📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

september 30 :sunflower: home post

Ending September with 夜カフェ2 (finished ch. 5) and finally, finally returning to 時のオカリナ :smiley:

Summer 2022 Challenge Recap

Here’s all the books I completed these last 3 months:

Book Type Completed
夜カフェ1 Children’s Book July 13
極主夫道5 Manga July 20
しろくまカフェ1 Manga July 21
極主夫道6 Manga August 28
シャドウハウス1 Manga September 3
極主夫道7 Manga September 28
耳をすませば Manga September 28
Plans for Autumn 2022

My goal is to finish two books in October and two in November (and then two in December, although that’s technically the break month). Here’s what I’ll be reading:

  • Sticking with the usual: 極主夫道、夜カフェ、シャドーハウス
  • Like I said above, I’m back to reading 時のオカリナ. I want to finish that book and one other Zelda manga in the next challenge. I’m thinking either 4つの剣 or… whatever it is the Oracle games are called in Japanese, I always forget
  • I’m going to join the Intermediate Book Club with their next book :smiley: