📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

February 5 :snowflake: Home Post

Oh man 999 is breaking me down, it’s all that exists :joy: The mental battle between wanting to obsessively play something to find out what happens but also being mentally exhausted because reading Japanese is hard… what a ride.

I still have too much to say about 999

I know some of you guys have talked about how reading like gory descriptions hits harder in Japanese because you have to actually pay attention to the words, but man is that accurate. When it was talking about number nine getting blown up from the inside and his body being just everywhere… oh boy. Descriptions like that don’t usually get me that bad but it’s another world in a language you’re not fluent in :joy: A couple examples if you’re curious:



Like you’re making me actually think about those words and what they mean?? Yikes :joy: Very powerful.

But it’s all been really interesting! I’m attached to all the characters which feels like a bad idea but what can you do :man_shrugging: It started making me actually make decisions and oh the panic that gripped me lmao, everything feels so weighty. サンタ continues to be my favorite, shocking absolutely no one:

Bold, very bold :joy: I still like 四葉(よつば) and ニルス a lot too, very precious and I was right!! ニルス is weirdly like, mysterious wholesome? Idk but I’m intrigued.

I also ended up on a whole tangent about Japanese Braille for, uh, reasons, and it’s super cool actually! It’s really systematic, and there’s also somewhat ways to represent kanji though that quickly got complicated and lost my brain cells though they tried their best. It’s really interesting though!

(むらさき) is an enigma, I really don’t know what to make of her at this point :joy: I can never tell if she’s joking or serious, she’s an adventure. Like I ended off my session with her talking about the Titanic being cursed because it was stolen from an Egyptian pyramid?? I really didn’t expect to be talking about the Titanic or mummies in this game but here we are:

I’m learning to expect anything and everything.

I think I’m sufficiently braindead for now so that’s a wrap for the day, but I’m very ready to see what happens next :eyes:

Some words

どこ()(かぜ) - showing no concern at all, devil-may-care attitude (you know this wasn’t used for who I would’ve thought, funnily enough)
ドクロマーク - skull and crossbones
格闘(かくとう) - hand-to-hand fighting, scuffling
最果(さいは)て - the farthest ends
()(この)む - to do something by choice
いわく()き - with an interesting history

Congrats, that’s awesome!! :grin:

Aw yay I’m glad my nonsense is enjoyable!! :joy: Definitely recommend if you like mystery-puzzle-type visual novel things, it’s been a lot of fun. Seeing your posts I’ve been side-eyeing Persona 4 sitting in my steam list too, one day… and congrats on 世界から猫が消えたなら! Accomplishments all around :tada:

For real, I guess it’s something about the encouragement and the consistency but this has been such a transformative reading experience! Anything I’m doing now would’ve seemed crazy a month ago which is just wild :joy: I love seeing everyone crushing their journeys!!