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:cake: :books: July 20 :books: :cake:
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Night Café :cake: page 45 → 54 (10 pages)

I thought for the longest time today that I might read two chapters, but I ended up doing other things in the afternoon. I’m having some vacation time right now, and I’m enjoying it. ^^

I’m so glad chapter 4 went well for Hanabi. I can’t imagine her anxiety leading up to the conversation with her parents.

I like how easily I’m reading this novel (some call it a light novel, but from what I understand something is only a light novel if it is called such by the publisher and I didn’t see that on book buying pages? Light novel vs novel distinctions seems to be non-existent from reading discussions about it here on the forum; but I could also have missed it?).

There have been maybe a couple of sentence across 4 chapters that have had me scratching my head a bit, but since I’m not reading this full comprehension move, I tend to move on pretty quick if a couple of rereads doesn’t clear it up. Also, so far I’ve not been completely confused, so context around it have always made it pretty clear what is going on.