📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2023 😎☀

Sep 23, Sat of Week 13 of Summer Q3 2023 :beach_umbrella:

  • -ATRI-

  • Death Note Vol.10 Ch.80 (start volume)

  • ゆるキャン△ Vol.3 Ch.15-18 (end volume)

Names (places) are probably biggest things I can’t really read, but it doesn’t really affect comprehension. I don’t like tolerating that for too long. manga-ocr helps.

Words of the day
  • ほやほや(.) = (on-mim) steamingly fresh
  • 扮(ふん)する = to disguise as
  • 油断大敵(ゆだんたいてき) = carelessness is the great enemy :person_fencing:
  • 干潮(かんちょう) = low tide. High one is 満潮(まんちょう) or 満(み)ち潮(しお). Then, lowered one is again 引(ひ)き潮(しお). Funny that four words in the same context, but the first one doesn’t use Kun’yomi (normally å¹²(ほ)す,   å¹²(ひ)る).
  • 発泡(はっぽう)スチロール = foamed polystyrene; Styrofoam. Styrol is the German word for styrene.
  • 包容力(ほうようりょく) = broadmindedness. Sometimes I confuse with 鷹揚(おうよう),   高揚(こうよう),   寛容(かんよう)
  • マッチポンプ(.) = stirring up trouble to get credit from the solution