📚📚 Read every day challenge - Winter 2022 ☃❄

Summary Post

January 31
君の名は , 5 pages.

Random Words
  • 反する = はんする to oppose, to be contrary to.
  • 気配 = けはい indication, sign.
  • 直視 = ちょくし looking directly/straight at someone or something.
  • 前触れ = まえぶれ previous notice, herald.
  • 目尻 = めじり outer corner of the eye.

Aaaand finished :tada: . That officially marks the end of my first novel read in Japanese ever :relaxed: . It’s a kind of weird feeling, to think that I’m reading in Japanese, just like that, and it feels like the most normal thing to be doing. But what the heck, it’s not normal at all!! You don’t wake up one day and casually go: oh yeah let me just grab a Japanese book and read it today :joy: :joy: . If younger me saw me right now reading things that I couldn’t back then, I’m sure I’d be super amazed, and yet it somehow feels normal right now. And if anything, that’s the payoff of the work done until now, for this very thing to feel normal after so much struggle. And don’t get me wrong, IT IS a struggle, a constant and frustrating struggle for which I feel forever underprepared. But slowly, unconsciously, you get there a bit more, and a bit more, and a bit more. And it doesn’t stop being painful yet somehow fun and rewarding at the same time. You don’t notice you are improving, but you are. If I have to pick a favourite phrase from this thread, it is undoubtedly: brains are weird :brain: . They do be weird indeed. It’s so painful they sometimes let us know we are improving in certain moments of clarity, just to go missing for weeks or months until you have another one.

I finally can rewatch the film. I’ve been eager to watch it again ever since I started the book, but I didn’t want to just in case it made the book super easy to follow. I still remembered most of the scenes of course, but it was after reading it, and not before reading it. I haven’t watched the film in years, but it was as if it was playing in my mind as I was reading the book, it’s pretty cool. And even though I still liked the book, the film is still definitely better IMO. It’s just so colourful and the medium works so, so well. There were things I really liked in the book, some descriptions, some internal thoughts of the characters, etc, but overall I still pick the film over the book, it’s just that good. But I still enjoyed it a lot.

So yeah! That was one month of reading and around 500 new words to the SRS. For February, I’ll be starting 星の王子さま tomorrow. Hopefully I can finish it before March, but we’ll see. I’m very satisfied with my current study plan regardless :3