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Day 33: February 10

  • キノの旅 13,2% → 14,8%

Continuing to struggle to find short/manageable articles to read during the work week, so another Meaning Book it is: 「あたおか」とは?意味や元ネタなど解釈「おっかく」も解説 | Meaning-Book

This tl;dr of today is that あたおか is a reduction of あたまがおかしい. Apparently it comes off as less serious and more jokey when used in this fashion. Derived from a comedy duo’s sketch.

Most interesting to me was this part:

[…] ツイッター上で話題になり多くのユーザーに使われる様になりました。

Interesting kanji bolded. There are actually 3 articles on meaning book about 鵜 so I suppose I found weekday reading.


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Tanuki Scroll XLI: 田植え鬼 :ear_of_rice:

Read today’s folk story from Niigata Prefecture!

About a guy who feels sorry for a demon after throwing beans at him during Setsubun and invites him in for a drink and some food to apologise. Come rice-planting season the demon pays him back by planting all the rice in the fields.

Knit(ted fabric; clothing) day, because 2(に) & 10(と) = ニット!
I have my cardigan and I am ready to celebrate being warm in style :sparkles:

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

打付ける「ぶつける」ー To hit (your head for example); to strike; to crash into
ながら「乍ら」ー While; During (Rare kanji usage)
青あざ「あおあざ」ー Bruise; or can be specifically a blue bruise (Full Kanji: 青痣)
すっかり ー Completely; Totally; Entirely



Summary Post

February 10

  1. 【動画】すし店が自動販売機で売るものは? コロナ禍で進化も
  2. 「焼き肉の自販機」お目見え “焼き肉の街”をPR 長野 飯田
  3. ロボット内蔵ソファー 「ロボ家具」ネットで話題に 福岡 大川

Again news reading day. I’m actually enjoying this more than I thought I would xD

Article one was about commerces starting to use vending machines to sell their goods because of corona. It was a very short article, but it comes with a pretty cool 5 minute video. Apparently half of Japan’s vending machines are made in Mie prefecture, that’s crazy.

Article two was again about vending machines, but this time in Iida city in Nagano prefecture, where they’re using them to sell different kinds of 焼き肉 that people can take home and cook. It mentioned that the vendors cook the meat close to the vending machines to promote it. You walk by, smell the nice thing, and then spot the awesome vending machine selling it. Of course.

Article three was about a robotic sofa that can move in all directions with a controller. It was made in Fukuoka prefecture by about 200 furniture makers from the city of Okawa (which is apparently very famous for its furniture) in cooperation with robot makers from the city of Fukuoka. The video shows how it moves, it’s pretty cool. Not on sale yet, sorry guys. The guy chilling is also not included.


I very much appreciate the detailed summary! My fiancée loves karaoke so I think on Valentine’s Day I’m going to give the app a shot.

Summary post

This time, in my excitement, I’m posting before I’ve read Summer Pockets for the day. Because today is all about Zoo 1!

I finished it! It’s over! My first real Japanese book down. Joining that major milestone club with you all :grin: . I started this right after Christmas, though my reading amounts have been irregular and it’s hard to glean too much from the time taken since I’m juggling reading projects. That said, even if it’s kind of a relatively quick read, I’m pretty happy to be done already. I mean, when I got the Kindle, I thought I’d have to wait a little while before being ready to tackle books. I intended to give one my best shot to gauge where I was, but I didn’t expect today to be coming so soon.

JPDB has stats for the book, which I think properly only applies to Zoo 1? It’s a little confusing because there’s an English edition simply called Zoo that combines them both (I think), so sometimes people don’t make the distinction, whereas to my knowledge they are always 2 books in Japanese. The JPDB page simply labels it “Zoo” but has the cover of Zoo 1 and links to its Amazon page. Anyway, doesn’t mean a whole lot, but those numbers excite me :eyes:

The stories in there were overall quite enjoyable! I’ve written a little review on Natively to give my more detailed thoughts. There were so many unfamiliar words, but I think if you’re into horror and generally… dark tales, this isn’t a bad early path, because the grammar was largely stuff I’ve encountered already by this point. I fully intend to pick up Zoo 2 and continue from here, but for now, off to read Summer Pockets :tada:


Summary post :bookmark:

February 10

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (80% → 82%)


I might be very bad at updating. it’s been like 20 days
I also missed one day of reading. Not even for a good reason, I just kind of… forgot. Better luck next time, I guess :see_no_evil:

On the bright side, I finished orange today!
Final verdict: I liked it, but… also not that much? The second half dragged on a bit and there were definitely a few ‘frustrated sigh/eye roll’ moments for me :laughing:
I definitely still wanna know how it all ends (the volume I read was the first out of three), but I’m probably going to consider switching to the anime - I have other things I’d like to read that I feel like I might enjoy more.

I also somehow fell horribly behind on book club / 地球星人 how has it been 4 weeks already, that can’t be right??, so I’m currently in the process of catching up on that. schedules are difficult
I’m looking forward to finally getting to read all those spoiler tagged comments I did my best not to click on yet :smile:

I’m dying of cuteness ;____;


Today I went all out and finished the second chapter in Monobeno just 26 more chapters but I think I can still finish it this year. I pretty much understood every sentence.

Prison School Vol.1
I just read 30 more pages I should finish it tomorrow.


Summary post

February 10 update:
Read chapter 17 of よつばと! today. This one finally reveals some of Jumbo’s background, and also introduces his father, who’s just as fun as he himself is :joy:

Wow, that’s awesome, congratulations! Nice review, too.

Sorry, I haven’t been very good at congratulating everyone for finishing their major reading projects, even though I feel like it’s an important overarching theme of this thread. And now I feel awkward trying to join in :caught_durtling: But better late than never, so… Congratulations to y’all! I won’t tag everyone, but I’ve been enjoying reading about all your successes, and it’s been quite motivating as well! Keep it up! :durtle_noice:


Day 41 :slight_smile:
I finished the first volume of よつばと! I really enjoyed it, so I’m planning to move straight on to Volume 2 as the next book I start.
I’m really glad I waited to read this until it was quite a comfortable thing for me to read, since I think I would have missed a lot of the sweetness and the humour if I was struggling to work out what was being said.

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How difficult is Kino’s for you? I wanted to start reading that at some point, and I’m really excited if it’s not too bad at your level since I’ll hopefully be there within a few months.

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A bit of a bleh few days of reading for me :disappointed: Feel like after finding 世界から猫が消えたなら to be such a perfect difficulty level for me I’ve found it hard to go back to 鏡の孤城 which I’m finding a bit more tricky. I think because of the longer sentences which I still find difficult to parse sometimes. I feel like with 世界から猫 it felt more like reading for fun and less like hard work and now we are back to hard work time lol.

I’m on the fence between pushing on and seeing if I get used to it, or swapping to an easier pick for now and coming back later :thinking:

On the other hand, persona 4 continues to be great fun!

Woohoo! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: Congrats! It sounds like an intruiging book too - though maybe too scary for me haha :scream::scream::scream:


I usually go for cat based gifs/pics but given your choice was horror:

I have taken to keeping multiple books running simultaneously for this reason. One is my hard-push learn-all-the-things book and the other is my “lazy” reading. I think it also depends on how far you are into かがみの孤城, too. The writing style and complexity stays pretty consistent so if you’re only a chapter or two in it might get substantially easier (through practice) by the time you’re say, halfway.


Summary Post

Day 41: Today I read 11 pages of よつば&!and finished chapter 26. Also, I’ve started reading panels aloud as I go, because my speaking skills leave a lot to be desired so I want to practice


Home post :house:

Day 34:

I read three pages of よつばと! today :four_leaf_clover::slightly_smiling_face::four_leaf_clover:

よつば doesn’t understand air conditioners:p


Yesterday only 1 page :tired_face: of Kirino mukouno fusigina mati (sorry for romaji gyse). But today I read 4 or 5 pages! It’s really great to read enough that something actually happens. :blush:

I’ve also been reading Yotuba, now nearing the end of volume 7 (so close to finally going to the ranch!) I feel like the hijinks will probably be epic.


Summary post

Day 41: February 10th

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 9 min

Honestly, work was stupid and frustrating and mental breakdown/stress freakout-inducing today, it really just ruined my entire mood. I was fully prepared to just skip reading all together and break my streak, like I legit just did not care. But I eventually calmed down a bit and felt like I could read today’s entry for this, at least. I’ll catch up on the colors book tomorrow, I don’t have the mental…whatever to read that right now. I’m going to go do today’s wordle, look at something cute (probably baby whales), and then go to bed.


Aw man, I’m sorry to hear work was rough today. :frowning:

But look at this イルカ, he has brought you a video to try to cheer you up!


Yesterday I read sixteen pages of Deathnote and today I read fourteen pages of ちゃお. Here’s a couple fun vocabulary I learnt:

キラキラ-----glittering; sparkling; twinkling​

ぽくぽく------rhythmically (beating, e.g. gong)​


Oh nooo, it’s so cute!! They’re so smol :pleading_face: :pleading_face:
Thank you :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: