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July 22nd
What did I read?: Flying Witch Vol 11
How much did I read?: 24 pages
How long did it take me?: 24 min

Finally read again today :upside_down_face: Not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling hard this entire week. At least I finally read…last week’s chapter of Flying Witch :joy: I feel bad that I haven’t been as active as I usually am in these challenges :see_no_evil: Work is overwhelming right now, I’m just struggling to do anything now

Also I feel like I’ve probably missed acknowledging some people’s achievements, I’m sorry if I’ve missed yours, it wasn’t on purpose :bowing_woman:

That’s amazing! :o nyooooommm :rocket:

I love this :joy:


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Week 4

July 22
Monster Hunter World


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Still reading every day….

Finished the first volume of the 彩雲国物語 light novel. The beginning was hard and I’d feel exhausted after a few pages, but around the 50 page mark it started to noticeably smooth out, and around page 70 it got to feel like it was just another book that had a lot of vocab. After that I was able to read twice as much per day, and it’s a short book so I got through it quickly. (224 pages) After this I definitely want to spend time with furigana to give that part of my brain a rest/refresh, but now I have confidence that I’ll be able to read more of this series later.

I started 鹿の王 last night, with the Tsubasa Bunko version. There’s a lot of new vocabulary so I’m glad to have the full furigana. If I already know a word and just haven’t seen the kanji yet it’s not a big deal to remember it the next time I see it, but if it’s a word I’ve never seen or heard before then I don’t learn it instantly (I don’t even know why I’d be expected to but it feels like the language community thinks it’s normal to learn words that quickly?) and it’s helpful to have the furigana keep appearing, especially as the story progresses and they start to pile up. BTW, the illustrations in the Tsubasa Bunko version are really nice.

Almost done with my N1 grammar book :slight_smile: There’s only 1 lesson left. I took some time off from that to review some stuff about the causative form (〜させる) because it’s been one of my weak areas. Even though I studied it early on, it was such a foreign concept that I couldn’t really wrap my head around it, but now I’ve seen it in enough contexts that the explanations finally make sense.



I read 8 pages of 2.43, finishing ch 2-1 and leaving off on pg 164! The scene went quite a bit differently from in the anime toward the latter half of it, and as usual, it was better in the book. Not least because Yuni doesn’t just stand around dithering while nervously watching the proceedings (though that is still mostly what he does lol).

I think, next, I may go back to 強者の同盟, the first story in 空への助走 (the 2.43 side short story collection), which is about Jungo as a second-year. Admittedly, I’ve been more curious about him (and the rest of Fukuhou, for that matter) lately. It’s like 73 pages long, though the pages are larger than the version of the novels I’ve got (the 文庫本, though I dunno if this would be a 単行本?), but still, it shouldn’t be that long of a detour.

More on the 呼び方 Subaru uses with everyone, which is unrelated to today's reading but I've written about it a couple times:

In the novel, Subaru refers to everyone by their surname, except Kouhei—and, when he’s serious, Ochi. Yet in the anime, he either uses their given name or a nickname for everyone, which fits well with the half-façade he wears even around the team; even after reading a quarter of the novel, that he refers to them this way feels right. But, as Ochi’s the only one he uses both names for, the anime couldn’t have him just call him by his given name the whole time, because then, the few times he gets 100% serious and calls him “Mitsuomi” would lose all their effect.

Of course, this also makes it seem as though there’s more distance between him and Ochi than between him and the rest of the team, but actually only on the surface. Really, it shows how close they are: Subaru rarely wears his mask around Ochi, and Ochi sees through him when he does. (I fully believe that’s why, after Ochi asked him how his check-up went and Subaru lied about being fine, he quickly and smoothly changed the subject: so that Ochi wouldn’t have the chance to see through his lie.) Subaru as he is around Ochi is as close to his true self as he allows himself to be.

I dunno, the whole thing’s just really interesting.

My friend who’s read the Chinese translation of the novel tells me that the POV character switches within ch 4 (she thinks between Chika and Subaru), so I was somewhat right with my speculation? Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the second half of this novel!

Some vocab of note:

波紋を広げる (はもんをひろげる) [expression, 一] to cause repercussions.
みぞおち [noun] solar plexus
優柔不断 (ゆうじゅうふだん) [四字熟語, noun, な-adj., の-adj.] indecisive; irresolute; vacillating
やりかねない [expression, い-adj.] capable of anything; liable to do anything
年功序列 (ねんこうじょれつ) [四字熟語, noun, の-adj.] seniority by length of service
凛々しい (りりしい) [い-adj.] gallant; manly; brave; imposing; awe-inspiring; chivalrous; dignified


I don’t know what it is about 青春ブタ野郎シリーズ but when I read it I can actually put together what’s happening in my head really clearly. It’s so cool feeling like I can finally imagine things with japanese descriptions.

Reposted because original was an accidental reply to someone else.


July 22 :blossom: Home Post

Today was a バディミッションBOND day for sure; a lot happened as always! It’s funny, I picked up バディミッションBOND after trying out Nightshade again and being like “nah, I don’t wanna deal with the language in this” and now I still am actually :joy: I’m really unfazed by samurai-type speech now though lmao, so that’s cool.

BOND stuff!

Well モクマ and チェズレイ’s whole situation got summed up pretty well:

Yeah!! They’re both pretty broken people who have been through a lot, but they’re working through it and helping each other to be more themselves in their own way! モクマ really nailed what I like about it huh; their dynamic is definitely complicated but they really do have a unique understanding.

And then there was チェズレイ with his old sayings again:

And アーロン immediately being like “oh it’s about モクマ then huh,” he knows lmao. He embarrassed ルーク in front of スイ again rip (this time featuring a very good puppy also!!):

Yeah he whistled for ルーク to sit again :joy: and the puppy got really excited so アーロン voiced their thoughts :')

…and then things got messy.

I knew I didn’t trust this man, when the character whose eyes are always closed opens them you know know you’re in for it :joy: but uh yeah things are bad! He tried to kill スイ but fortunately モクマ anticipated that and had チェズレイ pretend to be her, and we already know he’s good at playing dead. But also… he killed イズミ’s son? Yikes; he’s real twisted for sure. I’m still not entirely convinced there’s nothing else up with イズミ’s mystery son who’s supposedly dead, but I don’t think the timing works out for it to be ルーク so :man_shrugging: But モクマ found out and was trying to attack フウガbut タンバ jumped in front of his sword and… yeah. That’s what モクマ’s been wrecked over all this time :sob:

Absolutely terrifying :laughing: congrats!!!

Ahh congrats!! Finishing a project like that is always super exciting :grin:

Aw I’m sorry, I hope things get easier for you soon :sparkling_heart: but these challenges are open and flexible for a reason!

Congrats!! It certainly sounds like a challenging read; the power of reading stuff you’re interested in :sparkles:


Debating finishing Bunny Girl Senpai today. It’s the last chapter but will probably take me about an hour to finish.

Update: I will finish tonight!


Day 21

Sliding in under the wire with two more pages read from カリスタルハンータズ本2

Actually did some lessons today! :crabigator: is unappreciative…


:spiral_calendar: Day 22: July 22nd :deciduous_tree: :leaves:

Friday means book club day.

spacer:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: からかい上手の高木さん Volume 7 (57% ➨ 67%)

spacer:bust_in_silhouette: シャドーハウス Volume 1 (7% ➨ 15%)

spacer:broom: ふらいんぐうぃっち Volume 11 (51% ➨ 71%)

spacer:tangerine: orange Volume 1 (52% ➨ 60%)


Day 22 :heavy_check_mark: :cyclone:

~ 76-83%

Finished the second story as mentioned above, and started the final story. While I’m still enjoying the book, looking at the calendar of this challenge makes me nervous: it’s too uniform (穴 only), and it’s looking increasingly doubtful that I’ll be able to finish another book during July like I had been planning.

The uniformity will change soon, anyway. Next week the IBC starts reading Tugumi, and I have been planning to join (still haven’t even bought the book, but). And of course there’s the Mystery Club at Natively starting at August 8. So next month’s table is going to at least have more color, if nothing else.


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

Day 23:

25 pages of ハピネス volume 3, which means I’m finished :confetti_ball: The ending made me want to continue, but it’s time to read something else. I think I have a plan for tomorrow, so that’s exciting.

In other news, I have so many WK leeches :sob: haven’t done any lessons in two weeks but I’m still at like 75 apprentice items. Gotta get better at using extra study to crush them…


:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 22

Finally went back to バリバリ and played for an hour, although I feel like I’ve lost my pace with it a little bit.

Then I tried to read some ビブリア but fell asleep again, and I didn’t even get to 1% read. I guess I shouldn’t start reading when I’m already sleepy :sweat_smile:


From here I am gonna give updates on my reading progress finishing Bunny Girl Senpai, (don’t worry, there’s only like 3 mini chapters left. so at max there will be 2 updates), but OMG you can cut the tension with a knife I am so ready to finish but also not ready at all. Cant believe they put this whole book into 3 episodes of an anime. I can considering not much is really happening as much as MC is thinking about things. UGH I’m not ready… okay back to reading.


Now on the last chapter. I’ll read it before bed. Kindle estimates that’s only about 16 minutes, but each Kindle minute is 2 real world minutes for me for whatever reason.


I’ve read over chapter 2 of Shadows house again. To Be honest, I think I understood most of it first time round, which is good, since I had 3 hours sleep last night and am feeling it!


:green_heart: Home :green_heart:


28 - 47

Maybe someday soon I’ll learn to start reading earlier in the day


23rd of July

Missed another day yesterday — was too tired and decided it wasn’t worth it to force myself. Today also wasn’t a great day in terms of productivity (which then affects my mood). I managed to read from page 119 to 122 (33 – 34%) of かがみの孤城 though. Hoping tomorrow will be better…


Finished 青春ブタ野郎バニーガール先輩の夢を見ない. I could finally read a book and have a complete grasp of what was happening. I suppose next is Tugumi, but I am definitely going to watch the anime now and wonder why I spent a week and a half reading a book that was covered in 60 minutes of anime. lol


Today: p. 75-83 of よつばと! Today’s highlight was Yotsuba shouting random inappropriate greetings - confusing to a beginning reader but very cute.

New stuff:

こりゃ: hey there; I say
さっさと: quickly, immediately
交換する (こうかんする): to exchange, to replace
売る (うる): to sell
お上がりたまえ (おあがりたまえ): welcome; please come in
おまがいです: sorry to bother you
るすばん: staying at home
戻る (もどる): to return
怪しい (あやしい): suspicious, dubious
思われる (おもわれる): to seem, to appear
動く (うごく): to move, to operate
引っ張る (ひっぱる): to pull


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220723 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll of イオンクラフト :flying_saucer:

Random article - Ion Crafts: using ion winds to make objects fly - or, the magic behind flying saucers. There’s been some pretty cool experiments into it, especially in the past few years now that tech is more advanced.

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


正負「せいふ」ー Plus & negative; positive & minus; + & -
非対称「ひたいしょう」ー Asymmetry
アルミ箔「あるみはく」ー Aluminium foil
誘電分極「ゆうでんぶんきょく」ー Dielectric polarisation
羽根車「はねぐるま」ー Impeller