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・詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (75% → 81%)

The vocab is fun. Lots of katakana and technical terms. Most of the katakana are familiar stuff, but other than those I essentially have to look up everything. But that’s fine, I have a low threshold for utilizing yomichan. If there’s anything I’m unsure about I look it up. It’s almost like SRS in a way.

Sometimes I make mnemonics, sometimes the mnemonics make themselves. For instance, just one radical sets this pair of words apart: 捻る and 唸る. (ひねる and うなる). I’ve been struggling with remembering the correct reading of the latter one (almost believed it was ひねる). However! This time the latter showed up describing a character going 「うーん」. That’s similar to the sound of うなる itself. うーん(aru). Not too farfetched imo xD. In addition, it makes sense that the mouth radical would be used for that meaning. Meanwhile, the hands/fingers radical is used for the “to twist” meaning (ひねる). So, I didn’t construct any mnemonic, it constructed itself.