📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

For the challenge: Is it possible that I haven’t posted yet? :exploding_head: :cold_sweat:

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What happened up to now: On July 2nd I went to Paris to take JLPT, so I was super busy on the 1st and could only manage to read the first week of Orange. During my holiday week in Paris, I made sure to stay up to date with the Saikawa & Moe book club (while I let the Kafka book club slip for the time being - I knew it would be too much to read both + have last-minute-JLPT-prep / travel for a week). At some point I finished 穴 (the main story, not the whole book - there were only 10 pages left anyway). On the 13th I started catching up with Kafka and managed to read 2.5 weeks’ worth of book club until today.
I also started tracking my reading speed, and while I always thought that I was reading very slowly (especially on paper), to my big surprise I figured out that for the passages in Kafka with “standard difficulty” I can consistently read at about 10 pages/hour. :tada:
Over the last few days I was quite powered out in the evenings from reading so much Kafka, and so I switched to manga - one day I read the week’s assignment in Orange, and then I started to read Attack on Titan (inspired by Mario’s reading thread and because I own it anyway thanks to some Freebie).

And that’s it for now! I’m planning to finish catching up with Kafka this week, without letting Saikawa & Moe slip too much - we’re almost there anyway! After that, let’s see :upside_down_face: