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Orange :tangerine: page 68 → 100 (33 pages)

I wasn’t sure how far I was gonna read today, I think about halfway through my read I looked for a place to pause, but didn’t find a good one, so I just kept reading and by the time I saw a good place to stop I was only 5 pages (or so) from the end of the chapter, so went ahead and finished it. So I’ve now read chapter/letter 2 of Orange and I’m caught up with all the book clubs I’m in.

Orange is gonna be playing with my emotions a lot, I can tell. But I really like it so far.

Thanks for all replies to my question. I’ll reply individually too, but I wanted to thank everyone upfront so I made it impossible to miss that. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, this is usually what I would do. But for some reason I still wanted to read because I knew it was just tiredness and not a disinclination to read that was taking away my motivation.

Honestly, I’ve struggled with that guilt too. As an adult, I’ve become more of a binge reader than consistent one. So for a few weeks I’ll read a lot (as in 1 novel every two days or even more, which is not because I am fast but because I will read for many hours), and then I will spend weeks not reading at all.

But I’m better at being able to call myself a reader even knowing there will be weeks where I don’t read at all. Also, now that I read Japanese fairly well, I should mentally start counting that. But I don’t yet. xD

Yeah, I totally hear you. I really liked the Hotel manga I was reading for that reason. Something very casual I could read no matter how tired I was. But then I got to liking it so much that I ended up reading it all. :sweat_smile:

With my grazing, I was actually looking for something that easy (for me). I don’t have quite enough vocab in general though, so it can be a bit hard, and those I know are easy enough for that are ones I’m trying for full comprehension with. ^^’

Sounds like a plan to me. Kinda planned option for the eventuality that you don’t feel like reading your current book(s).

I’m really bad at having multiple things going at once, unless I have a very specific reason (like a book club). When I don’t have a good reason and have many projects going, I just get overwhelmed.

Btw, you have to finish バディミッションBOND, I’m invested in your updates. :joy:

I had a hard time picking a quote. There were so many good ideas here. Different strategies for different situations.

It’s kinda funny—talking tangentially about Orange, but more emotionally wrenching stuff—I read stories for characters and emotions. So I don’t mind the sad and heart-wrenching. But I hate tragedy/sad endings. After all that pain and heartache, the characters deserve a better future. Doesn’t have to be a perfect happily ever after, but the future should look to be better/to be good.

It’s kinda funny what you mention about being tired to read in a second language and read something in my native instead. I’m a bit weird that way, that I haven’t read regularly in my native language since I was 15, instead before I got to a reading stage with Japanese, I read exclusively in a second language, aka English. ^^ But I’m not the norm.

I should try and find some more time to read in English though. I really enjoy it.

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I didn’t track pages for my first two read every day challenges. I simply focused on reading. And my focus is still there (even if I do track pages now). So don’t feel like you are missing out if you aren’t tracking pages. :slight_smile:

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