📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:infinity: :cake: July 14 :cake: :infinity:
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Night Café :cake: page 16 → 35 (20 pages) (chapter 2)
Loopers :infinity: 0% → 5% (5%) (chapter 1)

It rained today so no yard work. Hurray! I celebrated by spending extra time on reading. Both to read all of chapter 2 of Night Café and in the evening Loopers chapter 1, but I’ll get to that.

I’m really enjoying Night Café. It is very easy for me to read in general, just missing vocabulary. Thankfully, the excellent vocabulary sheet from the club helps a lot there. Although sometimes I find it interesting that some pretty hard sentences didn’t get asked about in the club. *slow blink*

However, with some DeepL assistance (knowing how wrong it can be, but it can help give me a pointer about what I’m missing in my understanding), I can usually figure it out.

Gotta say I’m falling in love with Hanabi’s aunt. Especially when she said that sometimes people just need a good (verbal) whack. Also glad that Hanabi is finally somewhere where she’s being taken care of and listened to. Yeah, she didn’t tell her parents anything, but if they’d paid better attention, I feel like they should have noticed something was off. The bullying at school have been going on for years…

I spent extra time to finish all of chapter 2 from start to finish, so I wouldn’t be in the middle of a chapter when the club reading started tomorrow.

And then I made plans with my friends for Friday night (aka tomorrow) for gaming, which we usually do until late and then I tend to be pretty tired the next day. Drinking might also be involved. :innocent:

So considering:

a) I had no idea how long Looper chapters would take to read
b) I didn’t want to accidentally delay my Orange reading until after the weekend (I try to read as early as possible for each new club week to help fill in the vocab sheet)
c) I wanted to finish Looper’s weekly reading before I moved on to Orange
d) I wouldn’t have much time to read on Friday

I decided to get started with Loopers today, and by the time I started to feel 満足, I could guess that the end of chapter 1 was close (due to helpful chapter ending screenshots), so I just finished the chapter (and therefore the weekly reading).

So yeah, I accidentally started early and finished week 1 before it even started. :sweat_smile: Oops?

Well, the good thing is that if all chapters are roughly this long, then it takes me less than 2 hours to read unless the difficulty ramps up a lot. Of course, I have a suspicion that maybe the other chapters are longer. But I will leave talking about it specifically for the club, just like with Orange.

Now I’ll probably start Orange week 3 early tomorrow. What a weird club week this turned into. :joy:


So many reading people Yotsuba& and enjoying it. :eyes: If I had more hours in the day, I would add it back into my active reading list, but I already have a lot on it. And with a tentative deadline to finish Night Café 1 by early August, I can’t afford to lose my focus from that when I’m not reading for clubs.

@LoudLibrn I hope surgery went smoothly and well. Wishing you quick recovery! :green_heart:

@Daisoujou So glad to hear that you might have found something that works. I hope it continues to help! I enjoy your Flowers updates. The prettiness of it and wanting to eventually tackle something with flowery language (the pun is in the name, #sorrynotsorry) means I’m keeping a close eye on your updates to see if Flowers might be for me. ^^