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July 26

Got busy over the weekend, but at least I’m back now. I read up to the beginning of chapter 3 of それでも歩は寄せて (6% - 17%). Still pretty funny. Best part about re-reading these chapters is that I get to see my favorite panel again.
I sometimes want to make this my pfp, honestly.


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・ わたしの幸せな結婚 4 (12% → 36%)

Amount of unknown vocab was more intense in this one, I feel like. Lots of explaining stuff.


So we ended up doing the same thing :rofl:
On another note, I actually feel a bit empty now that the book club has ended. I guess I used to think “ah, I have to hurry so I can finish this and then I can read whatever I want before the next week starts”, and now I don’t have that pressure pushing me anymore… :sweat_smile: So I dunno. Feels like reading wheel has deflated :balloon: :pushpin:

Disco :mirror_ball: :eyes: For me it’s Crypt of the NecroDancer :dancer: :man_dancing:
First Nicole and me doing the same thing, now both of us has our reading time has tanked - what’s up with these coincidences?? I guess we might as well enjoy our games while we’re at it :3 I was hoping I could finish Kekkon 4 and 5 this week, but at this pace… doushiyou :caught_durtling:

Getting completely off topic

Oooooh! I love that game too. I haven’t played it in years, but that intro sequence is still giving me goosebumps.

I don’t know how I survived that fall – something strange must have happened. (MUSIC DROPS) My pulse is beating like a drum but my blood is running cold. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I came here with a question and I’m gonna find the answer if it kills me (TITLE SPLASH)

And then spend way too long there just listening to the music…
Also the first time I came across the shop keeper… The music was amazing and suddenly they just turned it up to 11 :dancer: :pick: :notes: (…why is there no scope emoji? Fine, have a pickaxe)

I may have done the skelly dance in public too

Ahem, anyway. Have fun!

Haha, I’m in a similar situation. I was on a roll with 聖女の魔力は万能です, then kept going with nearly half of 怪人二十面相… and then Disco happened. (It’s a RPG-style murder/mystery game, by the way; despite the disco in the title and numerous mentions in the game, there’s very little in terms of actual disco music)


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Week 5

July 26
Chrono Trigger

Brain super tired, quick update, part 2.


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158 - end (203 maybe?)

JoJo once again serving as a public safety announcement, this time about the dangers of escalators and the importance of not getting clothing or strings caught in the teeth of the escalator steps. Also don’t touch power outlets. There’s no need to touch them and there should be a bit of grip on the power cord for pulling those out.

Also Mariah is so pretty??? alskfdjfjohwdijjaowjeiowa I don’t remember feeling this way during the anime… ladies :tired_face: :tired_face: :tired_face:


July 26 :blossom: Home Post

I keep making these posts when I’m super tired :joy: I also keep not reading until I’m pretty tired so rip I guess lmao. I finally finished the chapter of 海辺(うみべ)のカフカ I’ve been reading, I don’t know why my brain put up such a fight with it? I’ve been generally able to read a chapter in a sitting lately and that one didn’t really seem harder, my brain just said no I guess :laughing: After that I missed バディミッションBOND so I played a bit of that, but I was already pretty tired so not a whole lot. It was just a weird day lmao, on to tomorrow!

Aw yay, I’m glad my absolute inability to shut up about zero escape could be an inspiration :joy: that’s really what happened to me too though, I randomly saw someone talking about it and was like “oh yeah that game! I could give it a go” and then it was all over lmao; I look forward to seeing your thoughts!

Noooo that’s such an irrational fear of mine :joy: though maybe not so irrational I suppose, rip


Oh no! I was halfway joking. If it makes you feel any better, the real danger was that a character was made magnetic and that’s why it was a problem.

Although I feel you. I have some trouble with the way my eyes process patterns- including uniform stairs, so I always feel like I might trip/fall.



I stumbled upon someone on twitter who writes 2.43 fics, and I read the odaoki one they wrote for Oda’s birthday. It was so cute… So yeah I’m gonna read their others at some point, too. I’m really happy to have found 2.43 ones! On AO3 it’s really just me anymore, and there aren’t any JP ones either.

I also asked them for permission to translate it and post it on AO3, though I don’t know how to phrase some of the things in JP (like that I’d give them proper credit, so I went with “I’ll say properly that the author of this story is (name)”…), so I put it in both JP and ENG, and hopefully between that, they’ll understand what I’m saying…? I dunno when I’ll hear back, but geez, am I nervous. I’m not used to talking to people, especially for stuff like this.

I read 8 pages of 強者の同盟, finishing ch 1 and leaving off on pg 19. We learn that Akao and Jungo live in the same direction, but Akao takes the train and Jungo rides a bike, which is also part of why they rarely see each other anymore. Also, this is my only time seeing あっという間に 福井弁-ified into あっちゅう間に, and now I’m wondering if I have only seen it in the narration in this series, aside from this instance… And I’m seeing a lot of that tendency to drop the く in connective forms of い-adjectives, I just never noticed the first time I read since this was before I actually knew how conjugation worked.

Some vocab of note:

気取られる (きどられる) [自一] to arouse suspicion; to be suspected
大輪 (たいりん) [noun, の-adj.] large-flowered
一割 (いちわり) [noun] 10%
路面電車 (ろめんでんしゃ) [noun] tram; streetcar; trolley. I really like the way this word sounds, for some reason.

re: わ: I encounter it as the dialectal, gender-neutral わ more often than the feminine わ, to the point that when I do see it as the feminine わ, I gotta remind myself that it’s generally spoken with a rising intonation, as my instinct is to read it with a falling one lmao. I do actually see it as the feminine わ fairly often though.


:spiral_calendar: Day 26: July 26th :squid: :ocean:

spacer:ninja:t2: くノ一ツバキの胸の内 Volume 3 (37% ➨ 52%)

spacer:plunger: スーパーマリオくん Volume 1 (21% ➨ 27%)


:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 26

I had a very busy and stressful day so I just used the little free time I had to continue with what I was doing the previous day.

I finished this week’s ルーパーズ chapter, which took about 30 more minutes, and then I played バリバリ for 15 min which was enough to do a subsection real quick. It’s nice to still be able to get some progress in on a busy day.


Read the new chapters of Chainsaw Man and My Hero, the first 4 or 5 chapters of Chainsaw Man, and 2 parts of chapter 2 in 青春ブタ野郎はプチデビル後輩に夢を見ない.


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Tanuki Scroll of STS-5 :rocket:

Random article - a space shuttle mission in the 80s.

If you’ve ever wonder how to say NASA in Japanese it’s: アメリカこうくうちゅうきょく

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


乗組員「のりくみいん」ー Crew/crew member
操縦士「そうじゅうし」ー Pilot
離陸時「りりくじ」ー Take-off (also just 離陸)
着陸時「ちゃくりくじ」ー Landing (also just 着陸)
近点「きんてん」ー Periapsis (the closest point in an elliptical orbit).
遠点「えんてん」ー Apoapsis (the furthest point in an elliptical orbit).
軌道傾斜角「きどうけいしゃかく」ー Orbital inclination
軌道周期「きどうしゅうき」ー Orbital period
対地同期軌道「たいちどうききどう」ー Geosynchronous orbit

徽章 = 記章「きしょう」(Emblem; insignia; medal)
(I love the insignias for space missions and the like, they always make them so cool looking)


Some stuff going on today, so just finished Chapter 3 of よつば&! (p. 104-114).

A few new words

ように: in order to, so that
見損ない (みそこない): to misjudge
省電力 (しょうでんりょく): conservation of electricity
冷やし (ひやし): chilled
うっかり: carelessly, thoughtlessly


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Day 27:

I read a short NHK news easy article just now. I’ve been working all day and suddenly my landlord texted me saying I could pick up the keys to my apartment today, and not on Friday as was the original plan. I’m very tired and excited and feeling many emotions right now, so I’ll be going to bed soon.

I hope all of you have had/will have a wonderful day 27!


July 27th!

Today I read chapter 92 of Yotsuba, in which Yotsuba goes to a yoga class with Fuuka and Shimau. Honestly, it might be my favourite chapter, so many super cute panels and made me laugh several times.

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Orange :tangerine: page 101 → 115 (15 pages) (July 27)

I keep being too preoccupied and busy with other things to feel like reading. Trying to hold multiple things in my head at once. Taking care of someone’s cat, keeping track of the weather to find a good day to mow my lawn (while also making sure cats gets feed correctly), prepping for switching the heating system of my house, prepping for house guests. And it just crowds all the space in my head.

But I managed to get to Orange today. (Did a bit of grazing of Orange on the 25th, but not worth counting as pages read since I just skimmed.) Read about 15 pages of chapter 3, and this manga just keeps being so :sob:


Today I finished 3 chapters in Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind for Nintendo Switch. Aside from that I read 2 pages in the Shin Kanzen Master Reading N2 book. I spend some time on learning japanese grammar today so I didn’t have that much time for reading.


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・ わたしの幸せな結婚 4 (36% → 65%)

Hehe, today I learned how to express “to eat grass along the way”:

Random book thoughts
  • All the characters are so introspective. Makes me reflect on things too.
  • Bleh, misogyny at the workplace. Please, leave the ladies alone.
  • Miyo still doesn’t know how to relationship.
  • Jin’nou’uchi - the suspicious character - I’m watching you :eyes:


Omg yes, the shop keeper :rofl: This fellow expressing まいど! through dramatic opera(?) singing, I love it.


No disco music :mirror_ball: o:


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Week 5

July 27
Chrono Trigger

This kept getting more and more interesting. Then I got to a cool cutscene and I had to straight alt+F4 right at the start of it because it was about to keep me awake playing much longer :joy: . I’ll do it tomorrow.


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Start - 51

I thought the fight went much differently LOL. This seems to be a pattern with me and Part 3 that I remember about half of the fight and then forget the second half. I blame the anime’s bad pacing? :sweat_smile:

Mariah went from uh, scary(?) to uh, interesting(?) to pretty in this stretch.

Also, JoJo is most definitely a very straight manga also for the straightest of heterosexuals. Clearly.
The anime did good with animating the scene. They understood certain parts of the assignment very well.
as a side note, I like that when Joseph and Avdol are embarrassed, it’s not that they’re embarrassed by their actions, but rather they’re embarrassed over people seeing. it’s a minor but important distinction imo