📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Daily Reading go brrrrrr :smiley:

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i started putting a serious effort into reading about a month ago, when i started my first light novel. it’s been a challenge, the first few days i was slogging through 3 or 4 pages in an hour. and then i had a timeout because i got ill. took it up again about a week ago, and have been making good progress. i’m now some 120 pages in (40 just in the last two days) and enjoying it muchly ^^

i’m reading the LN tie-in to the Bloom into You manga/anime: やがて君になる 佐伯沙弥香について, and i’m on the first of 3 volumes.

edit july 7th: i’m about halfway through the second volume of やが君, and have added 隣の吸血鬼さん as a light alternative.
edit juli 10th: finished volume one of 隣の吸血鬼さん. picked up the Kase-san series again, which i started a year ago. got about 3 volumes to go there.
edit july 19th: turned out i had an extra volume of Kase-san to go, that was fun. still avoiding the LN, started reading アネモネ.
edit august 14: finished アネモネ (3 volumes - so far). continuing with the やが君 light novel. started 少女革命ウテナ.
edit august 24: about 1/5 into やが君 LN 3rd volume.
edit august 31: half-way through that last volume of やが君. also, grabbed マグナムリリィ because the first volume was currently free, read the whole thing in about 3 hours.

i’m using the kindle, with a japanese-english dictionary. this allows me to look up words directly while reading, without having to switch devices or anything. this has probably been the most significant factor in allowing me to read despite my persistent lack of vocabulary. i’ve tried using a japanese-japanese dictionary, but i definitely wasn’t ready for that yet.

it’s a thrill! i’m still getting regular flashes of “i just read that! in japanese!” - after two years and some of learning japanese, it totally blows my mind that i can now read an actual book. that i’m a hundred pages in, no pictures, and i can recount the story.

i don’t have any specific goals for the challenge, just keep reading. the next two volumes are already on my kindle, and i’m sure i’ll find something else for afterwards. (and i do think that i can finish the series before the challenge is over).

and thanks to @DIO-Berryさん for pointing me at the right post! ^^

edit: i also have an account on natively now ^^