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Loopers :infinity: 5% → 11% ( 6% )

I live a lot of my life by momentum. I get going on a task or habit, and then as long as I keep doing it (and nothing big interrupts) I’m good at continuing with something. The weakest points in the chain is when I finish something and have to start the next thing. (Finish one novel in my reading habit and the needing to start the next. Finish one kind of project and needing to start the next in line.)

Meaning that the weakest point in my habits are when I’m switching, and joining book clubs and reading at book club speeds inherently forces a lot of switching. Read one chapter of X, be super hype but have to wait until next week. Read one chapter of Y, be super hype and wait. Read book Z while waiting for next book club week to start. New book club week starts and I have to switch.

This is probably the main reason I didn’t read Friday and Saturday (July 22-23). Because I was supposed to switch to my clubs again and I didn’t jump in quickly enough, so it was too easy to put off.

If I wasn’t currently in two book clubs, I’m not sure I would have noticed this pattern so clearly. But awareness is the first step. This also kinda explains my drive to start a new book/manga in Japanese on the same day I finish one. I had no idea why I felt so compelled to do that, but now I understand. My subconscious was much more aware of how this pattern worked, than I was consciously.

This might seem like maybe book clubs aren’t the best fit for me, and that is true. Because taking constant breaks while reading something and then needing to switch between books when I might want to keep reading what I’m reading… Yeah, not the best. BUT, the discussions, speculations/predictions, and the social aspect of knowing I’m reading something along with other people… those things are turning out to be absolutely golden.

So I might never become like some of the members I see that seem to join almost every book club here (and they tend to read a lot quicker than I so easier to keep up). Or maybe I’ll join just enough that I’m switching what I’m reading almost every day, so I don’t get too much momentum with any one book. :joy:

Anyway, I read Loopers today. Very much still in the slow start face of this story, but it is interesting so far.

I really wish I had something a bit more reliable than the % the game gives me for how much I’ve read/done. Because this chapter that I read today was more than double the length of the prologue, but only 1% longer. They basically just took 100% and divided it by the number of chapters, despite the chapters being of (sometimes significant) different lengths.

I’ll make do with what I have though. ^^

If I remember correctly this was talked about in the Yotsubato book club for volume one, so you might want to check that.

The way I read it was that the father kinda thought he was giving a suitable response (considering his personality, he would think that would be good, imo), while Fuuka wasn’t satisfied with it (nothing probably could) but agreed because she didn’t want to keep dwelling on the incident.

But I’m reading that from how I’d feel in that situation as Fuuka. Hopefully you can find more info in the book club thread. :sweat_smile: