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Summary post

February 7 update:
Read chapter 14 of よつばと! today, which is the end of the second volume. This whole chapter unexpectedly lacked Yotsuba until the very last page, focusing on the neighbors, the Ayase family instead. This was a refreshing change of pace – it felt much wordier than usual, and the mood was quite different. Of course, since Yotsuba wasn’t there to entertain us, some other characters tried to fill in to various degrees of success. Notably, Asagi made a questionable joke about her dad which I almost took for a backstory reveal before the others’ reaction suggested otherwise.

I always find it fascinating that constructs like this are actual grammar points, and everyone seems to be recognizing them as such. If I were to come across this (perhaps I have? sounds vaguely familiar – maybe I’ve heard it in anime or something…), I likely wouldn’t even know that there is something to look up :sweat_smile: This sentence sounds so natural that I guessed the meaning (of the structure – I have no clue what the first word is), and then looked up the grammar to confirm, because you just pointed out that this is grammar :joy:

I probably do this a lot without realizing. Although it may sound good in theory (after all, that’s exactly what immersion is supposed to work like, right?), I’m not sure this is a good habit to have, because likely not every grammar point has a straightforward meaning. Occasionally I can shoot myself in the leg by guessing incorrectly and then cementing the incorrect meaning when I meet it again. Or maybe it’ll straighten itself out after a while? Or am I just overthinking? :confounded: