📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary Post

February 12 ー February 20
Tobira lessons 1 to 5.
An NHK article I´m too lazy to find about gear-shaped valentine’s day chocolate.

Okay I haven’t read today yet, but I keep postponing the update and it’s getting much harder to track so might as well :joy: .

So, I’m alive!! ;-; What a chaotic week. I haven’t actually been too busy, but I’ve been taking care of something these days that moved my usual reading times to the regular “eh I’ll read later”. And that meant, of course, that I read last moment before going to bed, as the great procrastinator in me will forever try to do. My reading amount and quality have taken a big hit, but I still forced myself to keep reading even if just a little bit.

So I mostly resumed Tobira. I haven’t worked on it for a long time and I know at this rate I probably would never have anyways. I just can’t bring myself to do the exercises; I know they’re really beneficial, but following a script bores me a lot. BUT, I have decided that I still want to go through all the texts because they introduce a lot of grammar, and I want to check that I know all the grammar in Tobira, which is apparently around N3-N2, so it should cover a fair bit.

Now, I didn’t rush the lessons or anything. I actually had already done lessons 1 to 4, but it had been such a long time that I wanted to go through them anyways, see if I comprehend everything. And to my surprise, my comprehension level must have risen, because I had the impression I now got everything from the texts as opposed to back then, when I still comprehended the vast majority of it, but was still just a tiny bit of work. That was nice to discover, I’m apparently doing something that is working over time. Since I’m only reading though, and also listening afterwards, it will probably still take very little time to go through one lesson, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I finish it very quickly.

I hope I can resume a proper schedule again very soon, if not today, and to keep posting like I used to ;-; . I think I will most likely keep going after the challenge is done, though, I don’t feel particularly exhausted because honestly I had a chance to chill a lot these days, so I’m back with energy again.