📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

February 15 :snowflake: Home Post

So I lied when I said I’d read more today :joy: just busy and tired again so not a whole bunch, but I did play a little 999! I didn’t have the mental energy to do very much, but I enjoyed it regardless.

Obligatory screenshots

サンタ’s messing with dangerous territory lmao:

He said that and I was like “bro she’s gonna kill you” and well:

So all in all a fun interaction :joy:

I actually should have more time to read tomorrow so looking forward to that!


褒美(ほうび) - reward, prize (definitely have heard this word before but absolutely did not know the kanji :joy:)
調理台(ちょうりだい) - kitchen table, kitchen counter
()らず(ぐち) - impudent talk, speaking without thinking

Ooooh this is all very helpful, thank you! I’m definitely too sleepy to wade through the hinative stuff again but I’ll have to try to parse it out with your guidance (hopefully with awake brain tomorrow lmao)

Frequency bias hits hard, definitely know the feeling :joy:

Hey you gave it an effort regardless, that says a lot! Reading every day like that is a lot of work, definitely something to be proud of even in the rough times :muscle: (also yeah onomatopoeia rough, glad that’s like the universal experience :joy: it all comes with time yeah?)