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Summary post

February 5 update:
Read chapter 12 of よつばと! today. This chapter was a bit harder than usual to follow at times for some reason (granted that I mostly avoided looking up vocab) – not sure if it’s any different or I was just tired. The thing that caught my attention today though was how deceptive the chapter covers sometimes are, and this time is was used as a storytelling device of an unusual sort.

The chapter is about going to the pool, and the cover features Asagi in a swimsuit. Some of the chapter follows Jumbo having Yotsuba arrange that Asagi goes to the pool with them, seemingly successfully. This matches the expectations set by the cover – only to break them the next page as it’s revealed that she went to Okinawa. This turn of events was certainly unexpected for Jumbo, but even more so for me, the reader with false assumptions :joy: And the cover didn’t even lie per se – Okinawa is surely a great place to wear a swimsuit :grin:

Nice touch from the author! It never fails to amaze me how much thinking goes into minor details in great works, and how much impact on the overall experience this ends up having.