📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:evergreen_tree: :books: July 5 :books: :evergreen_tree:
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Hotel :evergreen_tree: page 93 → 120 (28 pages)

Left reading until late yesterday again. In fact, I think I’ve figured out why I haven’t been reading Zenitendou, because my usual place for reading Japanese (except for the hotel manga) is in a spot that doesn’t have the best lighting at night. So if I leave my reading late I can either turn on the overhead lights that are glaring, or try to read by a not suitable for reading lamp. Neither is a good option.

Will try to read earlier today so I don’t have that problem again.

Chapter 3 of Hotel was shorter than the other chapters, 10 pages shorter or so. Still really enjoyed it. Really intrigued about learning more of the main characters background. Got a few more glimpses.


Congratz, @Daisoujou, on finishing Summer Pockets! I might not have followed the whole journey (since I wasn’t doing the winter challenge) but it has been fun to ride along since spring challenge.

You and @natarin are the reason I decided to join the VN club, because I have been seeing you both read VNs in these redc threads (I hope I’m not forgetting someone else who regularly posts about reading VNs in the threads!). And once I get my feet wet, I’ll probably start reading one by myself too. ^^

Because it is an easy way to get back to the home post. Although this time my home post isn’t buried many replies in, so it is easy to find anyway. Before I would usually click to go to the first post, then click the link in the participants table to find my home post. Much easier to just click a link in any of my update posts.

I did this last challenge and it can make it easy to go back to the home post, but absolute killer to find the right daily post from the home post (I also didn’t link my replies in my home post). Also it means first going to the home post to click reply, and it just ended up being inefficient for me. (Might as well have links everywhere if I’m going back and forth and such anyway.)

Basically for me, I decided to have more structure this time around. Not only checkboxes (in fact I don’t have checkboxes, I add emojis for the read I did), but I also added a simple table for tracking how much I’m reading because I want to see if maybe something changes through the challenge. (I wonder how I’ll record the VN… A problem to figure out on July 15, I guess. :joy:)

@MaraVos What a weekend! :scream: I hope everything gets fixed quickly now that the weekend+holiday is over.

Oh no. :frowning_with_open_mouth: I hope you find it. :crossed_fingers: