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:tangerine: :books: July 30 :books: :tangerine:
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Orange :tangerine: page 147 → 188 (42 pages)

For my own sanity, I decided to tackle this week’s Orange chapter early. And this means I finished off* volume 1 of Orange. And I got to mark Orange volume 1 complete on bookmeter.

*actually, there is one chapter of an unrelated story (1 chapter out of 5 for the whole story), that I haven’t read yet. But as soon as I finish Night Café 1 and I’m up to date with all clubs, I’ll go ahead and read it.

Felt good to finish off a volume of something. That is kinda the problem with reading along with a lot of clubs, it takes a lot longer to finish something since I only read a chapter/a certain number of pages each week. At least Orange seems to mostly do 4 chapters per volume (unless there are multiple shorter chapters), so it still only takes a month to finish.

Thanks @Memoria. I really appreciate the call out.

Honestly, so grateful to you all who’ve cheered on my achievement. Especially, when something is so long coming, when it has been achieved piece by piece over a long period of time. When you finally arrive, it is far too easy to almost blow it off. Because there wasn’t this one big effort done over a short time, but instead a long slow slog… Somehow it is so hard to value that long slog.

And while I might not always do it this well when stress and overwhelm overflows, I now know I can. And maybe next time, I’ll get to it a little bit earlier. And maybe eventually, I’ll recognize the feeling as it appears. That pit of the stomach instant reaction of “oh no, things are getting out of hand”.

But anyway, for this instance, you all called it out, and I appreciate that so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: