📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

@Zakarius @Daisoujou - another option for Yakuza if playing on PC is that (I think they still) are all on X box game pass (which you can also get on PC). I only tried it with Yakuza 0 but when I set my PC system language to Japanese it automatically set game pass to Japanese and I could play the game with Japanese voice and text. I only played a bit as realistically it’s still above my abilities haha, but it seemed to work well!


Read some more of it. There were parts I didn’t understand but it seems that was kansei ben.

Yamada kun and the Seven Witches Vol.2
Not as fun as the first volume but I still enjoyed it. I read the remaining 40 pages.

Prison School Vol.1
Started reading it (20 pages) I don’t even know what it’s about but I got it for free from bookwalker. If it’s boring I will just stop reading it,


Today I read four pages of Death Note and fourteen pages of The Way of the Househusband.
A couple interesting vocabulary I learnt were:

名探偵-------めいたんてい--------great detective

超能力-------ちょうのうりょく------extra-sensory perception; ESP



Read only page 135 of 銭天堂 today. I definitely had a fair few chances to get some reading done, but didn’t take them, oops lol. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can read more.


Today’s reading was 坂口健太郎が考える、エゴを捨てて“流される”ことの強さ 「本当は空っぽのリュックで旅立てるはず」 because I figured why not. Mentioned Sakaguchi as being a good actor in the Japanese film fest thread yesterday.

Thought this bit was interesting:


I could never be a celebrity. Far too stressful.

In other news I got a shipment of used books from ebay last night and I’m so excited :sparkles:


I actually abandoned a book I’d been reading during ‘down time’ from ロクヨン because I wasn’t enjoying it much. Might come back to it later, unsure. But, I started パパの愛した悪女 because that title alone suggests it’s gonna be saucy and I’ve already read two books by 赤川次郎 and enjoyed them.


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Tanuki Scroll XXXIX: ウグイス長者 :bird:

Read today’s folktale, about a man discovering a mansion in a bamboo grove that is home to some warblers posing as humans. These cute little guys:

♪ホーホケキョ ♪ホーホケキョ

☆ Learnings ☆

New Words

ウグイス「鶯」ー Japanese bush warbler; Japanese nightingale (also, that is a really nice kanji)
♪ホーホケキョ♪ ー The noise that the warbler makes
いつの間にか「いつのまにか」ー Before one knows of; Unnoticed; Unware of
やぶ「藪」ー Thicket; Bush; Grove
薄暗い「うすぐらい」ー Dim; Gloomy
さまよう「彷徨う」ー To loiter; to wander around
季節外れ「きせつはずれ」ー Out of Season

Forgotten Readings

迷うまよう」ー To get lost; to waver/hesitate

Forgotten Meanings

まま「儘」ー As it is; as one likes

@sycamore & @rodan, thanks for the information about playing Yakuza in Japanese! Think it’s very much beyond me still, but I’ll give it a try at some point!


Adding to the yakuza talk. Both Yakuza 7 and Lost Judgment have auto-advance text in the main story. I already found it annoying in English, so some caution there to either read fast or focus more on listening. That said you can rewatch scenes from the main menu options.

For sidequests you can actually pause it (on ps4 it was R3 I think). Remembering the Japanese demo of Yakuza 7, available on the JP psn store, there’s also two style font options. One is more classical and the other is standard.


Today I read three 記事 in a row, which is my new record. One of the reasons was that the topics were quite interesting: show blockade in Sapporo, first bronze medal for Japan in figure skating, queen Elizabeth suggestion for the next queen.
It is really rewarding to notice how your reading starts improving and how you can notice more known kanji and words. Still, need more grammar. Guess it is time to learn another 5 conjugations. :durtle_officer:
P.S. Noticed talks about Yakuza. i am a huge fan, so maybe someone can enlighten me about its average vocab level? N3? N2? Really want to play it in original, but it is beyond my capabilities right now from my english version knowledge.


Day 30: February 7

  • 鹿の王 page 3?

I started reading 鹿の王 on my tablet, no idea yet what it is about, but we shall see!

Day 31: February 8

  • キノの旅 0% → 12,5%

Today I installed a ebook reader for webbrowser that works with Yomi-chan, so I decided to start reading キノの旅! A new book means that I have to start getting used to a different author, but so far it isn’t that hard! The only thing that really got me is the fact that my companion is a talking motorcycle (too a while for me to find out it was not a person and a separate bike…). So far we only encountered a city without humans, but with some machines that keep the city clean. Really wondering where this story is going!
Update: They found a human that was tending to one of the machines, so maybe I will get some answers next time I read ^^

Prison school is really special in a way you can’t image before reading it. The humour is amazing and the characters are weird, but that makes the story even better. Just don’t take it too seriously xD


I would say it’s difficult to map to JLPT terms because the JLPT is unlikely to cover organized crime slang, dialects, or things yelled during a street fight. :slight_smile:
Since the games cover so much ground both in the main plot and side activities, there’s also just a whole lot of vocabulary in general across many subjects.
At the extreme, stuff like restaurant food descriptions or mahjong, etc. can be stuffed with speciality vocabulary (but can be avoided without compromising any of the story). For the main stuff, understanding contractions and epithets often used by aggressive men + some basic vocabulary around yakuza organizations would probably be the biggest obstacles.

There’s subtitles for everything though (without furigana).
When I played 7 in Japanese, I spent a whole lot of time pausing (note: in 7, and I think most games in the series, I remember the subtitles in cutscenes thankfully being visible when paused - I remember this not being the case with Lost Judgment though) looking up words on my phone. At the time (I had completed WK but not done very much vocabulary mining and reviewing outside of it) I would do this pretty much constantly and the amount just slowly decreases with each game I play this way (I’m dabbling with Kiwami 2 now and I think it’s my… fifth? in Japanese and I wouldn’t say I have to look up very much at all, but that’s been a long time coming…).

But I played 7 at a time when I thought for sure I wouldn’t be ready, and I’m really glad I did since I learned a ton and gained a whole lot of confidence from the process (and loved the game)!
So the high level of vocabulary can be a positive, since it’s a very fun way to jump into the deep end, so to speak, and get exposure to a lot of different topics.


6 pages of 霧のむこうのふしぎな町 today! I kept thinking “I’ll just finish this one last page …”


Have not played them with Japanese text, but I imagine they’re about as difficult as watching a Japanese crime/yakuza movie. It’s probably helpful to note that originally they’re games designed around adult men in mind, although everyone can enjoy them.

I know Judgment (the first game) might be more difficult because it also uses medical terms on top the lawyer side of things. And Yakuza 7 is also a rpg, which probably has an effect on the writing as well.


Summary post :bookmark:

February 8

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (65% → 76%)

oh boi
don’t let books ruin your study time, guise :durtle_durtverted_lvl1:

At this rate I might need a “study every day” challenge


A crime movie is probably a lot less likely to stop you and spend a few pages explaining how, say, its spear-fishing minigame works though. :slight_smile:

Language heavy minigames (like the certification exams in 7 that are timed general knowledge quizzes, or any of the various conversation minigames) and just the general amount of text thrown at you in the form of non-voiced cutscenes, ridiculous submissions, extended side activities, interfaces, mechanics explanations, upgrade trees, etc. can add a feeling of being overwhelmed, even when the basic plot isn’t more difficult to follow than a movie and ultimately the mechanics aren’t that complicated.
(but again it’s extremely rewarding once overcome!)


Yeah, the whole game has a broad range. The shift from action to turnbased combat hasn’t really changed the structure of Yakuza games. It can go from one end to another.

Anyway thanks for responding so fast :slight_smile:


I never actually take anything seriously, that way I can enjoy lots of stuff other people think is offensive. Whether I like the manga I don’t know yet but I will at least finish the first volume. Already managed to learn some useful phrases from it.

Read some more lines I’m already at the second half of chapter 2 I may even finish it this year.

Prison School Vol.1
Today was my lazy day so I only read 20 pages.


Summary Post

February 8
ギョーザ購入額 宮崎市が初の日本一 浜松市と宇都宮市上回る

I read part 2 of yesterday’s article. If I understood it correctly, Miyazaki has been the city that had most gyoza purchases per household last year, followed by Utsunomiya and Hamamatsu, which were normally higher. I’m not sure why the counting excludes eating out, takeout and frozen foods; I’m a bit confused by that. But anyways, apparently in Miyazaki it’s super common to bring gyoza everywhere. They mentioned in yesterday’s article that they get it for pretty much any event, for presents when visiting people, and so on.

Reading news is exhausting and fun at the same time. The language is so much different from what I’m a bit more used to but I find that it’s much more “useful” perhaps, like I’m missing a lot of everyday words that I can learn from this so I will most likely keep reading news besides 星の王子さま , though I don’t know at what frequency.


Summary post

February 8 update:
Today was a busy day, and although I was planning to start reading a book (for now I settled on また、同じ夢を見ていた), I had no energy for it :tired_face: Instead, I read another chapter of よつばと! – chapter 15. Asagi has been a direct or indirect focus for a few chapters now, so I feel like something’s cooking.
Given how the past couple days were, I suspect that I’ll be only reading よつばと! at least until the weekend…

Some Yakuza responses, hidden for length

Oh, I didn’t know they were on Game Pass, nice, thank you! I actually have all of the series that’s been released in the west (excluding Dead Souls and I think there was a PSP game or something?) scattered across various platforms, but no idea which will or won’t let me change to Japanese until I look into them. Also Lost Judgment, annoyingly, isn’t on PC because of a fight between Sega and the agency that manages the guy who plays the main character.

Yeah that was super aggravating even in English when I played Yakuza 7, so this game really piles on the difficulties. Kinda figured it’d be in Lost Judgment. No clue why they won’t let you disable it… as much as I love the series, I found 7 to lack all sorts of quality of life or technical things I really wanted. Seemed to have terrible audio mixing too and no option to change that.

I remain stubbornly determined to get there, but add that to pile of annoyances when it comes to things I need to be ready for with Lost Judgment, heh. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

Summary post

Some decent reading again! Some of the type of things I mentioned about conversation writing continued to elude me, though I could always more or less get the point. I read about 2600 characters across 240 lines, which is pretty decent I think. That said, at my current rate, knowing how long this game is, I’ll be reading for probably literally a year or more. Thus far, I’m having having a good time; the prospect of more doesn’t bug me, and my extra reading time is going to finishing Zoo 1 on the side (80% through! Which is actually more than that because it ends with a bonus interview). And I’ll probably speed up. But I may want to consider making more time for this game too, eventually, to cut into that enormous timeframe.

Today I met who I think might be the last main character I hadn’t encountered yet, and then the MC pushed her around on a suitcase. As you do, when meeting someone.

I think my favorite new word, which uses a kanji not taught on WK, is 穿つ (うがつ), to drill or pierce (plus various other meanings). It’s hole plus the radical Wanikani calls “fang,” which I only very recently learned. It’s not hard to get to the meaning from that combination! The reading will be more annoying to remember, but I’ll try.


I read the free sample of 夜警!I found it very readable, which was nice, no real issues except from the fact that I just randomly decided in my head that the protagonist was a woman (I think cos there is a woman on the cover…who I now realise is another character) and got excited for a moment that there was a queer relationship but no, protag is a dude lol. Gender of characters is still something I have some trouble figuring out in Japanese at times cos I don’t know that many names…luckily this writer loves to use the わ sentence ender for everything that any woman says so it’s pretty clear haha. Anyway, I liked it well enough so far so will most likely read it soonish. Although I discovered that the same author also has a long running slightly more comedic series about a detective that is scared of blood that solves crimes with the help of a cat (三毛猫ホームズ) which I am very intruiged by.

I also read a bit of 少年探偵団. I’m not sure if it was more difficult or if I was just more tired haha. Anyway, it also seemed promising. Too many things I want to read!

Today: spent most of my time setting up screen capture on my switch with Game2Text. I got it working…mostly…with ときめきGS4, but I played that game so obsessively (and used up enough time setting it up) that I only added one card to my Anki haha. Still, opens up the option to mine vocab/use yomichan on switch only games which is cool! Will read some more 鏡の孤城 before bed as I remembered how much I was enjoying that too. Books are great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: