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It’s 看板 - かんばん - shop sign.

I was very surprised when I started studying for N2 how many things were actually grammar points - I had taken most of them at face value, which (like you said) sometimes works and sometimes produces weird results :face_with_spiral_eyes:
My way of straightening out these issues was to embark on the next round of grammar studies, but I think I only needed that because I was very bad / lazy at looking up actual grammar I encountered in the wild. I think if you try to figure out what’s up every time you get seriously confused (and those moments will become more remarkable the further you get on your path, as the omnipresent beginner’s confusion will wear off at some point if you have your basic grammar in place), then you can make good progress on this and it will eventually straighten itself out. But of course it’s a process with many many iterations :woman_shrugging:

I don’t think I’ve seen that either, outside of this grammar point. But then, maybe I just didn’t properly identify it yet :joy_cat:


Pretty sure the western release has the option for Japanese subtitles, it seems the newer releases (like Like a Dragon) have dual ENG/JPN options, but I’ve not got round to playing Lost Judgement yet. But yeh, on some of the Yakuza games I’ve tried just listening and not looking at the subtitles, all the yakuza-isms are pretty hard to follow (though very fun to shout along with), dread to think what navigating all those speech boxes will be like :sweat_smile:

Gyoza is probably one of my favourite things in existence :dumpling: so good now I want gyoza too


There’s luckily some ways to check:
The Steam store page is the best (for example, for Like a Dragon):
(you can set these languages by right clicking the item in your library and changing the settings)

Digital storefronts for consoles, like the PSN Store (like here’s Lost Judgment) also list languages like that:
I thiiiink that similarly means you can access all of these if you buy that version. Although you miiiiight have to set your console language to that language though - I haven’t actually done it for the Playstation but that’s how it works for the Switch, my console is set to Japanese language so all the games default that way if supported. I think Lost Judgment it’s toggleable in game if I remember right though.

If Japanese isn’t fully supported in the English storefront versions, you may also be able to buy a compatible disk from amazon jp, at least depending on your region. (though this strategy makes DLC significantly harder to buy)

Interestingly, also, a tangent - nowadays language support can sometimes be added in updates… When I played 7, the English version wasn’t released yet, then there was a period where the Steam version didn’t support Japanese, and now it supports both! I wouldn’t be shocked if the same Japanese disk I used to play it originally would default to English if I installed it fresh nowadays!
But Lost Judgment was I believe their first 100% simultaneous English/Japanese release (a major undertaking!) and so I think generally all versions have both languages easily accessible. And that might be the status quo going forward.

Anyway, good luck! It’s fun!


I know the like system kind of exists to alleviate the need for comments like this, but when someone really goes out of their way to be super helpful it feels insufficient to just silently click that button so, hey, thanks a lot :heart:.


What a coincidence, I’ve never seen this word before and then it shows up today in my book :open_mouth:

Summary post :bookmark:

February 7

本好きの下剋上 8
Progress: (62% → 65%)

Past midnight again. Woops, don’t let books ruin your sleep, guise :caught_durtling:


Home post :house:

Day 31:

Today I read the last five pages of よつばと! volume 1 chapter 2. I’ve seen several people finishing their first novels, and someone reading a novel in a week, meanwhile I’ve read two chapters of an easy manga in about 30 days:p It’s the right pace for me tho, and I’m establishing a habit so that hopefully in a year I’ll be working my way through a novel as well :four_leaf_clover::upside_down_face::four_leaf_clover:


Day 38!
I read chapter 11 and 12 of 極主夫道 today, though I might re-read 12 since I’m a bit tired and I could feel myself skimming over things a little. I definitely got the overall story, but there were quite a few bits that I couldn’t quite parse, and just went with a “This probably means something like…”
So I should probably have stopped after Chapter 11 :sweat_smile:

(Home Post)


Home post

Day 37:

日本語: I read a fair amount of ミステリークロック and a bit of 機動強襲型令嬢アリシア物語1.


中国語: I read an intermediate entry on Mandarin Bean, one page of 擅长捉弄的高木同学, and a fair amount of 孩子最爱读的中国民间故事.


No problem at all! It’s a confusing area to navigate. I definitely have some Japanese copies of games I unnecessarily imported in the past because I assumed it wasn’t possible to check supported languages or set them via the system language…

And playing Yakuza 7 in Japanese ended up being a huge joy for me and a massive milestone in my reading ability. So definitely any opportunity to potentially help share a little bit of that feeling is a welcome one!


My tutor advised me to stop reading this blog for practice and described their writing as ヤバい :joy:
So I’m on the hunt for another casual Japanese source that isn’t too draining to read before work. Suggestions welcome!


I’ve decided to take a break from short stories and focus on manga and novels, as I think this will help me with my vocabulary. Short stories introduce a lot of new vocabulary and then just move on, while novels and manga will use certain words over and over. Then this morning I realized that the 夜カフェ book club won’t start until the end of March!!! Noesss! So I immediately pulled out 霧のむこうのふしぎな町 and read the first 4 pages! So far, I like it.

Another great thing is that Kinokuniya got my Yotuba books (vol 8-15) to me so fast! I opened them up this evening and got to admire all the beautiful cover art. :blush:

Thanks @pocketcat and @sycamore for the mystery book suggestions!


Summary post

Day 38: February 7th

Time spent: 9 min
Today’s color: 藍白 (あいじろ) - pale cyan; pale azure

I’m a fan of this one. According to the reading, the color of the Tokyo Sky Tree, スカイツリーホワイト, is based on this color.

Amazingly, I didn't have to look up very many words today!
  • 観光地 (かんこうち) - tourist attraction; sight-seeing area
  • 通称 (つうしょう) - popular name; common name; nickname; alias

まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ
Time spent: 12 min

Today’s reading was about frozen everything :rofl:
Some really cool words from today that were not in Jisho:

  • 凍鶴 (いてづる) - a crane standing still in the cold, as if frozen
  • 凍空 (いてぞら) - the sky on a freezing cold winter day
  • 凍星 (いてぼし) - the stars on a cold, clear winter night
  • 凍蝶 (いてちょう) - a butterfly that survived until the winter and barely moves

What else did I read?
Amount read: 6 pages
Time spent: 39 min

It’s narwhal timeeeee~ Today I learned that usually only the male narwhals have “horns” (which are actually teeth) - but sometimes females have them too.

Behold the ultimate narwhal

Sort of a side note, but seeing English in the middle of Japanese-language manga always amuses me. I think it’s something about the font - I always imagine it being spoken in a very slow, loud, and clear manner for some reason xD Like low-key shouting. I do not know why it always reads that way to me. But this narwhal popping in saying “THIS IS A FANG.” is like peak comedy for me :rofl:

Good words and good whales

Today’s whales:

  • イッカク - narwhal (yes, they are literally called “one horn,” 一角 lol)
  • シロイルカ - beluga! (aka “white dolphin” lol) baby belugas are so flippin’ cute, here’s another link with more baby beluga pictures because I just love them so much
  • シロハラセミイルカ - Southern right whale dolphin (I am obsessed, he looks like a sleek, futuristic car and a penguin all at once)
  • コガシラネズミイルカ - vaquita (Phocoena sinus); cochito; gulf porpoise (the Japanese name is literally 小頭鼠海豚, small head mouse dolphin, and that’s honestly exactly what it looks like). I guess they’re very endangered :frowning:

Good words:

  • 全否定 (ぜんひてい) - complete denial; complete disavowal; total negation
  • つの - horn
  • 突き破る (つきやぶる) - to break through; to penetrate; to pierce
  • 得意技 (とくいわざ) - signature move (assoc. with a martial artist, wrestler, etc.); finishing move​
  • わっか - ring; loop; halo
  • 水草 (みずくさ) - water plant; aquatic plant; waterweed; hydrophyte
  • 顔立ち (かおだち) - looks; features
  • キョンシー - jiangshi; Chinese hopping vampire; reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore (used here to describe the appearance of the vaquita :joy:)
  • 生息地 (せいそくち) - habitat; home

February 7 :snowflake: Home Post

Today I read some (かぜ)つよ in between classes; I missed the running boys!! As reluctant as they all are to become running boys haha. There was one part in particular where ハイジ was reciting rules for the 箱根駅伝(はこねえきでん) and it was just a wall of kanji, terrifying :joy: I figured it out though!

I also played some more 999 :eyes: More puzzle exploration with pauses for conversation; it’s still a lot of fun!

999 details

Not that I’m surprised really, but like every screenshot I took today was of サンタ lmao. Dude really went on some tangents:

Of course they are :joy: This was all started by some four-leaf-clover bookmark he found (which is interesting to say the least considering 四葉(よつば) exists) and super didn’t like because each of the leaves represents one of those words? And his reason for not liking those words is just so edgy anime boy: they’re all things that can be betrayed which immediately prompted both me and 淳平(じゅんぺい) to be like “who hurt you???” :joy: Then he started making 花言葉(はなことば) puns:

Ah yes, love leaf words. It was all just so dramatic, this was him getting me to take the bookmark because he didn’t like it:

Like bro calm down it’s a clover :joy: I knew I came with this group for a reason haha.

And THEN I ended up on a whole tangent learning about おいちょかぶ because of サンタ of course, he started talking about numbers (guess that shouldn’t be shocking in this game) and 淳平(じゅんぺい) continued to echo my thoughts exactly:

Something about calling the number four half-assed is really funny :joy: Makes way more sense in the context of おいちょかぶ though. How very on brand for サンタ to be like “no me not liking four isn’t because of the whole death thing, it’s just boring” lmao

There was a lot of number talk all around in this section and you know what I don’t think that’s gonna stop, somehow I get the sense that’s a theme :joy:

(Also さんた is the term used for three in おいちょかぶ and that’s definitely not a coincidence, he’s just like this)

Anyway サンタ aside, I got some good reading done today! I’m constantly torn between playing 999, reading (かぜ)つよ, and reading ラストゲーム, but that’s a pretty good problem to have.


底力(そこぢから) - hidden reserves of strength, latent energy
(かんが)えれば(かんが)えるほど - the more I think about it
厄介払(やっかいばら)い - getting rid of a nuisance (ie. a bookmark)
今日び(きょう) - nowadays
首謀者(しゅぼうしゃ) - mastermind, ringleader


Loving the Santa updates! I had forgotten how ridiculous the dude is hahaha.

Maybe you already know this, but just in case you don’t (or for anyone else reading), ba…hodo with the same word before each is actually a grammar point with that same sort of “the more one does x” meaning for verbs, or just “the more X” for adjectives, so it can be applied more widely!


Oooh that makes sense :eyes: good to know, thank you!!

(And yes lmao he’s absolutely wild, every word that comes out of his mouth is a trip)


Summary Post

Day 38: Today I read 6 pages of よつば&!


(reading on the weekdays and taking breaks on the weekends)

Day 4: Gotten through to page 4 of 三ツ星カラーズ

In this page Sacchan looks at the drawing that Yui drew, and is utterly shocked that it’s a monster! Nearly immediately after seeing it, Kotoha decides she wants to kill it. Yui, the ever polite, seems to be taken aback and says how killing is wrong. So, despite passive protests from Kotoha that “it’s a monster, we must kill it!”, Sacchan says that they should capture it instead. Finally, they all agree that they’ll start their huge operation and capture the monster-cat!


@Zakarius @Daisoujou - another option for Yakuza if playing on PC is that (I think they still) are all on X box game pass (which you can also get on PC). I only tried it with Yakuza 0 but when I set my PC system language to Japanese it automatically set game pass to Japanese and I could play the game with Japanese voice and text. I only played a bit as realistically it’s still above my abilities haha, but it seemed to work well!


Read some more of it. There were parts I didn’t understand but it seems that was kansei ben.

Yamada kun and the Seven Witches Vol.2
Not as fun as the first volume but I still enjoyed it. I read the remaining 40 pages.

Prison School Vol.1
Started reading it (20 pages) I don’t even know what it’s about but I got it for free from bookwalker. If it’s boring I will just stop reading it,


Today I read four pages of Death Note and fourteen pages of The Way of the Househusband.
A couple interesting vocabulary I learnt were:

名探偵-------めいたんてい--------great detective

超能力-------ちょうのうりょく------extra-sensory perception; ESP