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July 29th!

Today I read chapter 15 of Happiness, which finished Volume 3. There were a few pages of concept art after the end of the chapter which I really liked seeing. I’m really enjoying the art from this series.

I also read the next chapter of Teasing Master Takagi-san, it was a very sweet story this week.

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@Belerith - Flying Witch is one of the books I was considering so its great to have it recommended. I also went to check how much it was on Bookwalker today discovered that I picked it up when it was free a while back! So my mind is definitely made up now. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


I read a bit more of 本好き 1 (I just finished the scene where her dad is mad at her for liking オットー and she helps him with math) to give an idea of progress.

I also picked up 遅刻してきた幽霊 (short story collection) after a long break because I just wanted to read a physical book again. I planned to read ~20 pages but the story was such a breeze I read the whole thing (51 pages). The twist was a bit weak, but it was nice enough I suppose. There’s only one short story left in the book and it’s 80 pages, wondering if I can likewise finish it off in a day. 赤川次郎 is such great couch reading.

I haven’t peeked at all but it could just be the case of opening scenes / initial setup being the hardest part of most books. Also don’t worry about falling behind - you can always post a bit late! Especially if others are doing the same you might fall into a good pace with them. :slight_smile:


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Week 5

July 29

Just did a tiny, very tiny bit today. I was waiting until night to play this because I really enjoy the mood at night, it’s generally the moment of the day I enjoy the most because it’s so quiet and peaceful and I don’t have to deal with anything or anybody at all. But today was one of those nights, apparently, when there’s just constant, annoying noise and distractions everywhere. It kept pulling me out of the mood and it was irritating me more and more so I just decided to close the game and call it a day, because I don’t want to do something fun in that state of mind.

It is what it is, I suppose. Hopefully tomorrow. :sleepy:


30th of July

Read from page 128 to 131 (36 – 37%) of かがみの孤城. Finally reading in the morning again instead of at almost midnight, lol.



I dunno if it’s just for the song or if that’s his usual singing voice, but Amasaki Kouhei’s singing voice is a lot cuter than expected. So different from when voicing Ochi or Monoma. Anyway, there’s a series of three cover CDs that came out a couple days ago called Re:collection, and he sings さくらんぼ by 大塚愛. I found the official tiktok and listened to the previews and read the comments on some of them. On his, toward the top there’s a lot of ああ、天ちゃん、可愛すぎる!! and the like, but then farther down there’s a couple that are like, かわいいがすぎるんだが, and I’m like, ah, that doesn’t sound like it’s すぎる in a good way. Enoki Junya sings ずっと好きだった by 斉藤和義, and in the comments of the preview for that was the first time I’ve seen かっこかわいい. It’s true though, he is. lol and there’s one person who’s like, “He gives off the vibe that he’s a college student, how is he 33??”

It’s more fun reading (positive) comments in Japanese than in English tbh. idk, they seem more lively, maybe because of all the different ways of writing/expression. Though sometimes people will switch to half-width characters for part of it, which a) I have difficulty reading, and b) why.

I also read episode 3 of 君に届け, finishing vol 1!


July 29 :blossom: Home Post

Finally got a good バディミッションBOND day in! :tada: It feels like it’s been ages haha, it’s really nice to be making real progress again! As predicted, as soon as things started happening again I got sucked in so fast, who could’ve known :laughing: But yeah it was a good time as always, glad to be back in it!

buddy bond!!

A lot happened today; モクマ and フウガ showdown!! He really is a messed up guy, he fully just left his son to think he was an orphan and have his underling deal with him, like… ouch. He got exposed, though; when they went to go confront him シキ sent his little robot along and projected フウガ’s classic villain monologue to the whole village :flushed: Absolutely iconic. HIs mom finding out that he killed his sister’s his son that way… and that he’d been killing all the people who left the village! There was a lot, and then he set the castle on fire, just :sweat_smile: Admittedly his childhood was kind of rough, with him apparently feeling that his dad picked モクマ over him (and also that モクマ avoided him but like wasn’t that because フウガ bullied him?? like yeah obviously he’s not hanging around :sweat_smile:) but man he did a lot of terrible things. And he’s still not the big bad, I don’t even know anymore :joy:

But yeah presumably フウガ’s dead now, partially by モクマ’s hand which he’s having a rough time with:

:cry: チェズレイ talking about how every time モクマ did the 三日月(みかづき) attack thing he hit the exact same spot in people’s shoulders, so even back then when タンバ stepped in and got killed, the blade would’ve just hit フウガ’s shoulder… he never had killing intent even then… ouchies

Anyway on a lighter note, they came across some futons and モクマ said they should have a pillow fight and ルーク didn’t know what that was, so:

Very good :') anything could be a lethal weapon in アーロン’s hands lmao. Adjacently, he and モクマ had a spar fight thing and there was a fun CG:

Look at them being all cool and intense, you’d never expect all the goofs :joy:

I had to investigate because I had in my head that it was called (あま)(がわ) and I was like why would there be two names?? After some googling the conclusion I’ve come to is that the Milky Way itself is specifically (あま)(がわ), and 銀河(ぎんが) is more a general term for galaxy, but it can still be used for the Milky Way the way like if someone talks about “the galaxy” it’s pretty clear what they’re getting at. So yeah have some random extra insight as a result of my rabbit-hole :laughing:

Yeah, Loopers era!! :raised_hands:


:wave: As a former teacher and librarian I really appreciate what y’all have done. It’s take a lot of skill and forethought to write an engaging story with accessible language. Keep up the good work! :high_touch:


Day ???

Woof. It’s been a week. But I just finished カリスタルハンータズ本3! I started 本4, but quickly realized I need to read the guide first so the new grammar doesn’t overwhelm me. The use of そこから right out of the gate had me :face_with_spiral_eyes:, but it is really cool to see a more natural dialogue emerge between characters as I learn more!

I’m honestly not even sure what I’ve read on what days this week. Some days it was a few words (skimming random titles on my Kindle suggestions…which are mostly in Japanese now :joy:), and other days it was a few pages from some books I bought last week. I recognized Kanji here and there and some grammar, but definitely need more support. Ordered a Japanese to English furigana dictionary because some days I just am tired of looking at a screen. Today was my first intentional reading day in a week or so. Now to go crash and try again tomorrow! :sleeping:


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

Day 30:

An hour of Zero Escape!! My body hurts from all the painting yesterday, but my brain is still OK, I think… It’s nice to have time for reading in the morning at least.

Zero escape thoughts (spoilers?)

I love these characters, but I’m definitely side-eyeing a lot of them, too. Maybe because there’s KNIVES and THREATS from the get-go. I’m trying to read all the rules but my brain is not a fan… Here’s what I gathered so far (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong):

  • To be able to enter a door you need to have the correct amount of people. If you ignore this rule, you will explode. Nice!
  • The only way to remove the wristwatch is to either escape the boat or die.
  • There’s a time limit (that I forgot, but Zero wanted to give them more time than what the passengers on the Titanic got before the ship sunk). Our crew has already spent like 1.5 hours chatting and arguing.
  • ニルス got some special intel because he’s blind? He seems suspicious to me purely because he’s so calm about all of this.

So far my favorite is サンタ I would totally be concerned with getting blood on my shoes, too.

I’ve saved just before deciding which door to enter. I think it’s a decision that impacts which ending I get, so I’m taking recommendations!!


I’ve not been doing very well the last week, and this is my first post in days. But most days I have at least read a page or two, and sometimes a chapter of Shadows house. My worst day was 2 days ago when I had a look at Tugumi and read a grand total of 2 sentences. But I guess I did read?

My excuse is I’m doing 3-4 scuba dives daily, which doesn’t leave much energy for reading. Things will improve next week. I’m going to try to read a bit more of Tugumi to justify bringing the library book to an island in Malaysia…


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53 - 63

I reread a bit like I mentioned yesterday. I had a bit of a mental block yesterday and just had problems getting myself started on tasks after work (work was pretty productive). Hopefully I won’t hit that again today, but we’ll see how it is after I try to clear my reviews


Wow, such high praise! And from a former teacher and librarian! Thank you so much :blush:
We’ll keep doing our absolute best to keep the story quality as high as possible :muscle:


:spiral_calendar: Day 29: July 29th :whale: :shark:

spacer:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: からかい上手の高木さん Volume 7 (67% ➨ 77%)


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220730 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll of BMW・K100 :motorcycle:

Random article - about a motorbike from the 80s-90s.

Reading car/bike specs is hard enough in English with all the big, cool sounding words for all the parts, Japanese supercharges that so much katakana

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


排気量「はいきりょう」ー Engine displacement
気筒「きとう」ー Cylinder
空冷「くうれい」ー Air-cooled
水冷「すいれい」ー Water-cooled
電子制御「でんしせいぎょ」ー Electronically controlled
燃料噴射「ねんりょうふんしゃ」ー Fuel injection
クラッチ ー Clutch
騒音「そうおん」ー Noise pollution

Bike Classes
自動二輪車「じどうにりんしゃ」 ー Motorbike

Though this is more of a term for Japanese traffic laws, and is a vehicle class. For two-wheeled vehicles there are the following classes:

原動機付自転車「げんどうきつきじてんしゃ」- Motorbikes under 50cc (Basically just mopeds)
小型自動二輪車「こがたじどうにりんしゃ」ー Motorbikes in the 50cc - 125cc range
自動二輪車「じどうにりんしゃ」ー Motorbikes in the 50cc - 400cc range
大型自動二輪車「おおがたじどうにりんしゃ」ー Motorbikes above 400cc (aka supernyoom)

But confusingly, in the wiki article the bike is 987cc and is referred to as 自動二輪車 :person_shrugging:


I’ve not seen 天の川 before, so this is all great to know!
Thank you!


Today: p. 127-131 of よつば&! These pages were bewildering until I realized that I was mixing up Fuuka and Yotsuba’s dad; somehow they look similar to me, and so for the first bit I thought that Jumbo was yelling random accusations at Fuuka, which was funny but very confusing. Once I sorted that out it made a lot more sense, although the “there’s a beautiful teenage girl in your house so you must be doing something inappropriate with her” joke is…well, I’m never a fan. Still, there was plenty of nice new vocab here.

New stuff

渡す (わたす): to transfer, to hand over
でかい: huge
うわ: yikes
犯罪者 (はんさいしゃ): criminal
未確認 (みかくにん): unidentified, unconfirmed
未確認飛行物体 (みかくにんひこうぶったい): UFO
発見 (はっけん): discovery
落ち着ける (おちつける): to calm down
手前 (てめえ): you (rough, masculine)
なんだとお: what the hell?
やるか: let’s do this


July 30th!

Today I read Chapter 3 and 4 of Shadows House. I practised using the literary form with my tutor yesterday, so I was really excited to see it turn up in Chapter 3 on some pages from an instruction manual :slight_smile:

I also read the next chapter of Mitsuboshi Colors. It was a fun, zany chapter with cute outfits!

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Day 29 :heavy_check_mark: :crab: :

化身 ~ a page or so

Day 30 :heavy_check_mark: :crab: :

化身 ~ 12-17%

Yesterday I left my reading till late again, and it shows :joy: Today went better though. I’ll put my content comments in spoiler tags in case someone else wants to read it, but I’ll say here that, for a horror story, it still hasn’t creeped me out at all. In fact, the narrator has adjusted so well to his environment, that when he started devising a way to escape the lake I was surprised he even wanted to. :rofl: The title is beginning to make sense: It’s been years since he fell in that lake, and he’s adjusting …biologically so to speak. I’ll not spoil too much, but he’s gradually turning into something not exactly human. The feeling so far is very relaxed however, it all feels, somehow, right. I’m about halfway through the story though, so there’s definitely more in store.

I’ve encountered many interesting words and expressions so far. I’ll list some below:

用を足す - to do one’s business (as in, to go to the toilet)
板挟み - to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, being in a dilemma
片膝を突く - to kneel down on one knee
根比べ - test of endurance
選り好み - to be fastidious, particular about something
歯を食いしばる - to clench one’s teeth, to bear up in tragedy
脳裏をよぎる - to cross one’s mind
腹を括る - to prepare oneself for the worst
毛むくじゃら - densely covered in thick hair
踊り食い - eating live seafood while it still moves
試行錯誤 - trial and error
軍配を上げる - to declare someone the winner (from the referee raising his fan towards the winner in Sumo)
なすすべもない - having no choice, at a loss for what to do

And a proverb:
郷に入っては郷に従え - When in Rome, do as the Romans do

I also learned about 絵馬, literally horse pictures, small wooden plaques with written prayers or wishes, left hanging at shrines by worshippers. [1]

In other news, the Tugumi book club has started, but seeing as I have trouble keeping up with my own book, I’ve been neglecting another book started ages ago, and the mystery book club is starting in about a week, I thought I’d better not add even more reading to my schedule for now. Tugumi will have to wait. :slightly_frowning_face:

  1. image ↩︎


Today I read quite a bit across the board, finished the first chapter of TUGUMI, finished orange vol. 1 and started this week’s reading of Kafka.

Awww, that’s a pity that you’re not reading with us! I found the first chapter to be very nice and promising. You need to read it later on for sure! (Unless I later change my mind about it, of course)

On an unrelated note, in the listening challenge @lucylavelle pointed me to the 博多豚骨ラーメンズ anime which I totally love :heart_eyes_cat: It’s about Hakata, hitmen and sigh baseball. But even better than the anime is the fact that there is a book series! To my utter surprise it’s not even called “Light Novel”, and to my even greater surprise it has won a prize (which is aimed at Light Novels :woman_shrugging:). And even better than this is the fact that the series is currently discounted on Bookwalker :grin: So of course I couldn’t resist, bought the first volume and read the prologue, which describes the background of one of the main characters, and all of a sudden everything makes so much more sense :woman_facepalming: I’m stupid like that.


Oh stop, now you’re making me want to go read it at once! And I’ll enjoy it too, and then I’ll almost go crazy when I don’t have time to keep up with all my real and made-up deadlines. why do summers make it so difficult to keep to a schedule?



To be fair, I will skip the mystery club for the exact same reason - too many book clubs and other books to read. My secret plan to conquer this is to learn to read faster :joy_cat: