📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:sunflower: DAYS 9 - 18 :sunflower:

I finished chapter 13 and half of 14 of 海辺のカフカ - Kafka on the Shore :beach_umbrella: (Advanced Book Club)

I’m reading everyday, just very very slowly since I’m spending so much time with friends and family. I’m behind on the bookclub again… unfortunately. Hoping to catch up later this week when i take a 3 hour train and again even later during my long flight back “home”!

@omk3 I’m so sorry that happened, but I’m really glad to hear they’re okay :heart:

@NicoleIsEnough Better to update later than never! I hope you also enjoy catching up on Kafka :blush: