📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Checking in for the completion of the Summer Challenge!

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Overall I missed 1 day in July, 2 days in August and 0 days in September!

Finished books:

  • :jack_o_lantern:   詩的私的ジャック (with the S&M book club)
  • :tangerine:   orange vol. 1 (with MissDagger‘s book club)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 2 (with the F&B club, finished Aug 14th)
  • :beach_umbrella:   海辺のカフカ(上) (with the Advanced book club, finished Aug 16th)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 3 (with the F&B club, finished Aug 28th)
  • :pirate_flag:   Flesh&Blood Vol. 4 (with the F&B club, finished Sept 18th)


In July, I read 640 pages, in August I got to 673 pages, but in September this dropped to 496 pages. These were exclusively novels and light novels, no manga. (I read one manga and some French, but these are only included in the time charts, not in the page charts.)

Pages read per day

Reading split up by books