📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

:spiral_calendar: Day 67: September 5th :whale2: :desert_island:

Me the other day: “No new manga until I clear out some I haven’t been reading as much.”

Me last night: “I didn’t know the ななか6/17 anime was based on a manga. And volume one is free on Kobo. And volumes two through six are 11円 each.”

Looks like I have some incentive to clear a bit of what’s on my plate.

📇 藤代さん系。 Volume 2 (89% ➨ 100%)

I was specifically planning not to continue reading this series after finishing this volume.

I often don’t know who’s speaking, and it feels like the characters are just going in circles without anything really happening. Even the introduction of a third main character didn’t help with that much.

And I always struggle to read when a mangaka draws ears like this:


But then on the second-to-last page of the volume, with a change in seats in class, it looks like things are about to get interesting. On top of that, one of the minor characters looks like he’ll be a second-tier character. With these, I may just have to pick up the third volume now…

Of course, if I read the third volume, then I may as well pick up the fourth, as it’s a four-volume series.

spacer:plunger: スーパーマリオくん Volume 1 (52% ➨ 60%)