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Aug 30, Tue of Week 10 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

I read SPY×FAMILY for one more chapter (MISSION 8), where I also looked English spelling of the names, from anime EN transcript files.

Truthfully, I am rushing to finish SPY×FAMILY Vol.2 as well, but probably not the volumes after that. Watching the anime isn’t in the plan. I can’t really rush that much, because I don’t to miss understandings with the club (even if I am ahead).

English / western names is nice way to hold me back, but of course I can simply spend enough time reading.

Other than JoJo Part 2, I don’t. But for JoJo, in the end, I read faster than the plan, anyway.

Another series I plan to finish would be Death Note, but by controlling the pace of the club, I don’t want to rush, so I have other series to keep my 我慢.

Probably the next in line to try to complete would be HUNTER×HUNTER, which is already in semi-rush mode, but I prioritize the anime, anyway.

There are other series bought in full, but this is as far as my actual commitment.


I don’t plan as such, but I do kind of sort my to-read pile into a probable ordering of what’s going to be up next, and the to-read pile is big enough to last weeks and months :slight_smile:


:spiral_calendar: Day 60: August 29th :parasol_on_ground: :shell:

spacer:man_superhero: SUPERMAN vs飯 スーパーマンのひとり飯 Volume 1 (65% ➨ 76%)

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 6 (59% ➨ 65%)

spacer:ninja:t2: くノ一ツバキの胸の内 Volume 4 (82% ➨ 100%)


Today: p. 146-166 of よつば& Vol. 2. These books are an education in onomatopoeia.

New words (sounds!)

ぴょんぴょん hopping, skipping
じりじり slowly and steadily, bit by bit
ぽかぽか repeatedly hitting someone
のそのそ move/walk slowly


Yes, well maybe not in full detail. But I think about ah it would be nice to finish X at the end of this week or month. Well most of the time it’s that I wanna read something else at the start of a new week or month.


Its been a few (work meetings in the evening days) since i posted :hot_face:
I have read every day, in fact yesterday i took a leaf from somebodies book, and started reading before bed (an hour passed in a flash - of jisho lookups :joy:)
I am now into chapter 9 of ハピネス (page 133).
It isn’t text dense - mostly, (but there been a couple of hard slogs with Deepl). but it gas sucked me in - still behind the ABBC offshoot ‘tho,
Ah well, time to enjoy the ride


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220830 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

吾輩は狸である progress: 12.60% :cloud:

Made sure to start reading from the correct place today

Though, annoyingly, I don’t have half as much time to read today as I had yesterday.

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


金唐皮「きんからかわ」ー Thin leather with gold patterns
雲井「くもい」ー Sky (old word); cloud; distant/high place; imperial court
煙管「きせる」ー (smoking) pipe
険呑「けんのん」ー Risky; dangerous; insecure
夜叉「やしゃ」ー Yaksha (Buddhism)
真率「しんそつ」ー Honesty; sincerity
「まないた」ー Chopping/cutting board (also: まな板)


No, I don’t really plan my reading a day in advance :laughing:

I’m not sure when I’ll finish I am a Cat or how long it’ll take; though I suppose I could work it out with average percent done each day, but I’m not really interested in knowing, it’s finished when it’s finished. What I read after will be whatever I feel like reading at the time. I have a few books I know I want to read, but I don’t really plan when or what next, just know that I will at some point.


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

August 30th:

5 pages of 好きっていいなよ. Just a quick read today because I’m going to the pool in half an hour. It’s finally open again after summer break :confetti_ball:

Omg… Maybe this challenge/thread is blessed? Today I was called in for a job interview on Friday :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: !!!


Home post :bookmark: Aug 30th :beach_umbrella:

・ 本好きの下剋上 10 (67% → 85%)

Spent all evening and did basically nothing else. Reached the epilogue.


August 30th!

I’ve been avoiding reading Yotsuba for a few days because I only had one chapter left and I didn’t want it to be over :sweat_smile:
But today a set of Yotsuba capsule toys my husband ordered for me as a gift arrived and they are so cute - so it seemed like a good day to finally settle down and read the final chapter.

It was very sweet, to the point of making me all teary eyed at one point. A lovely chapter to end on for now as it felt quite like an ending in some ways.
I’m glad its not the end forever though - and glad to have plenty of tiny Yotsuba’s to keep me company now while I wait for volume 16!

(Home Post)


very pleasant session today, reached page 118 of やが君 LN 3


so, Sayaka really isn’t sure how to respond to Haru. which at least in the moment makes sense, because she’s overwhelmed, and also a little drunk. or maybe very drunk, but she only had two beers? even if it’s your first time drinking, and you’re drinking on an empty stomach, that shouldn’t make you thaaaat drunk? maybe it’s a bit of poetic exaggeration, maybe my memory is just very unreliable? or maybe i’m not reading that well, and it makes it all seem more extreme than it is? but yeah… they talk a bit more, it feels a little awkward. than Sayaka goes home, Haru is worried that she’s too drunk to get home safely, but it all goes well.

then i really like the next scene. it starts with an exchange of text messages, where Sayaka talks about drinking the previous day. and the other person invites her over for coffee. turns out it’s Miyako, who runs the cafe which appeared a few times in the manga, and whom Sayaka found a friend in. i really love that Sayaka has an older friend she can confide in and turn to for advice (and a hangover cure :wink: ).


Debating reading 青ブタ8 Chapter 1 parts 3-5 (26 pages). Part 3 is only 8 pages, then part 5 is only 6 pages so I feel like I might as well just read the rest of Chapter 1. T-T

I really wasn’t in the mood to read Berserk last night because I just watched Nogizaka46’s concert and was in a totally different headspace. I might read it tonight, but I need to finish Eromanga Sensei (the anime) today. If I have time for it I’ll make it happen.




I finished よつばと! vol 12 and read the first 2 chapters of HQ vol 12. The lighting in my room kinda sucks, which makes the smaller text in HQ difficult to read comfortably when I don’t have sunlight coming in. I coulda read more if I’d started earlier, but I spent most of the morning and afternoon working on several 2.43 fics. Unsurprisingly, I ended up with a 2.43 x HQ crossover one (set during the HQ Nationals arc, so I gotta get a lot further before I can finish it).

I knew the camping chapters were long, but I didn’t realize they were nearly half the volume. Also, okay, yeah, I really love the camping ones.

Some vocab of note:

殺風景 (さっぷうけい) [noun, な-adj.] dreary; bleak; monotonous; barren. tasteless; unrefined.
すがすがしい [い-adj.] refreshing (e.g. feeling, scene, wind, morning air); brisk; bracing; fresh; refreshed. さわやか is listed as a synonym in Goo, so it’s definitely not just the English definitions making them seem like synonyms. As Suga is 爽やか君, I wonder if this word had any bearing on his name… It’s a different kanji (清, while his name uses 菅 “sedge”) but the same meaning as his nickname!


Got a late start today as well, so I only read 4 chapters of HQ.

Some vocab of note:

四捨五入 (ししゃごにゅう) [四字熟語, noun, する verb (他)] rounding (fractions, decimals)

Today I finally figured out how to put horizontal lines!


I finished this week’s reading for 十角館の殺人 and it was a quick read as expected. I put my thoughts in the book club thread so won’t repeat here.

I also read another chapter of 火車 and it finally has become interesting. Only took 90 pages grumble grumble
I will say that I generally like 宮部みゆき’s writing style though, so even though the content hasn’t been all that interesting for me the writing itself is not dry.

No energy left for 天使の傷跡 today, though. It must wait for tomorrow, but at least I can indulge myself in both books until the next book club reading is due :sparkles:


Forgot to reply! Yes of course. The story sounds intriguing and in addition to being nominated for a literary prize (didn’t win iirc) it’s also been made into both a movie and a drama I believe? It’s one of the rare books I can mention to a random Japanese person and they know what I’m talking about :joy:


:spiral_calendar: Day 61: August 30th :octopus: :motor_boat:

spacer:man_superhero: SUPERMAN vs飯 スーパーマンのひとり飯 Volume 1 (76% ➨ 88% 100%)
spacer spacer (Weird percentages because this one ends with a preview of the Joker series.)

spacer:girl: からかい上手の(元)高木さん Volume 6 (65% ➨ 79%)

spacer:page_facing_up: orange Volume 1 (5% ➨ 7%)


:star2: Home :star2:


127 - 152

I really wanted to finish this volume yesterday (about 50 pages left), but I realized I would probably be getting less than 6h sleep if I tried :smiling_face_with_tear: I’m hoping to finish the rest tonight. Things are getting intense. Dio and Joseph are about to face off as Kakyoin is dying, although not quite dead yet.

relevant anime song (spoiler-ish)

Spoiler Commentary

I think it’s weird that the narration indicates that Kakyoin is thinking about his parents in Japan, but then his thought bubbles are just
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August 30 :blossom: Home Post

I keep expecting to have more reading time than I do :sweat_smile: things just keep coming up!! I still messed with 跡を消す a little bit, so at least I’m continuing to get something in!

If only :joy:


Update: Got to part 4, will probably read on the bus then read 5 before bed. Lets go!


How is today the end of the challenge already? :open_mouth:

I didn’t do all that well this time around, but that was to be expected. The summer months are much more disorganized, and finding both time and energy for extended reading was harder than usual. I couldn’t even post here as often as I’d like, although I did read (or sometimes skim) all your posts and updates. :slight_smile:

I only finished one book during this challenge (穴), have reached roughly 30% on three more books (化身, つぐみ and 十角館の殺人) and (shame!) didn’t touch a book I had been reading at all during these two months (so sorry, 糞尿譚!). :see_no_evil:
Compared to three books and three manga completed in the last challenge, plus successfully keeping up with three book clubs, this is a low performance indeed.

But then reading isn’t about performance, right? It’s all about enjoyment. And I have hugely enjoyed what I’ve been reading during this challenge too, even if I couldn’t devote as much time to it.

Looking forward to more reading in September! :books: :fallen_leaf: