📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄


Oh, I totally get that :grin: I haven’t played it in any language yet, but from what I heard about it, I definitely don’t expect to be an easy read. I might still try it if I have some extra time, if just to see how hard it’s going to be, but I don’t have high hopes.

(I’m also not sure that I’ll have enough free time any time soon to invest in a long-ish and complicated game, let alone with the handicap of playing it in Japanese, i.e. at a much reduced speed and likely with incomplete understanding. But if I had the time, I would totally go for it, so whatever excuse I make up, in reality time is probably the main limiting factor. :caught_durtling:)

Besides, it’s not like I’m dead set on playing Danganronpa as my first VN in Japanese – it’s just that I have it in my Steam library in hopes of playing it some time, and it has Japanese support unlike many other VNs on Steam. So I’ll definitely play it at some point, and I might check it out soon just out of curiosity and totally not get sucked in for weeks/months making next to no progress :grin:

That’s actually a great idea, thanks!

I haven’t heard of it, but looks like something I might like, so I guess I’ll save it for later – when I have more experience :slight_smile: Thank you!

Personally, I don’t mind slice of life at all, as long as it doesn’t lean too much into the realm which VNs have a… reputation for :grin: But it’s a bit hard to find something that would be both enjoyable and (reasonably) easy to read.
E.g. your daily updates and screenshots of Summer Pockets have me quite intrigued by this particular game, but, say, Clannad or Little Busters don’t feel as enticing to me for some reason.
Aokana looks interesting, but apparently there’s some content that I’d prefer to avoid… And it seems to be so ubiquitous in romance VNs that it’s hard to find a good one without it.

Summary post

February 4 update:
Read chapter 11 of よつばと! today. Yotsuba was going her thing again, and it was hilarious. Sometimes I wonder how she gets away with her hijinks so easily. But they end up being both so funny and so innocent that I think I wouldn’t mind too much, too :grin: