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:cake: :evergreen_tree: July 12 continued :evergreen_tree: :cake:
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Night Café 1 :cake: page 4 → 11 (8 pages)

As is turning out to be quite normal for me, I couldn’t not start something new (or continue with something else) after finishing a volume of manga today. So, because I’m kinda hoping to read 夜カフェ2 with the offshoot club starting in August. I decided to start 夜カフェ1today.

So yes, I am a whole volume behind and I have no idea if I can catch up. But so far, it seems pretty easy, especially with the vocab sheet as help. My plan is to read this more on the extensive side, just using the vocab sheet for any unknown words (and hoping 95+% of my unknowns will appear there :pray:). Any other words will hopefully be understandable from context or not necessary for overall comprehension. So far so good.

I’ll end my second update for the day here. :joy: