📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

july 12 :sunflower: home post

Lots of free time today, which means lots of reading!!

  • I finished 夜カフェ today! :tada: First book that’s not a manga complete!!
  • Read some しろくまカフェ. tbh this manga kinda bores me so I’m not sure how much more I’ll read. But I’m about halfway done with this volume, and I’m getting through it quickly, so I’ll probably finish volume 1 at least…
  • I want to read more non-manga books, so I read a page of 魔女の宅急便. It looks a lot more doable than it did when I bought it!
  • I also took a quick look at the very beginning scene of ルーパーズ. I’ll start over on July 15 but I wanted to see ahead of time how difficult the beginning would be. I think I understand what’s going on but I’ll definitely need to reread.
  • I added Death Note back to my Reading list on Natively and on my home post, but I didn’t actually read anything new. Just rereading the few pages I actually got through back in January to gauge how hard it will be now, seven months later. It’s definitely easier now, but it’ll still be a challenge. Once I study a bit more grammar I’ll get back into it!