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Ha, same. I was so excited to finally have an evening free yesterday to read the book club reading (I technically could have read it the day before but I was soooo close to finishing 火車 that I couldn’t resist finishing it first) but…I went to donate blood after work and after I got home I felt too weak to do anything and went to bed :dizzy_face: Hoping tonight I can!


That’s a very good reason to skip a reading day! :slight_smile:


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ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 47

92 - end (191)

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Bruno is unhinged…


What did you think of it?

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I wrote a full review on Natively here, but generally I’d say I liked it although with the caveat that I found the first half rather slow and the characters a touch hard to believe, especially in the final scenes. I’ve read another book by 宮部みゆき before and will likely read more down the road - her writing style is enjoyable, but a bit dense for me to read leisurely, at least at this point in my learning.


Mmm; I’m kind of stalled a hundred pages into 理由, and got stuck halfway through スナーク狩り for a very long time. I did like the social-issues commentary in 火車 (you could tell the author had done their research). I think I do better with some of her historical fiction, perhaps just because it tends to be linked short stories and also shorter.


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Another big conversation begins.

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円転滑脱「えんてんかつだつ」ー Suave; smooth; tactful
禅家「ぜんけ」ー Zen; Zen temple; Zen priest
僥倖「ぎょうこう」ー Fortuitous; luck; godsend
羊羹「ようかん」ー Yokan (jellied desert from bean paste) (also: 羊羮)


September 21st!

I finished the first volume of Flying Witch today. I’ve really enjoyed it so I’m going to start Volume 2 tomorrow I think :slight_smile:

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September 21 :blossom: Home Post

Today was a very busy day, though a lot of it was fun stuff. Notably, I spent a lot of the day helping run a Japanese book sale at my school, meaning I looked through a bunch of Japanese books and ended up buying quite a few, so that’s both exciting and qualifies as reading! :tada: I mostly got mystery-type stuff as that seems to be my brand now; there were several Mori Hiroshi books I snagged for funsies, including some of the book club ones. I also got 世界の終わりとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド at the recommendation of one of my professors, and oh it sounds wild; ignore the fact that I’m still like halfway through 海辺のカフカ :sweat_smile: Anyway it was a lot of fun! I also snuck in a teeny bit of モノマギア before my brain decided it was too tired :joy:


I am reading Pride and Joy at the snailest of snails paces. OMG. I think I am averaging about 2-4 pages a day. I will probably finish it next year by this rate T-T

In all honesty though I have gotten into drawing more, so I haven’t been interested in reading. My time I usually make myself read has been consumed by Twitch Drama and YouTube personalities going to war. It’s hard to look away.


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Posting belated again. Here’s yesterday’s reading. I’d better read something before bed so I can post today’s in the morning!


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This is starting to feel a bit like chapter 2, lots of talking going on but not really about much in particular.

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懺悔「さんげ」ー Repentance
風采「ふうさい」ー Appearance; getup
頓挫「さんざ」ー Setback; standstill
法螺吹き 「ほらふき」ー Boaster; braggart (also: ホラ吹き)
啻ならぬ 「ただならぬ」ー Unusual; uncommon; extraordinary (also: 徒ならぬ)
不導体「ふどうたい」ー Non-conductor; non-conducting material


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Final belated post? Still reading each day though, even if I’m currently preoccupied with a big project.


September 22nd.

Honestly, today was exhausting and I wasn’t sure I was going to manage to read.
But I managed to make it through the first chapter of Flying Witch Volume 2, despite the fact my depleted brain power and poor attention span meant that it took me nearly 2 hours :sob:
Still. I did it.
It was a nice chapter

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Just like when I started playing DQ again, what I meant to be something that I played for a little bit every day turned into a hyperfixation lmao I’ve barely been reading anything book-wise.

Two days ago/Yesterday:

Uhh I don’t remember how many chapters of HQ I read each day, but I did read some both yesterday and the day before, and I finally finished vol 27 yesterday! It was a good match. I like Tsubakihara.

I also, of course, played ACNH both days (probably more than I should). Blathers actually wasn’t as bad as I was fearing. I don’t think there were more unknown words in his infodumps than outside of them. It was almost as enjoyable as listening to him in English—“almost” only because I don’t understand everything yet. Donating was only tiring because I had the bright idea of doing for this game what I did for ACNH, which is keep my own critterpedia etc. in a Google Sheets document, where I keep track of which critters I’ve caught/donated in this save file as well as when to catch all of them and how much they’re worth, and what Blathers says when you donate them (same, where applicable, with fossils and artwork). So I still haven’t donated everything I’ve caught yet, and I still haven’t started on the 海の幸.

Some vocab of note:

すかさず [adv.] without a moment’s delay
間に合っている (まにあっている) [expression, 一] to already have enough; to already have what one needs. Often used in turning down an offer.
神々しい (こうごうしい) [い-adj.] divine; sublime; solemn


More ACNH, of course. I’d intended to start catching 海の幸 today, even ordered that pretty leaf-patterned wetsuit from the タヌポート yesterday in preparation, but that’s probably gonna end up being tomorrow.

I also read the first chapter of HQ vol 28. I coulda gotten farther, but I’ve been juggling stuff around, trying to figure out how to make my fic work with it still being largely canon-compliant as I get more info. Y’see, this is why I shouldn’t start writing fics before I get to the point in canon where they’re set, but do I ever wait? No. I’d also kinda been counting on us not knowing anything about the goings-on of any of the games that the main teams don’t play in, but then we get a shot of the scoreboard that shows the set count of all five games currently going on, so. Some things are definitely getting fudged.

I am sorely tempted to get another book haul, even though I still have 140 積読 books and I’ve been reading less bc I’ve been playing games and reading novels in English (a bit) and reading fic and attempting to write fic. Just a little one… as a treat… Have kind of been having a bad day today. Also if I get a few vol of 夜カフェ, I can finally finish another JP novel since May. Those are a lot easier/faster to read than 2.43 and 明日をくれた君に.


September 22 :blossom: Home Post

I have no self-control so I checked out 世界の終わりとハードボイルド・ワンダーランド and it’s certainly wild so far; it’s somewhat slow going what with the start of a new book and all the philosophizing and such, but it’s definitely interesting!


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Brought Goblin Slayer with me today. I have been going through the deck on jpdb.io for over a week and a half and wanted to see how it would go and OMG. I COULD READ! haha jpdb is a really good resource if you want to learn for physical books. With Kindle you can always look stuff up with mixed results but I felt like I wasn’t just going off inference. It was pretty cool. I’m looking forward to the day I get all the words I know into jpdb and can just learn new words I don’t know.

For now, it’s morbin time!


Yep. The irony is that if you want jpdb to add a book they don’t currently list then you need an electronic copy so they can feed the text into their system…


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Chapter 4 complete! Felt a bit shorter compared to the other chapters so far, time to start chapter 5!

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逍遥学派「しょうようがくは」ー Peripatetic school of philosophy
匹敵「ひってき」ー To be a match for; to rival; to equal; to compare with