📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2023 😎☀

Ok, let’s try this again and see how many days before something interrupts me. No calendar, but I’ll let day 1 serve as my home post. I loved this little community when I could consistently manage it. I’ll definitely be aiming to keep my reading daily while I work through a variety of native media. Best of luck to everyone to hit your goals and find some stuff you enjoy.

Today was 9-Nine day with the spinoff visual novel club! Pretty chill day language-wise, finished out the week’s reading with 9000 or so characters read today. I’m sitting down now to relax with a little bit of the Ghost Trick videogame, which is easy reading mostly for me at this level, especially thanks to its short line length:

[Ok no no no we’re editing this initial post because BREAKING NEWS this game lets you talk to a dog. Learning this language was all worth it]