and her mother’s work with the Toda. They describe their dwelling in great detail as well as some of the Toda’s information in great detail. There were a few words that are original words like Toda, but surprisingly nothing too difficult yet. I think it’s just that there are so many new vocab I haven’t encountered before that I took the time to look up and write down that makes the book seem really hard in the beginning. I bet if I read more, they’ll be a lot of words that are repeated, and I won’t need to look them up anymore.

It’s also really interesting to see the kanji used for Toda: 闘蛇 meaning an alternative kanji for war or 戦 and snake. It makes sense because it describes the Toda’s serpent/dragon-like features as well as its use which is for fighting on the battlefield.

New Vocab & Kanji

間 ま period of time (during, while); duration; interval
時刻 じこく time; (the) hour
薄板 うすいた laminate; veneer
葺き ぶき roofing; roofed with; thatching; thatched with; shingling; shingled with
絶え間なく たえまなく incessantly; without a pause
土間 どま dirt floor; room with dirt floor
水場 みずば watering hole; watering place
ぼんやり idly; aimlessly
忍ばせる しのばせる to conceal; to hide
寝間 ねま bedroom
寝具 しんぐ bedding; bedclothes
滑り込ませる すべりこませる to slide into; to slip into
ふうっと suddenly; abruptly; without warning
漂う ただよう to waft (e.g. a scent); to hang in the air
戦士 せんし soldier; combatant; warrior
水流 すいりゅう water current
巨大な きょだいな huge; gigantic; enormous
鱗 うろこ scale (of fish, snake, etc.)
麝香 じゃこう musk
雄 おす male
ジャコウジカ Musk deer​
香料 こうりょう fragrance; perfume
独特 どくとく peculiarity; uniqueness; characteristic
粘液 ねんえき mucus; mucilage; viscous liquid; phlegm
覆う おおう to cover; to hide; to conceal; to wrap; to disguise
跨がる またがる to straddle; to sit astride; to mount
戦 いくさ troops; forces
纏う まとう to put on; to wear; to be clad in
嗅ぐ かぐ to sniff; to smell
遠雷 えんらい distant thunder
吐息 といき sigh; long breath
漏らす もらす to let leak; to let out (e.g. light)
慎重 しんちょう careful; cautious; prudent; discreet; deliberate
撫でる なでる to stroke; to caress; to brush gently; to pat; to rub
浮かぶ うかぶ to come to mind; to have inspiration
見つめる みつめる to stare (at); to gaze (at); to look hard (at); to watch intently; to fix one’s eyes (on)
眼差し まなざし (a) look; gaze
先陣 せんじん vanguard; advance guard
敵陣 てきじん enemy camp; enemy line
食い破る くいやぶる to bite and tear; to bite a hole in
担う になう to bear (burden, responsibility, etc.); to take upon oneself
岩房 がんぼう
衆 しゅう great numbers (of people); numerical superiority; masses
腕 うで skill; efforts; ability
それ程 それほど to that degree; to that extent; that much
誇らしい ほこらしい proud; haughty; arrogant
はち切れる はちきれる to be filled to bursting; to burst
水汲み みずくみ drawing water
縫い物 ぬいもの sewing; needlework; embroidery
ほっぽる to abandon; to leave behind
虚 うろ hollow; cavity; hole
触れる ふれる to touch; to feel
堪らない たまらない cannot help (doing); cannot but do; anxious to do
鎌首 かまくび sickle-shaped neck (e.g. snake, praying mantis); crooked neck; gooseneck
もたげる to raise (one’s head)
噛む かむ to bite
裂く さく to tear; to rip up
飲み込む のみこむ to engulf; to swallow up

Nah, what I did was nothing compared to all the work you guys did to making the list more accessible and easier to search through! Tan-chan is 5 months now. :slight_smile: She’s gradually shortening her nap time and extending her active time so it’s starting to get a little challenging finding ways to entertain her while working some reading time in haha.


Summary Post

Day 54: Today I read 7 pages of よつば&!


Summary post

Day 54: February 23rd

Time spent: 10 min
Today’s color: 緑色 (みどりいろ) - green; emerald green; green color of new foliage; verdure

It’s…green xD The reading talked a little bit about how cool colors (including green) were originally all called 青, which is how we get green traffic lights being referred to as 青, and all the place names with 青 in them like 青森.

Good words
  • 使い分け (つかいわけ) - proper use; using (different things) for different purposes
  • 生い茂る (おいしげる) - to grow thickly; to be overgrown; to thrive; to grow in abundance
  • 古草 (ふるくさ) - last year’s grass; dead grass
  • 記す (しるす) - to write down; to note; to jot down​
  • 寒色 (かんしょく) - cold color

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 12 min

Today is the Emperor’s birthday! According to the reading, Japan is thought to have the longest-running imperial family in the world, spanning 125 generations.

What else did I read?
Amount read: 14 pages
Time spent: 12 min

I wasn’t really sure what I should read next, but this was sitting on top of the stack of books that lives next to my couch, so I picked it up. I think it was a good choice for my energy level today :slight_smile: It’s about a 6th grade boy named Renya who finds a cat-like creature and takes it home (because obviously, why wouldn’t you). So far this is a pretty easy and relaxing read - like, I think I would actually feel pretty comfortable trying to read this without access to a dictionary (which, for a dictionary addict like me, is saying something lol). Seems like it would be a solid manga for a beginning reader to try (though it doesn’t seem to have much-to-any furigana).

Of course, the 猫のようなナニカ is completely soft and adorable :pleading_face: It reminds me of Totoro a little bit

Being smol in the backpack :heart:

Just a couple words I learned
  • くすねる - to pilfer; to filch; to swipe
  • もさもさ - to be hairy (person); to be thickly bearded​
  • 体操着 (たいそうぎ) - gym clothes; gym uniform; PE kit

February 23 :snowflake: Home Post

Today was a pretty productive day all around! I played a good amount of 999, plus some ヴァニタスの手記(カルテ) which I’m still really enjoying. (I watched the first episode of the anime which reminded me of it, so that was fun!) ヴァニタス is just… so much more feral than I expected him to be :joy: so obviously I love him lmao

999 talk bc who do you think I am

I’m officially in the second branch section! :tada: The reunion portion was a lot of fun but also concerning, people are (potentially) dropping like flies so yikes.

The door math forced me to separate from サンタ so best of luck to my boy (and also 紫(むらさき) lmao) but now I’m hanging out with 四葉(よつば) and セブン which has been just amazing so far :joy: I like them both a lot actually, the whole dynamic has been weirdly aggro but also wholesome, so that’s been a good time. 淳平(じゅんぺい) is suffering rip

Plus new puzzle section!!! There was a cool puzzle with like elements and compounds corresponding to numbers, so that was a neat little sciencey throwback to when I actually had science classes :joy: I also ran into some interesting wordplay with a key that I found inside an anatomy model:

Very much didn’t even register 内臓(ないぞう) and 内蔵(ないぞう) as using different kanji until precisely that moment lmao, the more you know :star2:

So all in all a good day! It still feels pretty cool to have made any significant progress in a game in Japanese :+1:


ぼったくり - rip-off
ケリがつく - to be settled, to be brought to an end
不躾(ぶしつけ) - ill-bred, impolite
寝心地(ねごこち) - sleeping comfort, snugness
これ見(み)よがし - showy, ostentatious
テンキー - numeric keypad (I love this so much for no reason, it’s just ten key!! perfect)

「水(みず)は生(い)きている」yep, that’s free alright :joy:

That’s so cute :pleading_face: I absolute LOVE that it’s called a ナニカ, there’s something so precious about that :sparkling_heart:



For once I’m not reading in a rush right before going to bed lol. Just read pages 168 and 169 of 銭天堂 today.


Yep, I also think this is a pretty steep learning curve! We’ve read 獣の奏者 (vol 1+2) here with a special-purpose book club, so you can find some discussions online, but I don’t think we made a vocab sheet for it, given the intermediate-level nature of the book. The book can be very dense at times (especially in the world-building parts) but I loved reading it. On the other hand I can see that it can be very overwhelming if you don’t have much reading experience. In that case, I can recommend you read 狐笛のかなた (Koteki no Kanata) Home Thread first; same author and same genre (fantasy) but easier to read (plus it’s only one standalone book, so you can get a level of achievement faster).


I’m not sure 狐笛のかなた has a furigana version though, so it could actually be harder in some ways.