📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary Post

February 7
「餃子といえば宮崎だ!」 新“ギョーザ日本一の街”のヒミツ

Today I didn’t feel like reading the book at all. I was busy for a while after lunch and was too lazy afterwards to sit and read. So instead I would do what any sane person would do: right, read an article about gyoza.

I have to say, when the article starts with this, you know you’re done for:


So, naturally, now I want to try miyazaki gyoza. There weren’t too many pictures of the actual gyoza, but the article was cool nonetheless. I’m someone that gets super bored while reading news, but wanted to give them a try regardless because they’re nice study material. I was already going to give up after browsing so many boring headings about good old coronavirus and other things I don’t have any interest in, but then I found 暮らし in the categories and had a look. Looks like something that could contain more chill, fun and varied articles, like this one, so good to know for future reference.

But yeah now I want gyoza. I really like gyoza ;-;

Also learned its kanji, 餃子.