📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

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・ わたしの幸せな結婚 3 (36% → 100%)

I did a super nyoom :rocket: This is the first time I’ve finished a novel in two days! :face_holding_back_tears:

Spoilers (more coherent this time)

This time we’re introduced to Kiyoka’s parents who are living in the inaka :eyes: Kiyoka has mission in that village anyway, so he and Miyo visit his parents because why not (even if he is reluctant because his mom is basically an 悪役令嬢 [1]). The mission plot line was a bit weak, it’s really the character driven parts I’m interested in. Seems like plot line was only the beginning of something larger though, there’s an insane cultist leader behind the scenes. More of that in the next book!

Flustered Miyo is cute uwu :cherry_blossom: Even though she is engaged, she doesn’t know how to koibito.

  1. Have not actually read or seen any series with this type of character that I can think of, so might be an inaccurate description. ↩︎