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:evergreen_tree: :books: July 7 :books: :evergreen_tree:
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Hotel :evergreen_tree: page 149 → 180 (32 pages)

Guys, guys, guys, I was reading earlier, like around dinner time but didn’t quite have time to finish the chapter, and then I didn’t get back to it until bedtime. :sob:

Well, at least I read some of it earlier in the day. ^^ Also now we got some backstory for Jun, and it is as tragic as expected from the hints of darkness in his past. :sob:

I gotta say I’m really, really enjoying this and I will probably nominate it in IBC later, and I’d even reread it with the club and use that reread to actually look up words I don’t know, so I can get a bit more out of this nice story. Since this is set in Finland, and Sweden and Finland are very similar in culture and such, it just feels so cozy, heartwarming to read this manga.

It literally feels like it could be happening only a few miles away from me. I guess, technically, Finland isn’t that many miles away, so it would be true in that sense too. Although I did mean it could be happening a few miles away from me and in Sweden.

One more chapter and then volume 1 will be done.

In my book haul last week, I got myself volume 1-3 of Yoru Cafe, and I now see a book club for volume two is starting up. I’m trying to decide if I want to dive into volume 1 and try to finish that before the club for the second volume starts. But I haven’t decided yet.


I do a lot of intensive reading on paper. But I’m perhaps a bit choosy about which material to intensively study. I tend to pick something that is fairly close to my ability, and so far I’ve been enjoying a lot of previous book club reads which gives me a lot of lookups for free. Midori is probably iOS only still, but I know I’ve seen people talk about similar apps that are just as good for android.

Same feeling here.

I bought a kindle 8 years ago (and it is still working fine), and switched over to reading novels (in English) exclusively in ebook. More or less any paper book I’ve bought since then to read (that isn’t in Japanese) I’ve ignored. :sweat_smile: So I personally have no specific affection to paper books in general, but I do prefer to look at art in books on paper, which is why I started buying paper for Japanese things. ^^

Oh, but it does tell me something!

Because I was wondering how much reading (approximately) that one chapter of the Loopers VN would be. Assuming that each chapter is roughly the same (which is not a given but anyway), that means each chapter is ca 7800 characters. Which I now know is a bit more than half a volume of Orange. So the pace of Loopers would be slightly more than 2 chapters of Orange per week (roughly).

It gives me something to work from when it comes to allocating time. Thank you so much for your statistics, @ChristopherFritz!