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Flowers reply

No worries, when it comes to Flowers I am more than happy to talk about it and answer any questions :joy: There are a few lines in the game with the speech bubble dialog, but its pretty rare. I’d say it pops up maybe a few times per chapter at most but by far the majority of the game will be the normal presentation style you’d find in other VNs. You won’t have this issue in Printemps but in the other ones, there are some “forced auto” sections that I have no idea if it will texthook or not. Actually, thinking about it, each chapter also starts with a like 2-3 minute monologue that is forced auto and that is in Printemps. I don’t have the jp version currently so I can’t test if you can hook it or not, but at worst, all of the dialogue will be available in the backlog to grab the text after if it comes to that


:sunflower: DAY 5 :sunflower:

I just read three pages in chapter 12 of 海辺のカフカ - Kafka on the Shore :beach_umbrella: (Advanced Book Club)

Very jetlagged, my eyes can hardly stay open as i type~ gonna sleep now, post more later!



I read mission 7 of SPY×FAMILY.

I learned that Untitled Goose Game is available in Japanese, so I started playing a new game in JP. I played it around the time it came out but never could figure out how to complete the second stage; today I got to the third with the help of a guide lol. It’s helpful that I already knew that くわえる means “to hold in one’s mouth,” 'cause I remember the first time coming across it going, “‘To add’? Huh?” Now even though I didn’t remember any of the controls, I knew immediately what it was. There actually weren’t all that many words I had to look up, but also, this game doesn’t have very much text to begin with lol. I’d say that when I start playing 龍が如く7 光と闇の行方 (Yakuza: Like a Dragon), which I got recently through Steam’s summer sale, that’ll be more of a test, but actually I checked that out too today and I can’t figure out how to change the game language to Japanese. Audio language, yes, but nothing else, even though several languages are supposed to be supported. But actually, that may be for the best right now since cutscenes are auto-advance and my only exposure to Yakuza slang thus far is a single volume of 極主夫道. Unfamiliar game/series + unfamiliar genre and lingo + auto-advance and slow reading speed… That’s a recipe for understanding absolutely nothing. Ichi might love DQ, but that don’t make this a fantasy lol. So for now I’m just trying to listen out while playing and maybe pick up some things that way.

Some vocab of note:

成行任せ (なりゆきまかせ) [noun, の-adj.] leaving something to chance; drifting; (being) happy-go-lucky

I added JP as one of my languages on Netflix, but Tiger & Bunny, at least, still doesn’t have JP subs despite being one of the ones whose preview had them the other day. So, again: why the hell’s the preview got JP subs when the show itself doesn’t. This is false advertising, Netflix!


Summary Post

July 5th
What did I read?: Orange Vol 1
How much did I read?: 4 pages
How long did it take me?: 4 min

I almost skipped today, I really did, I am exhausted :disappointed: But I did a very tiny read of Orange. If I weren’t so tired and it weren’t already so late I would definitely read more! I am intrigued :eyes:

@Daisoujou congrats on finishing Summer Pockets! :tada::sparkles:

@Axazel glad everything went smoothly! :blush::sparkles:


It’s almost bedtime and while I’ve listened to ~45min of Japanese audio and had 3 hours straight of conversation in Japanese I haven’t yet read of my books :grimacing: this challenge is starting out pretty rough for me. I did however study my grammar point this morning! So hey, overall an ok day even if no book progress.

Also congrats to @Daisoujou ! You’ve been working at that game for such a long time and learned quite a variety of words and phrases from it!


July 5 :blossom: Home Post

I felt like playing something easy and cute today (I love バディミッションBOND with my whole heart but it can be an endeavor sometimes haha) and I’ve been eyeing 1bitHeart on sale for like a dollar so I gave in and bought it, and yeah it’s what I wanted today :grin: It’s such a smooth read for me at this point actually? It’s mostly unvoiced and there’s no furigana or anything but like… it’s fine! Idk what it is about the vocabulary spread it’s using but apparently I’m prepared for it :laughing:

But yeah it’s pretty cute, lots of fun characters which is always a good time. I mean just look at this wonderful kitty:

Me too ナナシ, me too :') There’s also some super pixel-ly font in some of the messages you can read, and I can pretty much read it which feels good! It’s pretty funky lmao:

The aesthetics are super cute, it’s a good time so far! A lighter read for when the mood strikes :grin:

responses got long

Yayyy congrats!! You’ve done it :muscle:

Oh no, that sounds rough :sweat_smile: wishing you the best of luck!

Omg it happened :dizzy_face: ahhhh congrats, that’s so exciting!! Truly the end of an era :') Seriously though that’s such an accomplishment, VNs can get long. I’m excited to see what you get up to next :eyes:

Oh I love that word haha, it’s such a specific vibe that makes so much sense to me :laughing: (as far as steam you might have to change the language in properties? like right-click on the game in your list, go to properties and then language, that should generally work!)

That’s so powerful though, sounds like a really solid Japanese day to me :flushed:


:spiral_calendar: Day 5: July 5th :fountain::leaves:

spacer:mag: 名探偵コナン Volume 10 (54% ➨ 56%)

spacer:deciduous_tree: ちいさな森のオオカミちゃん Volume 2 (71% ➨ 77%)

spacer:broom: ふらいんぐうぃっち Volume 1 (4% ➨ 17%)

spacer:coffee: 夜カフェ Volume 1 (83% ➨ 86%)
            By golly, I’m going to finish this one eventually!

🥷🏻 くノ一ツバキの胸の内 Volume 1 (64% ➨ 79%)

If I stick with this series past the free-for-limited-time first two volumes, I may just need to create myself a character directory… (Well, I can probably find a character list with profile images online easily enough.)


I finally strongly learned the names for Asagao and what’s-her-name, and now there’s an Uikyou and a Kikyou.

I wonder whether these names would be any easier for me to remember if they were written using kanji I don’t know.

Names aside, for some reason I find symmetry twins to be a bit creepy. So of course there are twins being symmetrical:

image image

I suppose the thing for me is the lack of individual personality. That’s one thing I liked about the twins in Ouran High School Host Club; they have clear and distinct personalities (outside of putting on an act).

I don’t know what to expect of tertiary characters in this series, so if I keep at reading it, I’ll be curious to see what comes of the twins later on.

spacer:ribbon: ふだつきのキョーコちゃん Volume 1 (54% ➨ 70%)

I planned on making all my posts be a reply to my home post, so I can easily get back to it. I…forgot to do so on Day 1.

Instead, I’m linking to all my daily posts from my home post, and to my home post from my daily posts, so I can easily navigate between them should I have any reason to do so. For me personally, it’s minimal extra work for a benefit that I’ll probably never utilize. (That doesn’t sound very optimistic…)


:house:Home post

Day 4

カリスタルハンータズ :dagger::gem::gear::bow_and_arrow::dragon:

Progress - [||||||61%] Read the rest of chapters 1 and 2! I’ve lost track of pages because the PIXIV app is annoying. Also I’m really tired of all the gross tags that come up on my home page…definitely going to buy volume 2 for my Kindle!

Japanese in the Wild :seedling:

  • 力 (怪物は力がある)
  • 分かる(わからない)

Words I learned :face_with_monocle:

  • 機械 Machine
  • 新しい New (adj.)
    …and more but I’m too tired to remember :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Hoping to finish chapter 3 tomorrow! Over halfway through :muscle:t3: Definitely some things I was confused about, but once I kept reading I learned them from context! I get how making this a habit grows your ability! Onwards and upwards :raised_hands:t2:


For steam you have to go into properties and set the language to Japanese if it supports it but isn’t changeable ingame, you may have to download some extra stuff.


:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 5

I read chapter 12 of 夜カフェ, I hope I can finish the book tomorrow.
I also read 2 chapters of オレンジ Vol.5, but the first one was just a quick re-read to remember where I was. Also hoping to finish this tomorrow.
Then 30 minutes of バリバリ to keep the streak. One subsection.


For me, I had to uninstall, change Steam display language to Japanese, then reinstall – language installation option appears. (So, not only Japanese can be chosen, even if the language is set to Japanese.) – That was the case with DMC 5; and the save can didn’t disappear.

For Yakuza 0 and Kiwami, I simply installed through Steam with Japanese UI, and Japanese is already the default.


The first time I tried playing Yakuza 0, it was only in Japanese and I had 0 Japanese knowledge at the time. Just uninstalled because I found no way to change the language (and I hadn’t bought the game but downloaded it via Xbox Game Pass, so I wasn’t too attached)

Later I found out that for the Xbox Game Pass version, the only way to change the language of the Yakuza games is to change the languages on your PC. So at the time the only language on my PC was German (my native language) and for some reason, Yakuza 0 was apparently programmed to default to Japanese and not to English if no supported languages are set up on your PC lol

But something more related to the reading challenge: I’ve lost my current One Piece volume :face_exhaling: It seems like I looked everywhere already but I just can’t find it! So yesterday I started the Persona 5 manga that I bought a while ago, just to still meet my one chapter a day goal, but I really want to continue OP :smiling_face_with_tear:


:evergreen_tree: :books: July 5 :books: :evergreen_tree:
(home post)

Hotel :evergreen_tree: page 93 → 120 (28 pages)

Left reading until late yesterday again. In fact, I think I’ve figured out why I haven’t been reading Zenitendou, because my usual place for reading Japanese (except for the hotel manga) is in a spot that doesn’t have the best lighting at night. So if I leave my reading late I can either turn on the overhead lights that are glaring, or try to read by a not suitable for reading lamp. Neither is a good option.

Will try to read earlier today so I don’t have that problem again.

Chapter 3 of Hotel was shorter than the other chapters, 10 pages shorter or so. Still really enjoyed it. Really intrigued about learning more of the main characters background. Got a few more glimpses.


Congratz, @Daisoujou, on finishing Summer Pockets! I might not have followed the whole journey (since I wasn’t doing the winter challenge) but it has been fun to ride along since spring challenge.

You and @natarin are the reason I decided to join the VN club, because I have been seeing you both read VNs in these redc threads (I hope I’m not forgetting someone else who regularly posts about reading VNs in the threads!). And once I get my feet wet, I’ll probably start reading one by myself too. ^^

Because it is an easy way to get back to the home post. Although this time my home post isn’t buried many replies in, so it is easy to find anyway. Before I would usually click to go to the first post, then click the link in the participants table to find my home post. Much easier to just click a link in any of my update posts.

I did this last challenge and it can make it easy to go back to the home post, but absolute killer to find the right daily post from the home post (I also didn’t link my replies in my home post). Also it means first going to the home post to click reply, and it just ended up being inefficient for me. (Might as well have links everywhere if I’m going back and forth and such anyway.)

Basically for me, I decided to have more structure this time around. Not only checkboxes (in fact I don’t have checkboxes, I add emojis for the read I did), but I also added a simple table for tracking how much I’m reading because I want to see if maybe something changes through the challenge. (I wonder how I’ll record the VN… A problem to figure out on July 15, I guess. :joy:)

@MaraVos What a weekend! :scream: I hope everything gets fixed quickly now that the weekend+holiday is over.

Oh no. :frowning_with_open_mouth: I hope you find it. :crossed_fingers:


Same reason as the others have mentioned.

Here's how I do daily updates:

(This might look complicated, but I promise it is not ^^ Just very step-by-step)

  1. I reply to my previous update (so I can navigate through my daily posts with more ease).
  2. I copy the format of my previous update (the stuff in blue below) and paste it in today’s post.

  1. I edit the date, progress numbers, etc., and eventually post the post. (The most time-consuming step)

  2. Now that it has been posted, I edit the URL to replace the title of this thread (read-every-day-challenge-summer-2022) with an x.

  3. Then I copy the new URL and click the conveniently placed link to my home post.

  4. I edit the home post to link to today’s update for archive purposes. Easy to navigate to whichever one when I’m writing up a summary at the end of the challenge.

  5. Lastly, I click box .

It’s a very smooth process, takes just a few seconds (except for the actual writing).


The home post is the most important one! It’s where you clickity-click the boxes, and that’s the whole point of the reading challenge, isn’t it? :flushed:


Here’s where I confess that I’ve definitely done my home post wrong, as it doesn’t click. Can someone go over the steps again and I can hopefully fix it? Or just make a new post!

When that’s done, how do I link back to the home post?


I think it would probably be easiest to do it all over again, because the “Quote the whole post” thing doesn’t work when editing an existing post, I think

So you take a post of someone with a nice-looking template and you don’t quote it by selecting text and clicking on the “Quote” button that then appears. Instead you click on “Reply” at the bottom of a post and in the draft window, you can quote the whole post

The advantage here is that all the formatting etc. will be inside the quote which is not necessarily the case when you do the “normal” way of quoting

Now you’ll see something like this:
And you want to remove the line that starts with [quote] and the one that starts with [/quote]. That way, the part you quoted now looks like a normal part of your post (as you will see in the preview window). And then you just keep the part of the post you want to keep, i.e. the calendar

Hope it helps but don’t be afraid to ask more questions if something’s unclear! :slight_smile:

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My new home post, I hope!

Currently reading:
ABBC: Prefectures book
IBC: Spy x Family
(I was reading 夜カフェ with the BBC at the start of the challenge but have finished that today)

IBC: Tugumi
??? what next!


With regards to the challenge, I’m going ok, but have kind of missed one day already. (I’m not sure if blankly staring at SpyxFamily in a sleep deprived state counts?)

Since I was having editing issues up to now, I’m just going to post my notes from the last 6 days!

1/7 prefectures 1 page, Yoru Cafe 3 pages
2/7 prefectures 1 page, Yoru Cafe 2 pages; skim read 14 pages Spy Family
3/7 minimal - half page Yoru cafe, read over 3 pages Spy Family
4/7 think I failed! Did glance at spy family
5/7 prefectures 1 page, Yoru Cafe 3 pages, Spy Family 12 pages properly read
6/7 prefectures 2 pages, Yoru Cafe 10 pages (finished), Spy Family 8 pages properly read


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220706 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

No Longer Tanuki Progress: 77.63%

Chapter I of note 3 complete, onto chapter 2!

And the main character turns his creepiness up by about 200%.


交友「こうゆう」ー Companion; friend
義侠心「ぎきょうしん」ー Chivalrous spirit
内縁「ないえん」ー Common-law marriage
動作「どうさ」ー Movement of the body; motion; gesture; action
伝言「でんごん」ー Verbal message; someone’s word
「くちばし」ー Beak; bill
旧交「きゅうこう」ー Old Friendship

築地「ついじ」ー A district in Tokyo, means “reclaimed land”
Can also mean a mud wall with a roof, though this can be specified as: 築地塀「ついじべい」


This is amazing! Congrats! :tada:

Personally I do it to have a hub of all my posts so I can easily go through them to look at new words I’ve noted down. It’s also interesting to look back on to see how much I’ve progressed.

Plus it feels like an additional bit of motivation to put in an emoji for each day.