📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:cake: :evergreen_tree: July 12 :evergreen_tree: :cake:
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Hotel 2 :evergreen_tree: page 89 → 198 (106 pages*)
*I don’t count the pages between chapters that aren’t anything.

The benefit of reading early in the day means I could just keep reading as I enjoyed the Hotel manga. There was another 2 chapter story and then I couldn’t believe there wouldn’t be a bit more, so I read another chapter and then the volume ended. :sob:

I’m out of the Hotel manga. I even took the time to figure out how soon I might expect volume 3 to come out, but this months Harta is only publishing chapter 18, and volume 2 ended on chapter 13. So only four more chapter have been published… That means it is some months left until volume 3 might be published. :sob: :pleading_face:

It also meant I read 1 volume of Hotel in 3 days. So much fun, and also reading extensively really speeds up my reading speed. Imagine that. xD

I’m having a lot of synergy between the main things I’ve been reading, and also with my WK level’s lessons. Orange and Hotel sharing some vocab (which I’ve looked up for Orange since that is intensive reading for me), and also what I’m currently learning on WK also showing up in both.

I did mention 内緒 a day or so ago, and I expect to learn that on WK soon since I just had the second kanji as a lesson. And I got 贈 in my lessons just today and that showed up in Hotel today (贈り物). There was also at least one more WK item that I just learned that showed up too.

Kinda funny how in sync WK have been with what I’m reading right now. :smiley:

But whatever will I do with myself tomorrow? Loopers doesn’t start until Friday and Orange chapter 2 isn’t until Saturday (although I can swing Friday evening because Japan’s time zone is ahead of mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I know I don’t have to hold strictly to these things, but if I’m gonna read with the club and I don’t have a particular reason to start early, I won’t.

Maybe I’ll try to cram a whole Yotsuba& volume into 2 days? xD

PS Edit: second half of today’s update (which I didn’t know would happen when I made this post) can be found here.