📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

september 15 :sunflower: home post

(not so) quick update since it’s been a while since I updated this challenge:

I haven’t been reading very much lately (or studying Japanese at all…) but for this last half of September I’d really like to get back into it! My goal is to clear out as much of my currently reading list as I can. Either catch up to clubs, finish books, or drop them if I just can’t push through them. I want to start the Autumn challenge with as much of a clean slate as possible.

September reading goals:

in order of priority

極主夫道7: catch up! (I’ve barely started this volume rip I’m so sorry to all my fellow club members)
夜カフェ2: catch up! only one chapter behind thankfully
Orange 1: finish! I will not continue the series for now but I’d like to in the future

I’d also like to stay caught up with the ABBC, BBC, and シャドーハウス clubs. But those won’t be as much of a priority for a bit. I want to finish what I’ve started first!

As for ゼルダ… after that Tears of the Kingdom title reveal I’m back in a Zelda mood so I really want to get back to reading 時のオカリナ, but I really want to focus on 極主夫道, 夜カフェ, and Orange first. Once I’m done with those I’ll finally return to ゼルダ

With all that in mind, I also have to remember that it’s okay that I haven’t been reading much lately. The fact that I’m reading in Japanese at all is such a big improvement over where I was one year ago. I think all the reading I got done in June got to my head and I thought I could keep that up all year :sweat_smile: I’m still happy with all I’ve accomplished thanks to these reading challenges and the WK book clubs. And as long as I read a little, even if I don’t meet my goals, I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

Ok I wrote all that above this morning before reading anything today. Now for today’s reading update:

I just read the first two chapters of 極主夫道7and filled out the vocab sheet (oh my god so many words I didn’t know in these two chapters). Tomorrow I’ll work on catching up completely since I only have one class on Fridays